Nevs in a strategic cooperation with state grid

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (Nevs) and State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework agreement.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB
National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB

"State Grid has chosen Nevs as a preferred partner for mobility solutions and as a supplier of electric vehicles. State Grid plays a very strategic and operational role in China's transformation to more sustainable solutions, "said Stefan Tilk, Vice Chairman Nevs.

Facts about State Grid

State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) was established as a state-owned enterprise on December 29, 2002. As the largest public service company in the world, SGCC ranked 7th on Fortune Global 500. SGCC constructs and operates power grids as its core business, to provide safer, cleaner, and more economic and sustainable power supply. As a super-large-scale enterprise-owned enterprise, SGCC operates as a group with CNY 200 billion registered capital and 1.87 million employees.

State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary company of State Grid Corporation of China. It was founded by the 2015 with 3 billion registered capital. The company focuses on advancing electric vehicle industry and green development in China.

SGCC official website.

14 thoughts on "Nevs in a strategic cooperation with state grid"

  • What is the content of these cooperations?
    State Grind is an energy supplier ... it might. about the charging infrastructure?

    • For example, but not only. In addition to common infrastructure developments, NEVS is now the preferred supplier of EVs. Not unsettling, the development.

  • blank

    NEVS will probably primarily serve the Asian market with whatever vehicles.
    The former distribution channels of SAAB
    NEVS do not really seem to care, so I do not believe in one
    Rebirth of SAAB under NEVS.
    So I think it's good, too, the NEVS
    can not use the brand name.
    A collaboration with Volvo would be nice
    ne alternative ...

    • blank

      But not for people who are looking for an alternative to a SAAB automobile or suitable successor models with the SAAB logo - Volvo intends to offer a so-called low-cost brand among Volvo vehicles! Do we want to strike there?

      First and foremost, it is about future top vehicles from Trollhättan and only secondarily about the brand name - on a cheap product this would make no sense at all.

  • blank

    Judging by the mega announcements, NEVS 2017 and 18 should go through the roof. So far, however, is missing the finished product, or have I overlooked something? So the skepticism remains. I would be interested in Tom's opinion on the topic?

    • I see it a bit the same way. Lots of great agreements that are de facto worthless and look like show behavior. “Preferred”, ha. The only good news was that NEVS got fresh money so that they could develop the preferred products at all.

      Nevertheless, it remains to note that under Muller, when Antonov's money did not materialize (as it now appears, caused by the Swedish state), Saab did not manage to find new funds and went bankrupt, but NEVS was in a similar situation (this time, however through the Chinese state). Respect!

    • blank

      Indeed, the skepticism remains ...
      If (!) NEVS should be successful in China, then it is still open what NEVS does / plans to do with “the rest of the world” ...
      I only object, continue to drive SAAB!
      Nice spring start to all readers!

  • Who says, should there be a return of the Saab brand, that this must happen under NEVS? Recently, there were reports that Volvo wants to bring a second brand on the market, which should clearly have a Swedish reference. And what is a more Swedish car brand than Saab. But then was denied by Volvo again. But sometimes it is denied and later comes out that there was something to it. The name Saab is still owned by the Saab AB and they decide who they think worthy to use the brand. As has often been stated here, NEVS does not have much to do with Saab and is simply another new company

    • blank

      …… .as has been stated here several times, NEVS no longer has much to do with SAAB …….

      Who has something to do with the SAAB automotive business or would like to build on it? I actually only see NEVS, the company selected by the insolvency administrators years ago - the big-boobed SAAB AB was not able to do this itself decades ago and, in retrospect, had gone completely wrong with the selection of the takeover company (GM)!

      Even if the name were refused in the future, well-made vehicles from Trollhättan would surely find buyers worldwide - assuming good marketing. I am in!

      • I do not mind that NEVS builds well-made vehicles in Trollhättan and they also find a paragraph. I wish the region and the people in and around Trollhättan that it goes up again. But if there is something in Volvo history, then the vehicles would be developed by the company CEVT. CEVT has recently opened an office in Trollhättan. Chief of CEVT is Mats Fägerhag, former development chief of Saab. And who knows, maybe Volvo would have even commissioned to produce in the former hallowed halls of Saab at NEVS.

        • blank

          What the Volvo company will at some point put into practice under Chinese owners, according to its own admission, is not the production of premium vehicles - it is possibly about a series that is less expensive for the consumer than the usual Volvo level.

          This is of no interest as an alternative to SAAB automobiles. So it remains exciting which products come from NEVS itself - because NEVS will, as is well known, produce its own vehicles in addition to the vehicles for the Chinese market.

      • blank

        Saab stands on the factory floor

  • blank

    Runs at Nevs.
    The premium brand for Europe looks feasible ... if there is no shortage of money, Saab AB can still play the diva, we will see “soon”!

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