How can we help?

The Paul story goes into the sequel. We have a list of spare parts, and at Saab Kiel the mechanics are ready for Paul. In addition, our 9-5 has an appointment with the painter. I get a call! Who is on the other end of the line?

Paul in the workshop
Paul in the workshop

How can we help?

The list of needed spare parts has become much longer than expected. Finally, two shock absorbers were added, but then we should have a ready-to-drive and technically good Saab. Since our station wagon already has an appointment for the make-up of the painter, the car dealership Lafrentz must activate the turbo. No problem, I hear from Kiel. The Paul project motivates the team in the north, and at the same time everything should be chic and yet affordable. An exciting balancing act is hinted at.

Yes, and then my “Saab phone” rings. Whose turn is it? Mario Schütrumpf, employee at Skandix, calls! In Lutter am Barenberge they have followed the project closely, they think it's good and want to participate. The support is welcome, Skandix helps in two ways. Today you make the blogger happy, and at the end of the project the help goes to a charitable cause.

Skandix will help us with the necessary parts and take over part of the costs.

Specifically, the support looks like this, because Skandix takes over the following spare parts:

SKANDIX 1010942 - Fuel filter OEM Saab

SKANDIX 1007180 - Brake shoe set for handbrake

SKANDIX 1013315 - Rear brake pad set

SKANDIX 1004219 - Brake pad set front

SKANDIX 1005681 - Solid rear brake disc, manufactured by Zimmermann

SKANDIX 1004236 - Brake disc front, make Zimmermann

SKANDIX 1016679 - Socket for subframe / subframe

SKANDIX 1026813 - Socket subframe front axle front / rear

SKANDIX 1018093 - Bush rear axle trailing arm front

SKANDIX 1004647 - Sealant Saab 50ml

SKANDIX 1045182 - Sealing ring air filter

SKANDIX 1003696 - Sealing ring Oil drain plug

SKANDIX 1016755 - Sealing ring set sump / oil suction tube

SKANDIX 1007811 - Cabin filter Multifilter

SKANDIX 1016502 - Crankcase breather Hose return, between oil trap and sump

SKANDIX 1016499 - Crankcase breather hose, between oil trap and cylinder head

SKANDIX 1004133 - air filter

SKANDIX 1016181 - Air filter spacer

SKANDIX 1013316 - Mounting kit handbrake

SKANDIX 1003387 - oil filter

SKANDIX 1035824 - Conversion kit crankcase breather

SKANDIX 1020855 - Valve for crankcase ventilation

SKANDIX 1003450 - Spark plug BCPR6ES-11

SKANDIX 1022525 - Floor mat set gray velor

SKANDIX 1006053 - Rear shock absorber, gas pressure, Sachs

SKANDIX 1021273 - Emblem tailgate “Saab / Scania”

What is left for the blog is the replacement of the turbocharger, which is at the expense of our budget.

SKANDIX 1004736 - Turbocharger in exchange

SKANDIX 1016029 - O-ring oil pipe oil pan

Skandix 1048720 - mounting kit turbocharger

SKANDIX 1016902 - Sealing ring turbocharger oil return pipe

The support brings us a long way forward and impresses Mark and me a lot. Skandix not only has spare parts for Scandinavian automobiles as a business model; The company also supports charitable projects. Thanks Skandix, another sponsor for Paul is won! In the future we have 2 stickers from companies that have made the project a reality, on the Swedish steel. And bloggers and Projektaab Paul will visit Lutter am Barenberge this summer.

The package of spare parts will be in Kiel the next morning - quickly and professionally, as expected.

Saab's genius and Saab's madness.

At Saab, genius and madness were never far apart. The active headrest of the 9-5, a revolution in active safety, can be regarded as ingenious. As madness I arrange the oil sludge problem. A sore point of the first 9-5 generation, which Saab intervened with the evolution of engine development from 9000 to 9-5.

