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In some places the paint is off, on others grow mosses. Paul, our Projektaab, is not a nice car. His best years are behind him. I had reservations when I put Paul's pictures online. Auto blogs usually impress with horsepower, a lot of horsepower and such. There's nothing Paul has to offer. Not yet. Nevertheless, the community seems to like the project.

Paul - our project subscription 2016
Paul - our project saab 2016

Maybe because Paul has the family name Saab. The blog is more popular than ever. The longer it has been since the brand left the automotive industry, the more magical it seems to be. Far more than 2.000 readers had read Paul's presentation within 24 hours - an impressively good value.

That inspires us and our project. And we think Paul will be worth the commitment. As a 9-5 of the first generation, he has inner values. Well processed, reserved Scandinavian design, honest materials in the interior. The perfect basis - and above all a safe car. And that is the most important point of all, also for tragically topical reasons.

Because while I am working on the article, a sad email comes into my mailbox. A Saab 9-5, aged like Paul, ended its life cycle yesterday. A limousine that was already a topic here on the blog. As expected, the Saab did its job. The front end has absorbed the impact energy, the 9-5 is junk. But he saved a life. Nothing happened to the driver, whom I know and appreciate personally, he is unharmed - thanks to the good work in Trollhättan. His next car should again be a Saab 9-5. If he finds someone suitable ...

I think this Saab strength, real life safety, is worth bringing Paul back into life. Let's talk about technology, and yes, from now on the subject gets a bit “dry”.

The basics

When a car is brought to life after a long stance, all fluids should be renewed. Old oils out, new ones in. We also want to try a motor cleaner. In the classic area after long service lives the norm. Since the 9-5 has been put away for some years, an appropriate action. We will be counting on the resources of blog supporters Triboron To fall back on.

Of course Paul needs new brakes, a large inspection package according to Saab Norm with all filters. Parts of the chassis are knocked out. The crankcase breather must be retrofitted. We'll get an overview of the things to do, and the feeling says it will not be cut short. Because Paul certainly has some surprises in the biotope.

What we invest for Paul, which parts will be installed - we will keep a record of this over the next 12 months and put the parts online. This gives us an overview of costs, benefits and experience, and readers can find the parts they need more easily in similar projects.


There is the big, striking rust on the door. It looks cruelly deterring, but is only chipped paint. So surface rust, which acts dramatically, but it is not. The subsoil has no rust through, only hints of rust, and looks so amazingly good for old age.

We have, and that's the good news, no major bodywork ahead of us. Saab has preserved well on the 9-5, at least until 2006. With the facelift for chrome glasses, the enthusiasm faded - or the cost optimizers struck. Despite everything: Paul should be given additional rust protection so that he will be fit for decades to come.


You do not have to discuss it. Paul is currently a living work of art, but mosses and lichens must go. We will have the Saab painted in parts, trying as much as possible to get original paint.

The list is getting long and longer, I start adding up the costs. Hmm ... an account with a great unknown. We still have no idea why Paul was retired.

Why Paul is stranded.

The clutch should be to blame, they say. That was years ago, memories could be misleading. On a first, short trial round, Paul's clutch does what it should. It separates the corridors neatly. Does dear Paul pretend health to escape the scrap press? An uneasy feeling remains, but we'll put the problem aside - for now. A short time later we find a reason why the 9-5 sports suit became a temporary biotope. The turbocharger, the heart of every Saab, is defective, a new one is needed.

An initial estimate of the project costs:

Spare parts: € 1.500,00 - 2.000,00

Painter: € 1.500,00

Rust protection: € 500,00

Workshop: € 1.000,00

So we are in the redevelopment between 4.000,00 and 5.000,00 €, which is already a house number. We want to do the maintenance work in Kiel Markus Lafrentz have carried out, as well as the rust protection. That speeds up progress because we want to drive the Saab; Time is an important factor in the project. In Kiel you are ready to turn on the turbo. We would also like to have the painting done by a company on site. We had good experience with the Anna project and will have a cost estimate made for Paul.

The spare parts costs are a headache. The budget is limited, Mark and I promised our families that we would pay for everything from this amazing project from the blog. It would also be good to keep a reserve. Did we promise too much? Yes, we have the ambition to go through with it and raise funds for our charitable project. There is no turning back.

As I think about it, worry lines appear on my forehead, the phone rings. A surprising call. Who is on the other end of the line?

Sequel follows…

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    Nice to finally read something about the 9-5!
    I'm very puzzled as it goes on with Paul!

    Evt you can indeed donate something .. property or donation?
    So you could push the cost a bit .. as a blog reader you know that the donation later good!

    • blank

      Thank you! We look forward to every donation, by Paypal, or on request we email the bank details! Every euro counts double, we keep a Saab on the road and after 12 months there is money for a good deed!

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    Dear blog team, this quote: “at least until 2006, well preserved. With the facelift to chrome glasses, enthusiasm dwindled - or the cost optimizers struck. " As a driver of chrome glasses, it scares me a little. What should I look out for and what should I do with a six year old car? - Thanks for a few quick tips!

    • blank

      I would not classify the chrome glasses as conspicuous. Saab has invested only a little less energy in the rust prevention, you can compensate for that.
      How, everyone has to decide for themselves. If you want to drive the Saab for a long time, because definitely nothing of this kind comes along, then I would invest extensively. Mike Sanders or similar, complete for all cavities. That can cost 4-digit, but it's worth it. Alternatively, it is sufficient to refresh the subsoil, and to keep an eye on the subject at the annual review. There are quite a few good Saab addresses in the north who are very familiar with the topic!

      • blank

        Thank you for your message. "Mike Sanders" doesn't tell me anything, but after the further statements I can continue to trust the Saab workshop E. in Halstenbek and will do so.

  • blank

    I'm curious and a little impatient to learn how to continue.
    Who is on the phone? Orio ???

    • blank

      The resolution will come on Tuesday on the blog. The Paul sequel will be exciting ...

    • blank

      It will probably be Orio. Paul needs parts, who else but Orio would be the logical sponsor?

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    That with Paul is a great action from the blog !! Respect!! I'm looking forward to the next message from Paul ...

  • blank

    Sounds very interesting. I'm looking forward to the result. When can we experience Paul in the wild?

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    I have been driving my SAAB Sedan 9-5 SE 150 HP (petrol) since July 01.07.1998st, 101300 and cannot separate myself from the car yet. The car drove XNUMX KM.
    The time was changed :: The exhaust muffler, battery and a set of tires.
    The paint (blue metallic) is up to a few scratches without rust.
    I wish the team that Paul can be driven again and keep the repair costs within the calculated limits.
    MfG Karl from Bad Zwischenahn

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    We also had a Paul. Black and with automatic, was our best SAAB ever. I'm looking forward to the sequel.

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    I like the project. Since Paul gives it, I see Paul or 2 every day

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