Allow: Paul!

February. The clouds hang low over northern Germany. That fits my mood. You wanted it that way, says an inner voice. She is right. What had we thought about and dreamed of ... a project car for the blog ... a Viggen, an Aero, a Cabriolet. And now that!

Allow Paul - with Tom and Mark
Allow Paul - with Tom and Mark

Paul is a Saab 9-5 sport suit from the year 1999. A very early, said Markus Lafrentz. And that's how he captured me. Very early, that sounds like unique, worth preserving, rarely. Now Mark and I stand on the company yard in Kiel and see a heap of miserable sheet metal biotope in front of us. Paul lives, if you want to assign moss lichen and green vegetation to the car. He has a lot of that, because the Saab was parked outdoors for several years.

Where no moss grows, the rust proliferates. A picture of the jamming, and actually I just want to start my 9-5 and head south. It is not all that bad. Certainly not at the second or third glance. But sometime, after the 10. Look, you can see the strengths of Paul's biotope. Yes, they exist!

The early station wagon could almost go through as a classic, with its proud traditional grill and the tinted taillights. No rust through - the surface rust is a result of chipped paint. A few kilometers, just 150.000 are on the clock. The great SE equipment of the early years, no red pencil was allowed to save the luxury at that time. The technology seems good, the engine is running, at least the box is rolling. In addition, Paul is a non-smoker, not an accident, not tinkered with, complete.

Not self-evident, because the Saab is already 18 years old. A critical phase of life for almost all vehicles. Whining does not help. We wanted a car where the paint is off, which nobody wants. Here it would be. Point.

Why a 9-5 station wagon?

No sooner had we thought of the idea of ​​the project car than we were offered many cars. From very expensive and hardly affordable to just finished. From Viggen to Saab 99. From fair prices to kilo prices, which are linked to the gold price, everything was there. In the end, we decided on a 9-5 as a sports suit.

Because we, or rather me, have something to do well. The first 9-5ers were always neglected on the blog. One of the reasons is that we do not own one, but not only. The old 9-5 is too close to everyday life, too present on the gravel pits of the flag merchants. He needs attention because the first 9-5 are slowly disappearing. Export, high mileage, as a youngtimer or lover objects, almost nobody has on the screen.

Above all, the first practical station wagons are in acute danger of extinction. They are robust, frugal workhorses. The classy interior and qualities of a mid-range vehicle are secondary. Cars that are 17 or 18 years old are no longer needed. They are only consumed. Accordingly, the price would be for Paul. In this state, we would get it at the kilo price, a three-digit sum is in the room.

Any Saab we hold on the road would be a victory for the brand. And if an early station wagon that has just retracted survives, then that would count as a double victory. Yes, we wanted it brutal. We have it now. Nevertheless, enthusiasm does not really want to arise. My enthusiasm for Saabs is overshadowed by skepticism. You probably look at me.

Or put it this way: Markus Lafrentz can see it. He knows me almost too well now. Then comes one of the suggestions that you cannot refuse. He gives us Paul - as a contribution to our project. That, in addition to Saab fun, should serve a charitable purpose. Mark and I accept.

We are still a long way from the fun. Nevertheless, thank you Markus, the first sponsor sticker on Paul's tin would be so secure. We have a car!

Readers who have suffered today under the unreasonableness of Project Paul were forewarned. No shiny metal, no glossy blog were announced. We deliberately presented Paul unfiltered. This will continue, and there is a long way to go. If you want to support us and our caritive Paul project, you are welcome to do so. Donations and moral encouragement are welcome. We are happy about both.

Next comes the inventory in detail, we need spare parts, we need a painter. We show how to bring a vehicle back to life after a long service life.

And above all we need one thing: good nerves.

Sequel follows…

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  • I think the 9-5 is really nice; Above all as the former "Steilschnauzer". (Strangely enough, the chrome glasses are good for me too ...)
    As a sedan, I could well imagine a 951, preferably in a not entirely neutral color and with a light interior. If only there wasn't the fear of the fragile technology ...

    When I bought my first 900 turbo the car was just 18 years old, but nobody in the Saangemeinde or outsiders had any doubts that it was a very special car. The first 9-5 are now just as old, but somehow just "old rucksacks" for most of them. It's nice that you are taking care to change that.

  • Also congratulations to the 9-5, which in comparison to the 9000 has returned a bit more to the roots of the Saab design of 99 and 900 (I) (overlapping bonnet, ignition between the seats, slightly rounded windscreen).
    Currently our 9-5, built year 2002 311.000 km on the clock, it is an 2,2 TiD.
    There will be rust underneath the plastic linings of the longitudinal sills, especially in the rear area. Be careful when loosening the fastening nuts, the screws will shear slightly!

