Independent Thinking - 5 Years After

The blog was still young when the press invitation from Saab to the Geneva Motor Show was published. It should be the last official presentation. The Saab Automobile AB had a huge list, which was not yet visible in this clarity. Today, 5 years later, everything is different. Market entrants from back then, like Volvo, Spyker, Koenigsegg, have changed a lot. A virtual compilation of the Geneva Motor Show 2016. Not representative, not mainstream, yet readable.

Crosshairs in the HUD. Who dares to do that?
Crosshairs in the HUD. Who dares to do that?

Per aspera ad astra?

If Volvo seems to be barely able to walk with power today, thanks to steroids from China. The Swedes surf on a wave of success, the self-confidence is strong. You can feel it, you read it in the price lists. The new Volvo V90 is available from 45.800,00 €, the XC90 top model for 123.150,00 €. More than 100.000 € for a Volvo?

Press invitation before 5 years ago
Press invitation before 5 years ago

2011 looked even less friendly. Volvo, Chinese since 2010, had to stay afloat with EIB loans. The credit rating was low, but the future prospects better than in Trollhättan. Ford had full cashes and fair contracts. In stark contrast to GM, who wanted to torture Saab even after the sale on. And they did.

5 years steroids from China, say many, many billions, and Volvo is back. With new models - and aggressive. Volvo has sold more than half a million new cars to 2015. But there should be more, much more. Volvo wants to play with the very big boys. Whether they like that?

The rapid rise of Volvo has made the end of Saab possible. Former engineers have found a new job there, bringing with them knowledge and ideas.

Independent Thinking? The upcoming CMA platform is the evolution of the Phoenix from the Stallbacka, the idea of ​​multi-supercharged engines comes from the Saab Powertrain Department.

The Sino-Swedish marriage at Volvo is going better than expected. After starting difficulties, cultural and linguistic differences, the visible success brings a wave of harmony into the married life. A template for NEVS in Trollhättan?

The last Swedes

The Swedish auto industry is occupied by foreigners. The whole industry? Volvo is owned by Geely, the factory in the Stallbacka NEVS, Volvo Trucks and Co. are a dangerous Dongfeng - China adventure entangled, Scania is Lower Saxony. Really all of Sweden? No, in a small village, a manufacturer fights against the rest of the world.

New Regera. Picture: Koenigsegg
New Regera. Picture: Koenigsegg

Ängelholm is known for its UFO sighting and for sports cars of superlatives - which one could hold for bolides from another star. Koenigsegg, the last true Swedes. Innovative ... innovative ... Koenigsegg! Finest engineering at the highest level. The battery in the new Regera plug-in hybrid is the most effectively cooled according to the manufacturer; In addition, Ängelholm supplies the world's first production vehicle with 800 Volt battery. Exclusive lightweight construction, the new, revolutionary "Direct Drive", Koenigsegg indulges in superlatives.

Independent Thinking? In any case, Koenigsegg has the right representative for it. A Saab gem, which I can respectfully write. The founder of Trollhattansaab, Saabsunited and the only official Saab blogger Steven Wade blogs and represents for Koenigsegg. Would there be a better one for this task? No way !

The last entertainer

In the auto industry, there were guys whose lives can be described as highs, lows, turns. Types with rough edges that 10 once failed to get 11. Give the world a dream car. Or never.

These guys are dying out, which is emblematic of the industry. She suffers on her own. Who has seen 10 SUVs as a customer, does not like number 11. He does not visit car shows, does not watch any more engine broadcasts. But they still exist, the true entertainers.

Victor Muller has been through a lot since 2011. More depths like heights, in business and in privacy. After Saab Spyker went into bankruptcy, in Sweden, a lawsuit against him.

Against all odds, Spyker is back. Booth: Booked only in November. The fair company waves off, because booked? "A toilet is enough for me as a place" ... Original quote from Muller yesterday in Geneva. And there he is! With a sports car. No SUV. A temptation on wheels, with a cheeky crosshairs in the HUD, a continuous LED strip at the rear and a dashboard to swarm. The Spyker Preliator. What stands for fighters and fits the brand and maker. Who asks in moments like this for financing, mass production, past?

