Speed ​​and rock'n roll

Tesla has an extreme presence in the media and this is not one of the usual articles about Elon Musk and Model 3. It's about the clash between two cultures and the end of the auto industry, as we knew it before.

Model 3 Sketches. Elon Musk via Twitter
Model 3 Sketches. Elon Musk via Twitter

Tesla Motors is not a car manufacturer in the traditional sense - not in terms of corporate culture. If you want to make comparisons, please go to Apple or Google. Musk comes from the world of IT, the cosmos of short product cycles and high innovation pressure, but also the updates, which are followed by a bug fix 3 hours later. If you had anything in mind when presenting Model 3, it was Apple. Queues in front of the Tesla stores, comparable to Cupertino and a new product, were the benchmark.

The operation was a success, and more than that. What Tesla is celebrating is an end to the auto industry as we know it. Tesla rocks the market, delivers great entertainment. Without a massive budget, but a movement over the web. And no matter what the future of Tesla will look like, whether you fail or win, history has been made by now at the latest.

The lines of people in front of the Tesla stores last week were longer, the numbers more impressive. The first reports, 115.000 pre-orders, or an annual production in 2-shift operation in the Stallbacka factory, were quickly corrected upwards. 180.000, then 198.000, and at the latest now the old Saab factory should have surrendered. The last stand, on Saturday morning: 253.000 pre-orders. Half of Volvo's annual production, reserved in 2 days. Musk's reaction? You have to rethink production planning ...

We have to think about production planning.
We have to think about production planning.

253.000 people have signed, not every pre-order will be a delivery. But, and that's the point, the reservations flush more than a quarter of a billion dollars into the coffers. 253.000 People who can be considered educated and progressive trust a company that is relatively young and not profitable.

So far, you only knew similar things from Ferrari or Porsche. Where well-off, gray-haired men were allowed to subscribe to a limited production in order to make them disappear under the exclusion of the public in air-conditioned underground garages. The automobile infantry could read about it in the newspaper, as a side note of the unreachable. And now? Rock`n Roll.

Tesla is different, in every respect. A closed circuit that carries out everything from production to contact with the customer. Own charging stations, no dealers, only direct sales. No discounts on the vehicles, the list price is binding. The automotive industry will see this with respect and discomfort. Less because of the cars, as some companies closer to Tesla than it seems. More because of redefining the relationship between customer and product.

Saturday. Elon Musk via Twitter
Saturday. Elon Musk via Twitter

Sweden's largest automaker is considered innovative. A speedboat among cruise liners, and yet a rowboat compared to Tesla. It took Volvo 47 hours on September 3 and 4, 2015 to sell 1.927 copies of its XC90 over the Internet. That was considered a success and very brave. Even if many of these vehicles went to “brand ambassadors”. In 47 hours, 232.000 Model 3s were reserved at Tesla, that alone shows the difference.

The view back, and this time into the future. Bloggers back mirror
The view back, and this time into the future. Bloggers back mirror

What happens if Musk keeps his course? We live in a time of planning uncertainty, things can change quickly, forecasts are difficult. One thing is for sure, Musk is already changing an industry. And we do not talk about the electric car.

It's about corporate culture, customer relationships, the cutting off of old braids. Tesla could become Apple 2.0, mobility and brand choice could become more of a mission in itself than ever before. If Musk continues on its way, if it attracts imitators, then we experience the end of innovation refusals and facelifts without added value.

An industry, two speeds, will not work. Cars are becoming computers, product cycles are shrinking, innovations are coming via download. Musk brings speed and rock'n roll. Not everybody likes it. I like that.

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  • Hello SAAB community. I also reserved a model 3. Unfortunately, SAAB has also become history for me. I would have liked to order an electric NEVS (SAAB). But they deliver nothing. Only buy companies and exchange ideas. It would be good to do it….
    @ mac9-5. That's right: no one is interested in oil viscosity and boost pressure. There's nothing in that direction. That's why there are no round instruments in the cockpit. But soon there won't be any more ...
    It's simply the goals that Elon Musk is pursuing with TESLA: Towards emission-free mobility.
    @ Matthias from the Upper Palatinate: And silent. How many people get sick with the continuous load of noise. Listen through the open window! And then imagine, you hear nothing!
    @uli1957: dispensers; The TESLA Supercharger and similar charging stations are so close together in Europe that under 250km range is sufficient to cover very long distances.
    VW boss Müller said "We mustn't leave automobile manufacturing to Silicon Valley."
    Audi Manager Nobody recently said: "Unfortunately, TESLA did everything right strategically."
    BMW CEO Krüger invented NEXT: transporting BMW into the future. His official act: There is a new SUV, the X7, and the M series should have more power.
    All these gentlemen of the gasoline fraction also demand support from the state to set up a charging infrastructure for electric cars.
    Quote http://www.netzfrauen.org/2013/09/12/milliarden-subventionen-fuer-milliardenkonzerne/
    "Robert Bosch GmbH collected 28,87 million euros by April of this year alone,
    Automaker Daimler received 23,8 million euros, and the technology giant Siemens has received so far 22,84 million euros for electric mobility.
    The industrial giant Siemens achieved 2012 annual sales of 96,420 billion dollars.
    The Stuttgart carmaker, according to the latest annual report 136,255 billions of dollars. "
    I think the big car manufacturers cried a bit when they presented the Model 3 on April 1st ...

