Saab literature and Saab dates

Last weekend, a padded envelope landed on my desk. Saab stamp on it, sender Detlef Zielke. Letters and packages with Saab senders are always like Christmas and Easter in one day. Especially if they come as a surprise and you have no idea about the content.

Knuth - A car biography
Knuth - An Auto Biography

If you are positively infected with Saab, you can understand how I feel then. The surprise: Detlev Zielke, Saab partner from Lübeck and an integral part of the Saab world, has written a book. On the subject of Saab, of course. It's about an old 96 V4 called Knuth. It's in a junkyard and would actually have reached the end of the street.

If it were a “normal” car.

But he's a Saab and as such he gets to know Tim, who comes by the junkyard. Actually to dismantle part of the 96. But then Knuth tells his life story and a friendship develops ...

Of course, I had to read the book right away. It's humorous auto literature, 126 pages full of love for Saab, and at the same time a pan through history. If you enjoy the brand and reading, and don't expect heavy fare, you've come to the right place. “Knuth - Eine Auto Biographie” is available for a very fair € 4,90 + € 1.45 shipping costs Car dealership Zielke in Lubeck.

Saab Zielke
Saab Zielke

For the weekend two interesting Saab dates to mark:

10. Upper Franconian Saab Stammtisch

Saab drivers from the Franconian region can make a note of March 11th. The 20.00th Upper Franconian Saab regulars' table will take place at 10 p.m. The meeting point is in 95496 Glashütten at the Hax'nwirt in Opels Landgasthof, Bayreuther Straße 21.

Welcome is everyone Saab fan and prospect.

Information is available from Gunther Knopf, Tel: 0921-69799.

Saab at the Techno Classica in Essen

The Techno Classica has become something of a tradition for me. With a good friend, I regularly visit the show in Essen. Also this year Saab shows presence there. The state of the 1, German Saab clubs we find at the traditional place in hall 9.1 booth 140.

Of course there is a special motto. Everything will revolve around camping. The focus is a rare Saabo caravan, the towing vehicle should also be very exciting. We accompany the Saab fans in their work and the great commitment to the brand again. Pictures of the setup, a preview of the booth will be available before the show on the blog, a personal impression of the booth on the fair Saturday.

The Techno Classica will take place from April 06.04th. - 10.04.2016 (06.04. “Happy View Day / Preview” from 14:00 p.m.). The members of the 1st German Saab Club are looking forward to many visitors and good Saab discussions.

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  • Dito. I ordered the book immediately and got an immediate answer. Money was transferred at the weekend, and I am now looking forward to the delivery of the Schmökers. Also thanks for the tip Tom.

  • I ordered the book immediately and have already received an answer.
    Look forward. Thanks Tom for the tip.
    All Saab friends a nice weekend.

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