Plant in Trollhättan will produce again ...

The blog headquarters is located near Frankfurt am Main. Far from Trollhättan, Beijing or Tianjin ... which is unfortunate because we would like to be closer to some events. The past few days have been revealing in Sweden. Kai Johan Jiang and Mikael Kubu attended a symposium in Stockholm. Dagens Nyheter magazine previously visited the plant and had long discussions with CEO Mattias Bergman.

DN at Saab's Trollhattan plant with NEVS CEO Bergman. Photo Credit: Dagens Nyheter
DN at Saab's Trollhattan plant with NEVS CEO Bergman. Photo Credit: Dagens Nyheter

The resulting, extensive and positive article is for all people with Swedish language skills DN read. For readers in the German-speaking world, there is the summary of the most interesting statements, the rest of the world must learn one of the two languages ​​or make friends with Google's Translator.

Error admitted

NEVS has made mistakes in the past, one of which was the start of production in December 2013. Looking back, Bergman would have waited even better for 8 or 9 months. At that time not all suppliers were ready, components became more expensive than expected, some partners could not produce the necessary quantities. But our owners wanted to show something, says Bergman. He refers to the (botched) entry of Quingdao, which was linked to blog information with the condition of an ongoing production.

When the funds failed to materialize, the reconstruction for NEVS was inevitably only a few weeks away.

China more influential than before

After the reconstruction process, the Chinese influence grew. NEVS has acquired additional shareholders with Tianjin and the technology company SRIT. The entry of SRIT, State Research Information Technology Co., was made at the suggestion of the central government in Beijing. All negotiations are via central administration, NEVS has outgrown the provincial level.

That, as a comment, shows the importance of NEVS for the realization of the national electric car offensive.

Beijing, says Bergman, believes in NEVS and the electric car. 2012 was first sold to 6.000 EV's in China. 2015 already 200.000, for this year 700.000 units are forecasted.

Production in Tianjin from May 2017.

A request from the administration in Beijing, Bergman continues, is the production on site. The plant in Tianjin will start production in May 2017. The launch in China will have an impact on the plant in Trollhättan. NEVS is currently hiring around 50 new employees per month, preferably for research and development. In addition, some 100 production staff will be recruited during the summer to revive the old Saab plant and produce bodies for the EV. Later, 4 will produce completely new models in the Stallbacka.

Biggest challenge of the last 50 years.

The demands on mobility are changing. A new generation of buyers is demanding more connectivity in the car. The question of property needs to be redefined. Car sharing and solutions like Uber are already an issue today. Car manufacturers are experimenting to meet the demands of coming generations. Tianjin, where the new plant is being built, sees itself as a laboratory for new and sustainable mobility solutions, Mattias Bergman told DN.

Shareholder SRIT and Partner Teamsun allow NEVS to access a pool of 10.000 software engineers. IT, data, software are the raw material of the future and are becoming increasingly important for future vehicle generations.

Saab is coming back ...

The question is inevitable, Bergman does not answer the question. One is again in dialogue with Saab AB. He doesn't want to say how far you are.

He goes on to say: One of Sweden's most important industrial projects is running in Trollhättan. The aim is to find a long-term solution in the area of ​​brand names. But a brand consists of more than just letters. A brand represents what the company stands for. The topic will be clarified in good time before NEVS bring products onto the market.

Bergman spent a lot of time with DN. Even the most difficult issues, such as the mistakes of yesteryear and the Chinese influence, came up. A few days later, Kai Johan Jiang attended a symposium in the Swedish capital and spoke about corporate governance in difficult times. New qualities at NEVS and a seriousness that I have missed in the past for long periods.

NEVS collects sympathy points and the tingling returns too. The long-sought in vain tension on what's to come can be felt again, and the good old Saab factory could awaken to new life in autumn. Which brings us to the most difficult of all topics. The Saab brand name. There are thoughts on my part. Tomorrow on the blog.

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  • Right Peter! Saab builds aircraft and for the armaments industry and no more cars. Scania with trucks and buses has also been out for a long time.

  • It is exactly like that! Also my opinion!

  • Nevs has fooled the Saab community for too long, they just don't deserve to wear the Saab name.

  • Perhaps it is really better if Saab remains history than being devalued as a brand in the long term by Far Eastern influences. That's my fear!

  • Military is different from politics. For the most part, the military determines what politics should do to ensure that its war machine (here airplanes) continues to be built under the name of a Swedish company. Or do you think that buy abroad models such as the Starfighter, Eurofighter or the Phantoms? I do not think so. As the name Saab of this company is likely to remain in the hands of the Swedish state and continue to buy their aircraft. Or do you think the name Volvo would have disappeared, just because the car division to Geely went to China by a majority? Volvo also builds buses, trucks and construction equipment and exports it worldwide.

