1. Hamburger Saab meeting

Hamburg is Saab stronghold and always worth a visit. In May, there are two other good reasons to travel to the Hanseatic city on a Saab. It stands the Hafengeburtstag and the 1. Hamburger Saab meeting at the historic Large gas station Brandshof in the diary.

Saab meeting Brandshof
Saab meeting Brandshof

Significant from our point of view is without question the Saab meeting, which one can possibly connect with a visit to the port birthday. Organizer is the Saab Stammtisch Schleswig Holstein - Hamburg, the event starts on 07.05.2016 at 11 o'clock and ends at 17.00 o'clock. On this day, everything is focused on Saab on the grounds of the gas station; Pitches for our vehicles "Made by Trollhättan" are subject to availability.

Approved are all Saab classics from 92, 93, 95, Sonnet, 96, 90, 99 to 901. The Saab 9000 is since last year also an 30 year with H-plate and for the first time with it. Registration is not necessary, all Saab pilots are welcome; It is the enthusiasm for the brand that unites.

The gas station Brandshof is as a photo and film set many fans a term. The ambiance is a time capsule, Brandshof a relic of yesteryear - when much was not better but different. At that time, a gas station attendant was a gentleman in uniform and with gloves; Refueling was considered a service, the control of tire pressure, cooling water and oil were the usual ritual. A great place for classics and the 1. Hamburger Saab meeting.

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  • Hamburg / Pinneberg are really real Saab strongholds ... alone with us in Wedel certainly drive one to two dozen around ... and if you drive in the rush hour traffic through HH one can ever encounter two 9-5 Ng ...
    The appointment is definitely booked! Too bad that my 9000 is only from 95: /

    • From the Saab 9000 are all MY with it! Also yours from 1995.
      Only models from 900-2 have to park "outside".
      But the crew of these "more modern" Saab models like 902, 9-3 and 9-5 are of course just as welcome guests 🙂

  • I think it's a shame that is so different in such an endangered brand like SAAB even if 30 years or not, each one is worth preserving and you have to do everything to get everyone to lèben.

  • Well, the meeting takes place on the "oldtimer" gas station. And given the location, it seems appropriate here to set a model year limit.
    The space on this site is limited. Therefore, this time the classic models, up to including (all) 9000 in the foreground. Presumably - depending on the rush - not all oldies will immediately find a place.
    Basically, I fully agree: Every Saab is a classic!
    Therefore, every Saab is welcome. Parking space is plentiful around the gas station area. And the "car foam parts" of the Saab models will not be confined to the yard of the large gas station Brandshof.

  • Ah, that's okay

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