And off to the north ...

A full desk and a lot of work have their qualities. But not always ! Every now and then there is time to break out towards the north. What's on the plan? Two days on the Autobahn, drive Turbo X, get the “new” Saab. Sounds sensible and is species-appropriate keeping for petrolheads.

TX in the summer 2013 in front of the factory
TX in the summer 2013 in front of the factory

What do the readers have of it? Soon you will find a test report on the blog. The TX has got a new suspension after the series's level control collapsed after a shocking 54.000 kilometer. After some thought it was clear that a change is pending. Hirsch regularly renews landing gear for the 9-3 XWD versions; the components are qualitatively better than those of the series.

Whether the decision was correct, the Hirsch Performance suspension can convince in practice, show the coming days. And now a few notes about our brand.

Nordis, the Northern Europe magazine
Nordis, the Northern Europe magazine

Nordis - Northern Europe Magazine

Who drives Saab, which is usually good for Scandinavia. Nordis, Nordeuropa Magazin, could then be the right reading for leisure time. The new issue is about the three Swedish car brands: Saab, Volvo, Koenigsegg. Your history, your role in the present. Excitingly written ... the author is closely connected to the vehicles from Sweden.

Bilisms - themed exhibition in the Saab Bil Museum

Today, the Saab Museum in Trollhättan is opening a new exhibition. I interpret bilisms freely as the Swedish name for petrolheads. It's about cars, men, collecting passion. The museum put a short teaser online.

If you are visiting Trollhättan, the Saab capital, in the near future, you should definitely stop by the museum. Please note the opening times, which are somewhat limited outside of the season.

And, because the museum needs support, finally the link to the supporters of the historic Saab collection. Membership is not expensive, only around € 22,00 per year. Payable easily via PayPal, with the good feeling of having done something useful.

6 thoughts on "And off to the north ..."

  • The question is actually unanswerable. The TX draws its charm from the combination of compact car and large-volume mechanical engineering. A mating that is increasingly rare. You love him, or you love him
    The Aero with XWD is a completely different story. More economical, certainly similar fast, reduced maintenance costs. An alternative, and not at the same time. But also a great Saab!

  • In the Saab is a Haldex4, the world's first exclusively used in the Turbo X. Easy, if you let it all 24 months to maintain manufacturer specification. Unfortunately, no access to the Orio parts system, we are just bloggers, but the Saab partner should be able to say something about the new article number. You also have mail!

  • Is the 93 SC 2.0T XWD with 240 PS Hirsch Performance not a better choice than a Turbo X? Especially with us in the CH or in Sweden with these rigorous speed limits (and the horrendous buses) is moderate comfort before sheer performance and sportiness! And the fuel spill can thus be kept in a moderate range. OK, the sound is not comparable with the Turbo X, but otherwise?

  • ... another XWD experience:
    SAAB Combi 9-3 xwd Vector with eLSD Bj 12 / 2011.
    In November 'xwd wait' lights up at only 45.000 km. Those in the know probably already know what to expect - I naive not (soon). Abrasion and chips can be found in the hydraulic oil of the rear axle differential. Ergo: A new differential is needed.
    The bad news: ORIO has none in stock and can not name a delivery date.
    The good news: the car insurance - it would have expired a few weeks later - covers the costs.
    My call to 3 weeks at ORIO in Germany shows, there is one thing, but with a different part number, as specified by the workshop.
    6 weeks, the Combi was ultimately in the workshop.
    Now, although I have a new one, but no one can answer, whether this is an evolution now (because other part number), or it is the same part, just new. A mechanic suspected that it was an acquired part of SUBARU (?).

    Do I have to expect the same malaise after another 45.000 km?
    Does anyone know?

    LG in the round, Cabriote.

  • Hi Tom,

    in which Nordis edition exactly is the article? I have not been able to find them online on their website so far.
    Thank you in advance.


  • Tom, then I'm already very curious about your driving reports - Sweden is a good country with the right roads to test. You will be able to sufficiently enjoy (test) the ruts on the German autobahn.
    But, nothing against the bone-dry and pragmatic chassis of the TX - it does its job well and in the right corners, it is also really fun - but the everyday longs for a not so rough driving.

    Have fun in Sweden!

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