Independent Thinking - 5 Years After

What remains? Wrong question.

What will happen? Better question.

Steroids from China, consistent innovator, types with corners and edges. Everything is possible. A lot has happened in the last 5 years. The parking spaces fill up again in the stablebacka. 630 employees, including 500 in the technical departments. Steroids from China make it possible. NEVS is responsible for keeping the Saab Spirit alive. So Stig Nodin, formerly Saab Automobile, now director of product development NEVS last week in an interview with the local newspaper.

10 thoughts on "Independent Thinking - 5 Years After"

  • Moin moin, Herbert!
    Yes, the pioneering role in demise would indeed be tragic ... but there is always a certain risk in the pioneering role!

  • Moin, Tom!
    Thanks for the tip! Will I buy the "mirror". 🙂

  • Exactly, preferably a Swedish coupe or Combi coupe
    But as the culmination of nonsense soon rolling SUV convertibles through the country

  • In the current mirror is an interesting article on mobility. The authors do not know how the "Dinos" will continue. The possibilities are simply too many, and how the customer will accept the changes, you see only in years. Definitely worth reading!

  • Wow, that's a pretty interesting all-round impact on mobility, dear mountain goat ...

    Perhaps it is that SAAB has ultimately played a pioneering role in the demise?
    That would be kind of conciliatory and typical SAAB. Who knows how many more dinosaurs will follow?

  • Hats off to Koenigsegg and the courage of VM. I can fully sign the observation with the SUVs. One finds interesting, it has been driven for some years it is bland, probably because you only see the boxes on every supermarket parking lot and in front of the KITA. A sedan or a coupe are almost rebellion and a statement for "Independent Thinking".

  • Great article - as always and please keep it up!
    I myself am a fan of the entertainer qualities of CvK. The man has dreams and consistently implements them - effective as a public but on a sound basis and with the best in the market - just like Swade.
    When Koenigsegg showed interest in the takeover of Saab, it was clear that this was going to be awesome. Only after GM had laid the last documents on the table did CvK say consistently, because no business model could work on it - that should have been reason enough for VM not to accept these conditions. But then there certainly would not have been 9-5II on the streets and no Phoenix that is certainly the most underrated prototype of all time ...

  • ... my current Saab is out of time (from 2011 ... that's already 5 years - like the "years go by").

    Unfortunately, he is just a bit angry and I do not know what it is ...

    @@ general
    I always enjoyed following Steven Wade's old Saab blog (I did not know him for "SU" times)! Great reports were that !!!
    His own later page ( ) I then read a bit, but due to decreasing current Saab reports and too many "general" topics then sometime not more.

  • Great article, Tom! THANK YOU !
    I'll take up the headline: What remains? Wrong question.
    What will happen? Better question.
    It is well known that there is plenty to talk about: the unlimited mass mobility of individuals reaches its limits.
    We feel it ..., suppress it and do not want to hear it anymore. Nevertheless, this "problem" will persist worldwide and daily trigger us to solutions. These solutions make regional, national and international sense. Solutions that limit our spoiled habits only marginally, hardly anyone wants to accept. And yet we need fewer SUVs,
    less diesel,
    less short distances by car but
    more connected individual mobility,
    more public transportation,
    more sustainable drives, possibly more bike users.

    If "The Last Entertainer" has to open in order to arouse emotion, it also shows how full we have become users. How doubtful "so-called. Progress "have become: rain sensor, tailgate, which opens automatically, various pager
    The way to the stars for SAAB is still far .. if NEVS is on the "right path" I can not judge.
    Some individual "toys" from Swedish production are certainly not the serious problem of the future.
    But if VW, BMW, AUDI, TOYOTA, GM, etc. solve the "mobility problem" as a dinosaur of an industry, then I have my doubts.
    RWE and EON were not the pioneers of the green energy transition ...
    I will read this blog eagerly ...
    Greetings in the "round"!

  • 5 years ago, that's scary. My 9-3 is already 8 years old. You do not notice it, but it is. I hope he will last a long time!

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