Saab 9-3 EV new registration in Sweden

Anyone who rubs their eyes in wonder or looks furtively in the direction of the calendar ... We neither write April 1st nor do we launch a false report. The facts are based on the statistics from Bilsweden for February 2016. A reputable and - probably from the ground up - humorless authority.

Saab 9-3 EV. New approval 02 / 16 in Sweden.
Saab 9-3 EV. New approval 02 / 16 in Sweden.

Last month, 2 Saab 9-3 (NEVS) were newly registered for road traffic. Surprise, there are no combustion engines from the 2014 production that were still at the dealer's or in the halls. It is a new Saab 9-3 EV. The separate statistics for "Supermiljöbilar", vehicles classified as particularly environmentally friendly, lead two Saab electric cars from the Stallbacka.

The emphasis is on these four letters: SAA B.

Never again Saab?
Never again Saab? Last (false) message from the Autobild Klassik

There is this miserably long discussion about trademark rights. Depending on the form and medium of the day, it will be done (NEVS may not) or declared open (NEVS may be allowed). The last message was in the current Autobild Klassik. No Saabs anymore, and the China Electric Saab comes 2020 first. As a fan it needs a thick coat. But we have that.

The Swedish authority seems to have decided on this subject. Officially, there are 2016er Saab EV`s, with NEVS as an addition. Final clarified you should still not see the question, even if there are the statistics. Let's keep her friendly as open.

What's going on in Sweden? They are probably prototypes for the EV, based on the 9-3, which will be sold in China from 2017. Possibly also test vehicles of the next generation, which are to be built in Trollhättan from 2018. Room for speculation and wishes.

In the next article we will be down to earth. There is a lot of news from Paul, our Saab project car.

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  • Wouw .. 2 Neuzulassungen..auch big started small. Wait what else is coming.

  • Interesting anecdote and very amusing written!

  • Very interesting!!!! See how it goes on here.

  • A sign of life, after all. However, it is too quiet for my feeling

  • Am I mistaken, or are there also 2 for January, so altogether 4 new SAABs? ? ?

    I look forward to Paul News and also to a driving report, which was promised in connection with the last WE.

    • Are only 2 Saabs ... Paul will be at the start tomorrow, the driving report will come next week at the latest!

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