    • I have to agree with the colleague. In addition, the vehicle can be driven tax-free for 10 years. I too would have liked to buy a Saab (NEVS) again, but unfortunately nothing is possible except hot air. 2 piece in February / March and where is the rest?

    • @ FVK: Congratulations, then we are at some point at least 2 here

  • Tesla now has to "deliver" first - in 2 years we will be smarter. Currently, or for a long time, there is also quite a countermovement towards youngtimers and oldtimers. For a (car) brand it is not enough to be "sexy" in my opinion, there are also people who love the sound of cars, just think of the sound of a Saab 900 Turbo, no Tesla and no other can do that Car offer. I definitely won't sit in a Google or Apple car.

    I don't know whether electric mobility will catch on, I actually see the greatest potential in car sharing - let's see ...

    • Well- as far as the sound is concerned, we can help. At Audi and - listen and be amazed - SKODA RS, the BOSE sound system is a sound generator that emulates robust V8 or V6 sounds. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point you can reload your 900 turbo sound via software (for a small fee, of course ...).
      If it sounds like a vacuum cleaner around the outside, you still have the cozy feeling of the familiar inside - even if it's artificially created. Do you need something like that? That is the wrong question!

  • Simply amazing ... What chances would SAAB have had with an investor who really builds cars?

    • I don't even necessarily think that SAAB / NEVS would have had such “opportunities” even remotely.
      I am partly of the opinion that completely “other” things also play a decisive role.

      An “old” classic car brand or even a Chinese one is somehow not sexy (especially not with Saab's recent past and with the somewhat “quirky” image).
      Even German premium brands would not be able to trigger such a hype in my opinion (I remember: were not there even extra smart stores or similar?).

      But when something hip and "completely new" (technical) comes from Silicon Valley and that is even linked to the "personality cult" (here Musk) that is almost common today, many investors have a looser wallet than classic "boring" ones ( Car) industry.

      And I also think that many "cool" customers are more enthusiastic about such technical stuff these days (if only because MHz, GHz, 17 ″ touchscreen, WLAN, iOS, Android, OS, etc. sometimes say more to them than KW, NM or any viscosity of oils, compression, pressure, etc.).

      I think that many (especially younger ones) have simply changed their view of the car (or general priorities - e.g. away from cars and hi-fi systems, towards tablets / smartphones etc.).

      • Tesla has laboriously earned his status. Musk has 3.69 Mio followers on Twitter, why? Because the communication was consistently focused on information from the beginning, which of course is also advertising, but is not perceived as such. If you compare Musk's tweets with those of a competitor, it becomes obvious. The audience at Tesla is younger, educated, tech-savvy, and more critical. Information is read because they are worth advertising.
        While writing the article, I also asked myself whether NEVS could be successful with a new brand. Instead of pursuing the Saab thoughts ... I'm still looking for the answer.

        • Oops!
          Did that sound too negative in my comment above (about Tesla / Musk)?
          Should not be meant negatively. 🙁

          Personally, I'm not that big a "fan" of Musk and Tesla.
          But at the moment they seem to be doing a lot better than most of the other “competitors”.

          • Did not come across negatively, quite relaxed. Find Tesla exciting because computers are people starting to build cars, and because I've spent (and still do) all my professional life in IT. But I'm not a fan in the true sense. Just drive Saab and I'm happy with it :-).

  • I drove Tesla, was thrilled and applied for the Tesla replacement in place of the lost SAAB future.
    When it became known that there was only (internet) or direct sales and that dealers and workshops were no longer needed - except for changing windshield wipers and brake pads - it was clear to me that NEVs will (have to) do it that way at some point.
    Other makes and customers like SAAB do not exist, so shop densely.

  • Maybe some potential buyers will turn their heads before they order….

    In my view, many problems for a mass-produced electric car are not yet clear, whether ecological or economical. Starting with B as batteries to Z as tapping points for electricity, everything is not yet clear; also the environmental balance of production and electricity production, anything but transparent.

    But it's true, Tesla does a lot of things differently and looks “sexy”. The development will be exciting to watch.

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

  • If the TESLA production capacities are not sufficient (it looks like it now) NEVS can take over part of the production in Sweden or China 😉

  • If NEVS is really geared to Tesla and wants to offer them competition, then slowly something has to be offered.
    Tesla I find very interesting and see some parallels to Saab. Innovative cars and overall slightly different than the mass. I'm curious what's to come, from Trollhausen.