Actually, the problem is no longer a problem, not with a well-maintained Saab. Paul we can not call such, of course, the oil pan must. A procedure that is always recommended if you fall in love with an older 9-5. Especially when the Saab is not fully maintained, or was not at any Saab specialized workshop.

The oil pan shows the expected oil sludge, but it could be more dramatic. In addition, there are metallic chips in the pan, we attribute them to the turbocharger damage. One weak point is the crankcase ventilation hose. The hose is subject to an aging process. He becomes blocked or collapses for reasons of age. However, it no longer fulfills its function - a reason to have a look at it every time it is serviced. Saab workshops do that, the big chains do not know the problem and ignore the topic. That is dangerous, engine failure is the final consequence. A reason to always put your Saab in the right hands for maintenance.

It goes ahead in Kiel ! The new brake discs are mounted, the Sachs shock absorbers, and all worn suspension bushings have been replaced. Then there is a rust protection on the subfloor, the fluids are renewed. When I visit the workshop, the Saab still hangs on the lift, but the progress is recognizable.

The shadows of the past.

Paul is on the way, he can almost technically be considered good. The mood rises, the painter is next in the schedule.

We are successful, we believe, even if we have invested a lot of money in this post. Almost € 1.900,00 is on the spare parts invoice, but Skandix has taken on around half. That's good, very good in fact. Because at the moment I have no idea how much we will need this support. The shadows of the past lurk, a very nasty surprise awaits us.

Sequel follows…

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    When does it go on?

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

    • blank

      Next week comes the sequel! And it remains exciting!

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    .. a set of tires comes from Cologne! Please specify the size / brand / season and the shipping address! 9.3 Cologne

    • blank

      Many, many thanks for the helpfulness. However, we already have tires and rims for Paul. We would be happy about a donation!

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    Can't wait for the sequel….

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    SKANDIX is CLASS! That's what I call a role model!
    Also my workshop is beating the parts for my SAAB at Skandix. Never gave problems!
    Will stick with it ...
    The story of PAUL is wonderful! I'm looking forward to the sequel AND a happy ending !!!

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    I think this is a great project because SAAB image is promoted and it also serves a charitable purpose! Congratulations!
    But in one point I want to contradict: I can not stand the praise of SAAB workshops! I've been driving SAAB for 35 years and I'm only happy with SAAB since I did not go to SAAB workshops anymore! Since then I drive economically. Sorry!

    • blank

      I don't like the term “adulation”, the writing style has a serious background. More and more emails are coming from Saab drivers whose new acquisitions have not been properly maintained in advance. Of course the vehicles are getting older, people tend to be thrifty. Often it is the little things that cause great annoyance. Raising awareness of our vehicles in competent hands is more important than ever and should by no means be understood as “adulation”.

    • blank

      Dear Reinhard,
      Too bad that you obviously have not had such good experiences with SAAB workshops.
      I myself can not share these experiences. I've had only good experiences so far. And the best I do at my home and yard workshop, the SAAB center Rostock, where real hard core SAAB enthusiasts are at home. Here one always finds a good compromise between meaningfulness, necessity and economy. Without them, I could hardly keep my SAABs running.
      Maybe it's because I've only been to workshops for which SAAB is a passion and not just a shop.

      • blank

        Please leave me alone with SAAB Rostock. The crankcase ventilation would have had to be retrofitted - capital damage was the result. They won't see me again!

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    Great of Skandix. Good luck and we stay with you. Curious how this continues.

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    A real thriller again ...

    Tom is the undisputed king of cliffhanger.
    And I stay tuned.

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    WOW! That's a surprise! The best SAAB project ever!

  • blank

    Hi Tom,

    have you already an email wg. Account Paul sent in order to start crowdfunding. Have a donation already promised in

    • blank

      Dear Martin, thank you! Mail is on its way! Paul can use every euro

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    Just great! I'm really curious what will happen to the good 9-5 times .. Keep it up! 🙂

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