  • Am I also of the opinion of the involvement of state governments, and especially if it is a Chinese, dictatorial, pseudo-communist government. Since we have seen what happens when you fall out of favor with these gentlemen. But the statement of Mr. Bergmann, that a brand consists of more than letters, I interpret so that one gets even with NEVS slowly doubt whether what happens in Trollhättan NEVS and the way they want to go at all still something with the name Saab has to do and if you need this name at all for their project or maybe it would not be better for the new company, the new products and the new path you have taken to make a new name yourself. My Opinion: Saab builds planes and armor technology and no cars anymore. NEVS wants to build cars that have almost no relation to the cars that Saab has made. Why should these cars from NEVS then be called Saab? Since Tesla was smarter and has given a name and secured and now made a name that is clearly immediately assigned something electrical. Also in the US there would have been enough choice of decommissioned car brands as one could have called the child.

  • Tom, look forward to what will be published on the blog today. But this post on Sunday tastes good.

  • Yes, but first of all it is well known and secondly, what should that tell us?

    If National Electric Vehicle Sweden were to create Swedish jobs in significant numbers and indeed high-quality products, politicians might want to decorate them.

    The fact that the state has a say in the matter could - depending on what NEVS creates - speak for or against the use of the brand name, or not?

  • THANK YOU, Tom for this up to date information.
    Yes, that's also why I read the blog! It tingles with the SAAB info ... 🙂
    As for NEVS, I'm waiting. It does not tingle on NEVS.
    In general, I reject firmic constructs with maximum (and totalitarian) state participation.

  • First, see what comes out of it superficially.
    The topic of new inivations
    Nothing is new in terms of future mobility - that's what you hear from the others
    Unfortunately, not even a little insight into the future design was
    shown and whether the vehicles can keep up with the quality of the European cars is also the question.
    For me, that's just the usual blabla ...

  • Second chance? You never had one and you won't get one - at least not when it comes to cars under the brand name SAAB….

  • Good news on Sunday and NEVS takes the second chance, keep it up!

  • What do Grundig, Blaupunkt, Dual and AEG have in common with Saab? - The informed reader already suspects what I'm getting at: All of the companies mentioned were long ago strong brands that stood for quality and design. Today, thanks to the influence of the Far East, they are just a mere shell, which, if packaged cheaply, tries to subvert poor quality to uncritical consumers. A traditional brand name only serves as a seal of supposed quality that, on closer inspection and at the latest when used for a long time, turns out to be inferior through and through. Unfortunately. I have the greatest understanding for the owners of the Saab trademark rights that they are still hesitant to reassign them ...

  • The prospects give hope, even what NEVS is currently doing starts to please me. But I think that personal vehicle ownership will continue in the future. Especially in special vehicle classes, while pure utility vehicles will probably mutate into mobility solutions.
    The old treasures, as we like them, always find lovers, we continue to care for them and write about them!

  • Thanks for the words! Mark and I are careful to keep the topics balanced, and we are happy if the blog is fun! We are grateful for any support, Mail is on the way!

  • Things are getting better, that's really good. Especially for Trollhattan!

  • Hello Tom, those are good prospects, on an otherwise dull day. Personally, the expected mobility entitlements, including car sharing, will presumably no longer be negotiable. The future generations of buyers in the metropolises of the world think differently here and probably must. Parking areas are becoming scarcer, and there are no running costs after the vehicle has been delivered. As I said, nothing for me, but these developments will be unstoppable. An emotional attachment to a vehicle or to a specific vehicle brand may be difficult to build in the future. Our species is therefore likely to be an obsolete model. That is why we should best enjoy our well-maintained and cherished vehicles and our community. A Saab car sharing computer EV will not be able to transport this. I'm still looking forward to your sequel.

  • I already wrote it in a car forum: The name SAAB also stands for military, namely for fighter planes and the Swedish state has a say in this ...
    Saab was and is a developer and manufacturer of aircraft. It is not for nothing that some models have an additional name such as Viggen….

  • hello Tom, since about 1 / 2 year I read your / your Saabblog, which is always very interesting
    is written. Thanks a lot for this. I myself am Saabfan since 1985 and have mine
    whole family (wife and 2 children) equipped with Saabs, also great favor
    to have on the vehicles. In 3 years, 2 from the 4 Saabs are classic cars.
    Except the rust problem and the leakage of steering gears (now 5 pcs.)
    I have no performance on my Saab 900 turbo at over 500.000 km mileage
    had bigger problem. Engine, transmission, even shock absorber are still in the
    Original and only once the clutch disc changed at 400.000 km. Where is this available
    otherwise with another vehicle?
    Give me your account number, so I can support you.
    Greetings from Heidelberg

  • Very interesting. Nice Tom, that you inform us so up to date. I think we all always burn on such information. It certainly sounds better than a year ago.
    Have a beautiful Sunday

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