Godparents for Paul

Slowly getting serious. Paul, our project team from 2016, was at the painter. Now the last work is being tackled, the friendly man from TÜV is allowed to express his opinion, then after a long break the 9-5 will finally be allowed to take asphalt under the tires again.

Paul our projectaab 2016
Paul our projectaab 2016

In the meantime, we weren't idle. We will bring the Saab 9-5 station wagon from the far north to the Rhein-Main area in around 14 days, where it will then be glued. The key word here is “striking”! We want our 9-5 to draw attention to the brand.

Saabs are rare on our roads; The brand is more than ever under the perimeter of perception. But we are still there, still. Even though there have been no new cars since 5, so fast or maybe never will be, we hold the flag hard on the wind.

Probably many people will consciously perceive a Saab with Paul for the first time in the next few months, when our station wagon appears in traffic. The stickers will ensure that with many “godfather stickers” that the small brand is very lively. We have that Car dealership Lafrentz as supporters of our project, we have Skandix, Their help is fantastic, without both companies we would hardly bring Paul on the street. But only two stickers would be a little bit.

We have been in demand from blog supporters and traders and have been able to win some more godparents for Paul. Saab Service Frankfurt, Auto Roth GmbH in Stuttgart / Leinfelden, Stephan Individual and Saab Service Gaworski. In addition, Mark and I are particularly pleased, the Mobilforum Dresden is back in the blog environment and is committed to our project.

It is clear that Paul will stand out from the crowd. If only because he is a Saab, and because Saabs are just rare. With its Saab stickers, readers will experience the campaign on the blog, it will be an eye catcher. But not just because of that. When it comes to the choice of rims, too, we are taking extraordinary approaches. We stick to “Saab Original”, but interpret it generously.

We also have other ideas on how we will document Paul's “life” in the coming months. Very individual and exciting, and also a bit analog, it will continue in the coming days.

Sequel follows…

8 thoughts on "Godparents for Paul"

  • I'm happy about every SAAB that crosses mine. Luckily, they are sown a bit more densely in Switzerland. The joy is great, as motorcycle or truck driver is greeted.

  • Great idea, I'm already looking forward to the “Saabsichtung”! - The Saabs still seem very popular. Two colleagues bought a 9-3. So there are now six Saab represented in our office! - Tom, please send me the donation account details.

  • I have a premonition about the rims ...

    • For once you are on the wrong track

  • "Kissed awake" in February and already made an appointment at TÜV! All attention!!! 🙂
    Class tight completion of the necessary work.
    Also a “test drive” ... including a donation. 🙂

  • Everything sounds very good. Will you have the opportunity to go for a ride with Paul?

    • Our idea is to drive reader Paul (and write about it). However, we have to clarify that with the insurance company, the deadline is still up.

      • Cool! You could still put a donation pot in the trunk to get the costs in or donate it for a good cause?

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