Saab Turbo X Hirsch Performance Suspension

In the beginning was the spot. A small, inconspicuous spill of oil under the tail of the Turbo X. A handle under the Saab, a feel of the shock absorbers showed the scope of the mishap. Mufflers with automatic level control suffer from incontinence. After 7 years ... or 54.000 kilometers.

Saab Turbo X. Now with Hirsch Performance suspension.
Saab Turbo X. Now with Hirsch Performance suspension.

All this happened in the summer 2015, and there was no replacement at the time. Orio could not deliver, Hirsch either. A conversion to damper without regulation, as a supposed alternative, excludes. The philosophy behind the Super Sport chassis of the Turbo X is designed for permanent level control. If this is missing, the rear hangs, the driving characteristics turn negative.

As a consequence, the Turbo X was temporarily shut down and, after consultation with other TX pilots, ordered a Hirsch Performance suspension. The new edition was already planned in St. Gallen, and during the summer, the alternative suspension was available. Since something always came in between, the Turbo X was only a few months in a dry hall, only in February 2016 we found time for the conversion. The Saab goes on a transporter to Kiel; I do not want to drive myself or the Saab with defective shock absorbers.

A few days later, the time has come. I stand in the yard of the Saab car dealership and look forward to my Turbo X. How does he drive, what's the fun potential? The descriptions of other TX pilots arouse expectations ...

First to the facts. Eibach is the supplier on the chassis, which is a good address for Saab. At the front, the TX is lowered by 1 centimeters, at the rear there is no change. And of course the automatic level control is on board.

The Super Sport suspension of the Turbo X, optionally also available for the Aero, is uncompromisingly designed for high speed. At Tempo 250 the Saab is so full and safe on the road, which can not be said of all Saab suspension. Disadvantage: the pronounced Stuckerneigung. Even slight bumps are enough, the TX hops over the road like a wild Easter bunny.

That does not have to be. The change is already noticeable in inner-city areas; If you are traveling on an unlimited motorway, the difference becomes even more significant. The Hirsch Performance suspension does not completely eliminate the stoop, it reduces it to around 66%. The driving becomes more pleasant, also other peculiarities disappear. In some driving situations, the Turbo X feels slightly at the front axle - in committed driven highway turns, at very high speeds, for example.

That's history now. Is it the front lowering, are it the newly tuned springs? Or the interaction of both factors? The Saab steers more precisely, is fuller on the front axle. The phenomenon of lightness is felt only minimally for sensitive drivers. Likewise, the sway tendency is further reduced.

The Hirsch Performance suspension makes the Turbo X no comfort vehicle. He stays far away and as hard as Saab wanted. Hirsch, however, makes dealing with the TX more pleasant, while the Swiss are improving their sporty qualities and suitability for everyday use in every area. The suspension is unreservedly worth a recommendation.

And where is the disadvantage?

We have learned that every thing has to have a catch. So readers are waiting for the disadvantage now. I have to disappoint her. It does not exist. Not even at the price. The complete suspension currently costs 1.350,00 €. With installation at authorized Saab partner you are completely below 2.000,00 €. Expensive? What…

A rear shock with level control costs at Orio 1.100,00 €. Since you should renew both parts, because number 2 is either broken anyway, or it will be soon, you are at 2.200,00 €. Without installation, with old front dampers, and you keep the standard chassis with its disadvantages.

No question. I am always a friend of "Saab Original". And always an advocate of Orio. Not in this case. The better and cheaper product comes from Switzerland.

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  • 22. March 2016 at 10: 50 AM

    Such a nice vehicle!

    Drive the same Eibach suspension in 9-5 and I'm very satisfied. However, the 9-51 does not like fast cornering, which is definitely a pleasure with the Tx.

    Good day dear Tom and have fun with the super Tx

  • 22. March 2016 at 12: 39 PM

    Beautiful car!
    My favorite along with the 9-4.

  • 22. March 2016 at 2: 30 PM

    Hello, I also have the deer suspension and brakes in my 9 3 2.0T XWD and I'm pretty excited. However, the 9-3 remains an extremely hard spanking and not as supple as the 9-5 Aero (with Koni suspension). By the way, I just had a MapTun Stage 6 tuned in and since then my Saab sky is full of violins again :-).
    Have fun with the first spring excursions ...

  • 22. March 2016 at 9: 32 PM

    Class report. Thank you for your good impressions. Already eagerly waiting for it. I think I have to have the suspension too.
    Do you have 18 "rims Tom?

    • 23. March 2016 at 8: 15 AM

      The suspension is just great ... Yeah, it's 18 "on it with Michelin tires. I'm very satisfied with that!

  • 22. March 2016 at 10: 36 PM

    Gorgeous nice car! Compliment!

  • 22. March 2016 at 11: 41 PM

    Why does one tail a TX from Aschaffenburg to Kiel, if other Saab workshops are nearby?
    Are you not satisfied with them - do not I understand so completely?

    Incidentally, had the same problem last year, a level budget had given up the ghost.
    Quotation from my Saab Service Center was 760 € for one, a difference to the price mentioned here !!
    So I waited a bit until Hirsch was available again.
    You feel and drive the difference!

    • 23. March 2016 at 8: 14 AM

      The prices always refer to list prices and "Original Saab". There are also alternative products for many parts at Orio, which are cheaper in price. The TX went to Kiel by van because more than one car was going north. Another project, which has nothing to do with the TX. But the conditions were ideal to put the TX to.

  • 23. March 2016 at 12: 12 PM

    The Turbo X is a dream car, and always will be! Here in Franconia at Muckelbauer stands once in a while on the farm, and Muckelbauer owns one.

  • 26. March 2016 at 8: 14 PM

    Hello Tom, interesting article. Would the Hirsch suspension also fit for a 9-3X?

    • 26. March 2016 at 8: 21 PM

      TTiD (2010) ie with front-wheel drive.

      • 27. March 2016 at 10: 56 AM

        There are sports springs from Hirsch for TTID and according to the search function also for the 9-3x.

  • 27. March 2016 at 11: 15 AM

    Aha - hello together ... my 9-3 II wagon 10 / 2005 is still not dead despite 400k KM, but I need a new suspension. Fits the above - who has details. In addition, I would once let the engine overhaul - where to go in Bavaria s.besten? Unfortunately, I notice that the SAAB know how slowly dissolves - thanks for a short answer.

    • 27. March 2016 at 1: 09 PM

      At Hirsch there are sports springs that can be combined well with the suspension. Original dampers and springs from Hirsch are a good thing, complete suspension is only available for 2.8 and 2.0 T. Motors can be overhauled, Muckelbauer in Bamberg has done a great job on our 9-3 Aero 2001. Alternatively, there is one Exchange program for engines from Orio. New engines with 3 years warranty, some with significant discounts. A report on the new engines is in progress.

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