Tom and his Audi

Probably the headline alone will have caused cardiac fibrillation in some readers. Tom and his Audi - are things coming to an end? In another Saab blog, it was BMWs that ushered in a break. And now? Audi. Ingolstadt. Daytime running lights fetishism. Of all places!

Tom and his Audi
Tom and his Audi

I plead guilty. There is a black point in my past. Half a dozen Audis lost their way to me in the distant past. Mostly as a company car, and the liaison was mainly due to family ties. I liked the Audis, but then the Swedes came with Saab ... at some point all Audis were gone. However, the brand didn't want to leave me alone.

If I go to the counter of a car rental company, I regularly receive an upgrade. You guessed it ... on an Audi. Whether I want to or not, and before I can protest, I am maneuvered towards the 4-ring car with the key in hand. Love can be one-sided, I admit that. Because while the brand is chasing me, I don't reciprocate their advances.

Audis are the dream cars of many people. And probably 99,99% of the population would be happy about free upgrades. Only the 0,01% client unbending Saab not stretching. Maybe, yes, maybe, but they are also signs that should not be ignored. Because weird things happen.

Help, I caught an Audi!

A few days ago: A parking lot somewhere in northern Germany. With a friend I was picking up a new Saab. The power on Zicke, pivots the engine warning light. The alarm will later turn out to be trivial and has nothing to do with Audi. But at this moment the disaster begins!

Before we start to continue our journey (we are traveling with two vehicles), I look at my smartphone. The Blackberry shows the Audi rings! Help, I've got an Audi!

Look left. Look right. Slowly and very carefully. Hidden Camera? Or did we accidentally hack an Ingolstadt?

In front of me is a Volvo V70, behind me a Saab. I myself sit in my Turbo X. No Audi far and wide! Damn, where did I get the Audi? I'm still in a good mood, I reckon with the singularity of the event. The Nikon is in the passenger seat ready, shot proof photo for friends, and on it goes.

At the next stop, the Audi will have done, I think. Still ! But the Audi is persistent. Engine off, Bluetooth connection disconnected. After half an hour drive. The Blackberry connects again with my Audi uh Saab. You are now talking on your Audi. Yes, already understood. My fear: I will not let go of the Audi. The 4 rings are beaming at me!

A GM logo would have surprised me slightly, an Alfa or Porsche sign I would have taken with humor. But now Audi. The brand, whose drivers usually maintain my privacy with the 2 millimeter safety margin at Tempo 200, is now penetrating my smartphone and my Saab.

My Saab is an Audi. Or?
My Saab is an Audi. Or?

What do the rings want to tell me? Should I drive Audi in the future, or write a blog, apply for a job in Ingolstadt? Maybe, actually, you would appreciate a well-made blog. Is there a secret strategy behind the logo? Are digital Audi partisans about to target the last remaining Saabs with a virus? Is that the gagging tactic? The 4 rings stay until you have completed a purchase contract? Interesting question, the industry is known to fight for every customer. I'm at a loss!

My Saab has been an Audi for days now. That is hard. A lot. And I can't get used to it. The workshop where the Haldex was serviced declines all responsibility. No software has been updated. The Blackberry also makes innocent. In the 9-5 it is neutral. In the TX it sees an Audi. It can be ruled out that it was infected by a rental Audi. It was never in a Bluetooth marriage with you either, readers know. Deleting the connection and reinstalling it does not help. The problem is not known in the Crackberry Forum. Or just the other way around. Audi drivers are unhappy when the rings don't appear on their smartphones. Nobody wants to get rid of it.

What now? Is this the higher sign? Should I send an application to Audi Communications, sell the Turbo X, send the Blackberry into the desert? Or ignore the 4 rings and sit out the thing?

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  • Hey Jan, there is not a final answer yet. The TX is currently the diva and must in the coming days to Saab partner in the workshop. Updates follow! Beautiful Easter!

  • Hello Tom, what happened to the Saab with Audi Virus? Cause / remedy in sight, or revealed as a marketing ploy of the four rings? I would be very interested, as amusing as it seems at first glance ...
    I wish you a nice Easter!

  • Yes, of course ... Vorsprung durch Technik, what is “chattered” at Audi, was lived at Saab (without being too big), right?

  • I say for a long time, Audi is a real land plague!

  • Hi Tom,

    so in case of doubt I would rather change the cell phone than the Saab. However, Blackberry is similar to Saab. Nobody wants them anymore, even though they were pioneers in one area or another. The current models are also very good, at least I am very satisfied. Similar to Saab.

    Funny is that the operating system QNX, which runs in many car brands well in the background, my knowledge BB heard, so also shows here that they were the first (Apple and Android probably only set up with your software on QNX ???).

    So a pioneer who fights for survival, the war chest to my knowledge but much better filled than that of SAAB and in contrast to SAAB is not dependent on an American group.

    I still love SAAB, even though I had to surrender mine to 4 years ago. I had the rings in the meantime and was extremely dissatisfied because of several little things. Now it has become one of the oldest automakers, which starts with S .. and compared to its predecessor, some things really clever solves (similar to SAAB).

    But back to SAAB, I still believe that if there was SAAB to lease at the moment and if it was the old 9-3, then I would take it back immediately !!!

    So I tend to bet on the online viewing software ...

    Greetings Cetak

  • Truly exciting.
    What will be the riddle's solution?
    Will there ultimately be any explanation
    or dissolve the phenomenon in air before this
    to get to the bottom of it?

  • The iPhone is in reserve but has not been connected lately. There is currently one track we are following. We had for testing purposes, and for an article, new navigation software purchased on the Internet. Most likely, the Audi comes on this way in the Saab, we will take the TX in the coming days for half an hour from the battery to clear the memory. Result follows!

  • This “case” remains exciting and is perhaps a little “foretaste” of the much-praised digital future ...
    We users are connected ...
    We users are not asked, we are only offered ...
    But as long as the engine is running: joy! 🙂 If the doors stay put in the CD and wait ...
    Beautiful new world!

  • Have you ever connected another smartphone to the TurboX on a trial basis and does it behave in the same way? Or did an apprentice try to downgrade the infotainment after switching to Haldex? Alternatively, of course, it can also be that Saab disappeared from the manufacturer's list with the very last update of the Blackberry and then something from the top of the list is displayed with an unknown ID - I don't think that such a detailed graphic is transmitted from the car via Bluetooth , but tap on a link to a database on the mobile phone or via the Internet ...

  • Definitely not. No Audi, but the make does not belong on the blog

  • Is it possible Tom, that your replacement for your recently released, 9-3 station wagon is a small Ingolstadt. The make you did not want to give price on the blog.

  • Maybe your conversations are now billed via Audi? Great story.

  • Well, you get the big questions. Never in your life should you switch to Audi !!

  • Well written, rarely so laughed! Does SAAB have hidden AUDI genes?

  • In principle, it all comes down to one idea: uninstall the connection, then reconfigure it. Nevertheless, the Saab remains an Audi and in the “normal case” the logo comes seriously from the connected vehicle, not from the BB.

  • Maybe Audi still buys Saab and the Q10 knows more than all of us?

  • I would then simply swap the device for an apple or android. This certainly does not speak the quality of the blackberry, if it can be intervened externally so on the device. And in the end there is no responsible person.
    What does the official Blackberry Support say?

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