  • Hello Tom, my first comment on this blog, which I've been reading for years ... And so first of all a big thank you for a great platform of our brand, which for me is part of my daily reading!
    I've been Saab-infected for years (including family vacations at Trollhättan and all the usual weirdos ...), I drive a 9-5 sports suit from 2006 with great enthusiasm - and a few weeks ago I started my own Saab adventure, one just like Paul, a neatly ridden down and rusty 900 from 1991. He now goes by the name Carlsson and, alternatively, would have been put in the barn or cannibalized by the previous owner ... That had to be prevented!
    So I think it's great to be able to see how things are going with Paul at the same time. That spurs you on ... So good luck!

  • So I think it's good! Another question, speaking of prettiness: what does a complete vehicle painting actually cost nowadays? I still have a stomach ache with my black….

    • You can't say that across the board, it depends on the preparatory work whether a lot of sanding and leveling has to be done. Dents and such ...
      Then what kind of paint it should be and so on. But I would say it starts at 2500 and ends…. 🙂

    • That is certainly very different depending on the PLZ.
      Exciting, what you are all about with Paul.

      • Look at me:
        Phase 1: Paul should be back on the road. Spare parts, inspection, part (?) - painting, rust prevention.
        Phase 2: Community Saab. Paul meets Saab fans, is traveling in the country, at dealers and partners. Is also driven by fans (?).
        Phase 3: Paul is giving away (?) After one year. Get into new hands, the yield will benefit our charity project.

        There are still question marks and details that need to be clarified. We are working on it, more will come in the next few days. The important thing is: the blog & the readers are there every step of the way!

  • Very good choice!
    Wanted our 9-5 BJ 12 / 98 already to scrap in the spring, but he drives so beautiful and so fast (224 PS Hirsch) that he probably gets the mercy-bread and gets fit again.
    I hope that Paul doesn't have as big rust holes in the underbody as ours and all the axles, the rusted brake lines and and and ... but always nice to drive with them ...
    Have fun tinkering ...
    And take the exit at 22.5. in the surroundings of Leipzig!

    • Rust does not seem to be an issue. Was traveling in the north, is not as problematic salt as in Franconia

      • There you are really lucky!

        • ... although my 9000 Aero also comes from the north and 50% of its life from Sweden and has the usual rust spots and holes. 😉

  • Take the rocker panel down ... that's where you'll probably find the previously non-existent rust. There are only a few 9-5s that don't rust (through). Unfortunately, you only see it when it's too late. Unfortunately, the area is rather badly designed and therefore a great biotope.

  • Cool! Paul is going to be special, I'm sure! I wish you good luck anyway!
    ps as I tinkered on the poster with all Saabs, I recognized Paul immediately when I saw the teaser.

  • Super !!! I myself have been driving my 10 station wagon for almost 95 years, BJ 1999 ……… also 150 hp …… ..
    .. has only 110000 km on the clock, as there are still a 9000 BJ 1996 and a 900 II "Mellow Yellow" convertible in the collection! I am happy about every SAAB that is still on the streets ................................................. Good luck !!!

  • Hallo,
    We have one too, bra. 99 110 tkm and runs, and runs, and runs …… ..

  • Thanks Tom! A (neglected) first generation 9-5. Series winner in the choice of “Grandfather Clock of the Year” by German flag traders - a better model for such a project could not have been found in the entire Saab range. I'm looking forward to the next reports.

    • Perhaps we will write the “grandfather clocks” back into the hearts 😉 of the fans, with the 9000 it worked quite well.

  • I would say: one more time lucky!
    The Saab 9-5 (station wagon) is a complete car: thoughtful, economical and timelessly beautiful. The effort will be worthwhile.
    A colleague of mine would like to grow a combination because of family growth. Inspired by my 9-5er station wagon, he has already questioned me several times. No matter how long he wants / can wait, I will recommend him your new project for reading / learning.
    One last thing: In my opinion, the (high) number of responses on the first day allows us to draw conclusions about a similar interest. So I'm looking forward to it.
    No other Saab has convinced me as much as the 9-5!
    Note: "Paul" without wood is definitely much nicer.

  • I have to raise my two 900IIers too.

  • From the ugly duckling to the swan. Do you have a lot of plans? But not impossible. Think the base is good. Would you like to make my screwdriver hands available. Is only a little far. By the way, I have a good painter at hand.

  • Interesting choice ...