  • Hello Tom, You got it in a nutshell and I can only agree with that. If the Americans do something, then only the result counts, no matter how the whole thing comes about. Here is a factory for batteries in Nevada, where the charging stations are distributed all over Europe and secretly quietly the idea of ​​the Model 3. I drove the model S in Frankfurt before 1 year and before 3 years the roadster on Lotus basis.
    These vehicles have already fascinated me back then
    A great result in the pre-orders, that will change our car culture completely

  • Musk and Tesla are going to burn a lot of money, but Model 3 is the way to profitability. The fact that Musk answers questions via twitter is the sympathetic trait of a new culture. Tesla is closer to me than the extremely closed company in Sweden, which does not communicate at all.

  • Tesla is just the beginning. Apple and Google are coming soon. Then it's just a matter of time before Samsung and Co. will bring vehicles. What makes conventional cars (engines and engine-gearbox combinations, powertrains, etc) is waste. What will distinguish a Mercedes / BMW / Audi technically from the rest of the manufacturers in the future? Nothing. And that is precisely why the traditional automotive industry is extremely vulnerable. Brands become interchangeable. And worse: we Germans live extremely from this industry. I can only say: WAKE UP !!!

  • Wow,

    this article (thanks for that) encourages. Very exciting, all that.
    And exciting ...

    And that in at least two ways. On the one hand, I have nothing against cutting off old braids and absolutely nothing against a revolution * in the automotive industry ...

    On the other hand, I'm just in the face of matching Apple comparisons the horror. What do I have as an end customer of exorbitant profits that a company achieves secondarily through technical innovations? Of profits that are based primarily on power consciousness, direct sales, low production costs and well-calculated obsolescence?

    Just what Blogger's daily Delight is, the friendly dealer and service around one corner or the other, personal contact, commitment and helpfulness, is something that a world of power-conscious monopolists (or at least dominators) like Amazone, Tim Cook, Google and Tesla will have little or no space.

    And still I will continue to use Apple and buy and maybe even a Tesla?

    * (a real and not the one who copywriters and marketing chiefs return year after year to their stale new releases due to changes in design and minutest technical steps to and in the flyers)

    • That's how it is with the moving computers. I depend on the dealers, the Saab culture, and will drive Saab as long as possible and maintain the vehicles. Musk is still doing everything right, times are changing. As you write, it's like Apple. It annoys about closed systems and still has (currently) two MacBooks on the desk. Why? Because they are efficient tools.

      • I would wish that there will be at least a counter-concept in the future as well.

        Just as a SAAB 9000 AERO of its time was a counter-concept to the rest of the upper class, which was traveling with at least 6, mostly 8 and sometimes 12 cylinders.

        No idea what a counter-concept within individual e-mobility should look like, but before the 9000, few people had any idea what an innovative and energy-efficient alternative to baroque sedans could or should look like.

        A possible catchword, which suits 9000 well, is simplicity.

        In terms of e-mobility, it could mean building no moving computers or Internet devices at all, but real e-cars whose software and user interfaces are designed and reduced to a driving experience.

  • I think that Tesla will be interesting for a few years.

    When the current hype (and almost "free ticket") about Musk and Tesla subsides and Tesla is no longer allowed to "burn" money without restrictions, but has to act economically and possibly even profitably (like most long-established large corporations) .

    But I already believe that Tesla currently shows new ways (especially sales / sales / marketing / etc.) And prepares.

    • The challenge is big, in every sense. Whether Tesla grabs this will be a very exciting story. Musk 276.000 is currently announcing reservations.

  • Musk awakens the industry! Was not there anything Chinese about Troll Town and electric cars?

  • Take a deep breath and be open

  • Just like the Tesla Model 3, I would have liked my next SAAB, whether electric, hybrid or combustion engine!

    • Is (unfortunately) so. Interesting that Tesla chose a conventional shape and not an MPV ...

      • Thank you! Interesting article. I suspect that with the MPV is simply because of physical reasons, a reasonably reasonable range in the cost can be achieved only with extremely low air resistance. The model 3 seems to come within the range of 0.2 and will certainly not be higher than an Audi A4. That's the only way it works.

        • The value is (unconfirmed) at 0,21. For a while Tesla was playing with the idea of ​​dressing the rear wheels, similar to some Citroen's, to glide through the wind more efficiently.

          • which I would find really cool. For me, a car does not have to work visibly. I also find open rims, through which one sees the brakes, stupid. Am I Tuning Proll? Unfortunately, there are no others.

            And apparently no grille anymore. I've already found the trend for bigger and bigger coolers in recent years. Since I have to pay then for the few Hansels, who drive a twelve-cylinder and need the cooling, with increased fuel consumption (keyword air brake). That the Model S still had a dummy, quite strange. Again Tuning Proll stuff.

            • I would have thought cool too ... Maybe because I'm nostalgic and afterwards mourn cars like DS and CX. Maybe also because I found the solutions to be very intelligent (back then). Model 3 should not have a cockpit, just a screen. I find it exciting 😉

  • You bring it to the point again, Tom - thanks for your assessment!

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