Saab value weeks 2016

Today, the Saab spring campaign for Germany, Switzerland and Austria goes online. The Saab value weeks focus on what we want: driving pleasure with our Swedish vehicles for as long as we want.

Saab value weeks 2016
Saab value weeks 2016

The national branches of Orio AB in Germany and Switzerland, also responsible for the Saab drivers in Austria, offer us several packages. In keeping with the spirit of the Olympics, 2016 is Olympic year, there are bronze, silver and gold packages.

Behind the bronze packages there is a basic beauty treatment for our vehicles. Saab floor mats, emblems, wheel bolts, gear knobs, completely original Saab of course. For the 9-3 II, there is also a new key fob transmitter - which is always an issue because the housing is no longer attractive after years of intensive use.

The silver packages aim towards driving pleasure. They offer the beauty of bronze packages and, depending on the model, in addition to wishbone, stabilizers, bushings. In original quality, with considerable price advantage. In vehicles with advanced mileage there is usually a need for action, with the chassis, it pays off to rely on good components. Not just for the pleasure of getting a good suspension, but also for safety reasons.

The gold package, based on bronze and silver, depending on the model additionally a detonator or for the diesel engine intake manifold with swirl flaps and other components. Again, customers benefit from a significant price advantage.

In addition - and in line with springtime - there are rims for the 9-3, and TX and Aero Griffin styling packages.

The Saab Value Weeks 2016 are a premiere for many reasons. The look is directed backwards for the first time. The Saab 9-3 I, the last hatchback from Trollhättan, is in the action. In Germany and Austria we find the 9-3 I in the prospectus, for Switzerland the offers are also available. The 9-3 I is heading for the youngtimer age. The campaign thus reflects the rising love status of these vehicles.

Orio delivers the right offers for the situation. The vehicles get a discounted upgrade. New leather gear knob, new floor mats? Just right after winter. The old, crumbling emblem down, the rusty wheel bolts away, it's the little things. Maybe that makes you want more, especially more Saab, and you will discover more things that could be improved.

Orio is breaking new ground. So far, we have received mail from the Saab partners twice a year. That is, in parts, the past. The campaign runs primarily on the web, with participating merchants offering brochures to customers and posters to the showroom. Only a few partners write directly to the customer.

That lowers, we remain realistic, especially the cost. At the same time it increases the attractiveness and makes many workshops easier to get into the action. Success proves the strategy right. Never before have so many partners been involved in Germany, Switzerland and Austria as in the value preservation weeks.

6 thoughts on "Saab value weeks 2016"

  • Thank you Tom,
    will contact the workshop in Bremen.
    Wish you a good SAAB day.

  • Orio discovers Youngtimer potential, who would have guessed? There is more, which would be worthwhile, a good start has been made. Good action!

  • Nice move from ORIO to include 13-9 I, now at least 3 years old, in the action! Where else is there ..?
    I will take part (probably silver) and have become a Service Club member to celebrate the campaign ...

  • The partners participating in the campaign can be found here. The local dealer can certainly suggest the appropriate actions, so that there is still much Saabiges driving pleasure!

  • Good day.
    My Saab 9-5 (sedan) I have since July 1998 and would like to know if in the
    Greater Oldenburg (OL) there are companies with whom I can contact.
    The vehicle has a stand of 101300 KM, and is except for a few scratches in a good paint condition. What is suggested by you to action.
    MFG Karl

  • I wonder why Orio limited to the German-speaking countries.
    My dealer has great difficulty getting spare parts and regular messages are not sent at all.
    Is this a desired strategy or is there something wrong somewhere?

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