    I am clearly from the oldie corner and I'm just a year ago a '99 9-5 SC accrued. Griffin top equipment, 175 tKM and not remotely comparable to Paul's condition.
    Nevertheless, with me as an avowed 9000 lover the spark has not really jumped over. Where the 9000 is the cozy library, the 9-5 is the stylish salon. Where in the 9000, after closing the door, I have the safe feeling that a second Fukushima could not harm me in it, the technocratic coolness of the 9-5 only gives me limited security ...
    I almost decided to sell the car again.
    Until now (the last few months the Griffin has been wintering in Caport) I've come closer again. And strange ... The strangeness has subsided ...

    I'm curious how you get emotionally involved in this car and how it rubs off on me.


  • Must of course be called courage!

  • Exactly such a black 9.5 was my first Saab that I drove from Jena to Berlin. At the beginning of 2000, the rental car company E ... had some 9.5s available. Saab has not let go of me since that day. I never forget the trip with him, especially because I had an official appointment and was there on time but couldn't get the ignition key out. Only a call to the rental car company helped.
    Although a big challenge, it's great to save a Saab again.
    Hats off to your fellow!

  • Derb 9-5 SC is timelessly elegant. He likes it, now and in 10 years. I think that's great, because he is unquestionably an important part of SAAB Heritage. I hope that the action is also supported by ORIO tatkräfitg?

  • Congratulations on your choice !!!
    I myself drive a 9-5 Brabus on Sundays and a 9-5 station wagon from '99 every day, the only extra is headlight cleaning, otherwise absolutely basic equipment. Shot at 300.000 km on eBay and recently exceeded 380.000 km. Day after day he does his job dispassionately, is not too bad for anything and just functions. I love this wonderfully loyal and so wonderfully calm car.
    Have fun with Paul ...

  • Congratulations from me too! In addition, the saying slightly modified: You don't look in the mouth of a given (G) Paul! Grin….

  • Congratulations for Paul on becoming a survivor. Congratulations to Tom & Co, you will not suffer from boredom. I am looking forward to a good story and I am happy for everyone involved.

  • Great! A great choice! The 9-5 station wagon deserves it
    I'm really excited to see what you make of it / what comes to light when you look closely ...

  • I also think this vehicle is a good choice. I had the same vehicle also, year 1999 with gray leather seats, but in automatic and the car was waxed to my heart. Unfortunately I had to sell it before 2.5 years ago. For me the 9-5SC station wagon was the most beautiful Saab I ever had. Make a great car out of it, it's worth it

  • I even screwed on these models when I was still working in the saab center süderelbe and would like to have one. Great car! I'm very curious what you make of it.

  • If he looks like the teaser at the end, that's a great thing. Which engine does he have? The small one or the big one?

    • Our goal is the teaser, so to speak, possibly with light, modern modifications

  • I think Paul is a very good choice.
    The 9-5 SC is anything but profane in SAAB history.

    With the exception of very few pre-production cars of the planned successor, which made it to the street, the garage or the museum, it is and will remain the only large station wagon SAAB has ever built.

    There may be models and special models with lower numbers, but other SAABs do not offer a more unique selling point within the model range.

    He is just the combo among the SAABs and SAAB under the station wagon.
    A good reason.

    • It's hard to say better about this:
      The 9-5 (I) will be the last Saab ever to have a Saab (Triumph) engine, only he did not know the 1999 yet ..

  • Very good choice! An early 9-5 with a classic SAAB design. I might like it too - but for God's sake not in that state. I'm curious what you will do with it!

    • The situation is absolutely adventurous, but one grows on his challenges. I think we make a nice Saab out of it.

      • Hello Paul friends, a year ago an engine failure separated me from my beloved "Paul". Now I have a 9/3 station wagon. The old one is still with many usable parts in Neumünster / Schleswig Holstein at Saab Timmler. Maybe your Paul needs some more ... Mr. Timmler is very friendly. Just report there
        MfG Helga Lütt

  • Congratulations on the "new acquisition". I am sure you will make a great car out of this. Have fun for everyone involved.
    Greetings from switzerland.

  • Wow - very exciting!
    Good luck, have fun and here and there a little luck with the “Paul Project”.

    An 9-5 SC is always worth preserving !!!!
    (I still "mourn" my 9-5 SC Arc a bit from time to time)

  • Super finally a 9-5er of the first series i detail on the blog! Kussi drive himself a 9-5er (facelift, Limosine, Bj04). I'm really looking forward to the construction report. Maybe you can watch something ?! Have fun and good luck. I love d Saa already! Horny part! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations - to all of us.
    A 9-5 station wagon - wonderful. I am an avowed fan of these vehicles, since last week I have had the second Aero of them, MY 2003. Well, I think it's great and hope the rescue of the ingenious long-distance car succeeds.
    VG from Thuringia .. and again a thank you to Tom and Mark

  • Bold, brave! Really cool and exciting, I'm already thrilled!

  • Good luck and good luck. I hope the Trolls soul will thank you for a long time.

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