What is this switch for?

We haven't had a Saab picture puzzle for a long time. Probably every reader knows the answer within 10 seconds and can say which Saab this switch was installed on and what purpose it served? There is also a short preview of topics that we will have on the blog in the coming week.

What is this switch for?
Picture puzzle: What is this switch for?

First, the picture puzzle and the switch. It only existed for a short time, because it fulfills its function only in connection with a never produced in series equipment option. Alright? Or not. I am looking forward to the answers.

What's on the Saab blog next week?

It will be exciting, but of course we will remain consistently politically correct and balanced. We are talking about NEVS and electric cars. As a compensation, we take care of the environmentally friendly preservation of old Swedish cultural heritage. The story of our project saab “Paul” goes into the next round; the shadows of the past catch up with our station wagon.

There is also serious consumer advice on how our readers can save money. We test the Turbo X, the coolest Saab 6-cylinder all-wheel drive of all time, and compare the super sports suspension with the Hirsch Performance alternative. We burn a lot of fuel on behalf of the readers, have fun and save many 100 €.

How this works can be found out in the coming days. Read the blog - and dealing with one of the most interesting car brands in the world will make sense in the new week.

4 thoughts on "What is this switch for?"

  • I immediately remembered that in my old 9-5 I had this switch in it too. Actually, a meaningful thing

  • Hmmmm, I can only imagine that this is the tailgate handle of a station wagon. And since station wagons are very manageable in Saab history, it's definitely not 95, only the 9-5 remains.
    The equipment option could possibly have been a third row of seats against the direction of travel analogous to the 95, if something like that had ever been planned ...


    • That's exactly how it was. Saab wanted to deliver the 9-5 station wagon as an 7-Seater. Early station wagons, like our Paul project, have integrated this switch in the tailgate. The third seat was never there, the switch was dropped later.

  • Of course I do not really know, but I think that this type of switch was designed for unlocking the tailgate, so children of the 3. Bench against the direction of travel itself could get off, or something completely different

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