The Saab, which we do not want to buy.

It's time to talk about our project car. The support of our readers makes it possible for the first time - we will have a project Saab on the blog. A car “made by Trollhättan” that will be with us for 12 months. That should be moved not only by bloggers, but also by readers. Just what kind of Saab do we buy?

No. That's not Paul. Guaranteed.
No. That's not Paul. Guaranteed.

The question is difficult. Because there are temptations. We have had the 9000 series in recent months, the CC will continue to be with us, but another 9000 virtually excludes itself. So what?

I'm a big fan of the 9-3 I. The last compact hatchback of Saab, possibly as a coupe, as an Aero, or as a convertible? Driving open the next summer. The turbo whistles, the sun is shining, the wind blows through the hair. That would be a dream. Or?

Honestly folks, forget it ...

And completely. That would be too easy, too convenient, too beautiful. Anyone can do high gloss and shiny paintwork. We do it differently, the brutal way. Really. We're looking for a Saab where, seriously, the paint is off. A very sad Saab ... one that nobody wants to have anymore. Promised !

Because we want to prove that old Saabs are very solid. That you can turn it back into a beautiful, desirable car with reasonable effort, even if you want to flee screaming at first sight. Which one likes to drive. One that is fun, that you want to use with family in everyday life and with the good feeling of owning a solid Swedish car.

Sounds crazy, it is. Because nobody does this voluntarily. Almost no one ! But we do! Mark and I have been looking. The specification for the “Paul” project was clear. A cheap car, it should only cost a few hundred euros. A solid car. That can be visually, well, questionable. But is supposed to provide a solid base to transform it back into a great Saab.

Readers who seriously doubt us at this point should avoid the blog next week. You could experience a lasting shock. We introduce “Paul” to the community. Unpainted, or rather uncensored, as we found him.

2016 will be an interesting year on the blog. Our mission is clear. The question for the next months is: Do we crash or do we bring another Saab back on the road? And will Paul please our readers?

Operation Paul begins next week. With pictures, backgrounds. The pure truth. Uncensored and shocking.

17 thoughts on "The Saab, which we do not want to buy."

  • I also type in something really fast. Very exciting!

  • My favorite would be a 9-3 I sedan as Aero or even Viggen, that would be awesome!
    An 5 door Viggen in blue, so rare and fast!

  • Cool project! One more who stays on the road! I'm glad!

  • + 1! That would be awesome!

  • Tap on a Saab 95. Even the rear of the Combis is unique and absolutely worth preserving! Then two colors that would be it.

  • Nice idea to give a “Cinderella” a new future, it means that one Saab will remain on our roads and not go into the eternal hunting grounds of recycling. And that on the blog, so that everyone can participate and one or the other may be motivated to dare to do the same
    The rims from Paul seem to be the ALU 41, standard on the US 9-5 “Gary Fisher edition” MY2000, but were also installed more frequently on the 902 and 9-3 (I).
    I'm looking forward to the paint that's off ...

  • It will be a long time before we are ready. But it is planned that “Paul” will be conspicuously discreet. We want to show that the brand is alive and that it's fun to drive a Saab. Saab dealers & workshops that support us get the opportunity to place sponsor stickers on “Paul's” body.

  • Would be a great idea, if you sticking Paul conspicuously. With Saab, Orio and the dealers. That could promote the project in this way. Have you ever thought about it?

  • Correctly! Paul, or what Paul wants to become reveals himself there. I do not say more!

  • is there under the countdown above slowly a picture of Paul? If so, it looks like shoes from an 9-5.

  • So Paul isn't green ...
    Or if yes, then anyway
    the name has nothing to do with the movie.
    Whatever the color, I am
    curious what and who Paul is ...

    In the price specification are certain vintages anyway
    almost independent of the state excluded. Either
    still or already more valuable than a few
    Hundreds. Possibly. also as a part donor ...

    I can not get it anyway. But that's also true
    the meaning of a well-struck arc of tension.
    Crime with a difference: not who is the murderer, but
    who is the resurrected one?

  • I join in ... and I didn't find my 1994 900SE Turbo coupe that ugly either. It might not have as much character as my 900T16 before, but I never got to the office faster in the morning 😉

  • There is an explanation of the name, and it almost stands for an old Saab tradition. The day Mark and I first saw “Paul” was February 6th. One of the many names to be celebrated on this day was “Siri” Paul. 100% of all those present, all very Saab affine people, were in favor of this name. The project was born 😉 In Trollhättan, it was similar to the old Saab times.

  • I'm looking forward to the flying object.
    Also on an explanation of the name.
    Surely there is a background for this?
    There was once a movie about an alien of the
    same name ...

  • The tension is already tearing me up. I can only say, I am looking forward to the animal series and hope that I will see the project someday locally and once caress the interior. And the idea of ​​getting a sad Saab out onto the street, where he belongs and after that you can recharge several 100tkm kilometers, makes me very happy. Even if my emotions sometimes seem a bit strange to me

  • I already have a clue ... Is typical Saab blog. They can do everything, just not boring 🙂 Thanks for that!

  • Why do I have to think of an 900 II v6 now?
    The ugly Duckling….
    I'm curious…

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