900 subscribers!

On the 26. February 2015 we were able to welcome, after about 4 years of blog work, 500 subscribers. Enormous, and a milestone in development. It will not be much more than that was my thought then. The facts are against, the brand Saab in retreat. And I was completely wrong!

Saab Blog: 900 subscribers
Saab Blog: 900 subscribers

Just over a year has passed since then and yesterday we already counted more than 900 readers who subscribed to the blog as a regular reading. We have not doubled within a year, but increased reasonably. A phenomenon for which there is no clear explanation.

The formerly lively international Saab blog scene has lost a lot of its substance in the last few months. Quite a few blogs write only very irregularly, others seem to be disappearing. Saabblog.net has been almost exclusively German for a few weeks, and Germany has never been a home game for Saab. As in recent years, topics are still difficult to find, blogging is demanding work. All of this speaks against a positive development - actually.

Nevertheless, we have more visitors, more subscribers. That does not really fit together and may be a typical Saabian phenomenon. Of the lunatic factorto say it with the late Rolf Bleeker. I do not think another explanation.

Anyway. Mark and I are proud of so many readers and trust in the blog. We are happy and say thank you! Of course, we continue to deliver a colorful mix of topics. The rest of the week remains worth reading. Tomorrow there will be a short Saab test report and on Friday ... Hmm, it will be exciting.

Yes, there is a little tension, again. We show what most likely no reader has seen before. Exclusive, and of course it has to do with Saab.

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    And the 900 are just the subscribers. There are all those who, like me, simply don't look in every day without a reminder email ...


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    My first Saab was probably the last 99er with 2.0l Turbo. After that came 1985 900 Turbo 5Türer with 5Gang. The car was stolen with about 800.000km (original engine, third charger) on the clock in Spain. Seriously, I cried.

    Saab is not just a car, it's philosophy. Nice were neither the 99 or the 900, but I have experienced the things as honest cars that were almost unbreakable with a little and regular care. Currently I drive with 3 wheels (Suzuki-Trike), but I'm fondling with an 900II or 9-3.

    I discovered the blog here only a few days ago and registered immediately.
    You are doing a really good job and I'm almost in love with the 9-5 station wagon, which you can put back on the road with a lot of effort. Can I really enjoy it?

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      We are glad that Kombi Paul likes it. We originally wanted to get him from the North this weekend, the plan is being postponed for a few days due to scheduling reasons. But the contdown is running!

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    The mix is ​​perfect. Old, new, the look beyond the box. If electric cars are added, there is something for everyone. Big past, maybe big future? I'll keep my fingers crossed for SAAB and the blog!

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    Many thanks and congratulations to you! A two day without Saabblog is really strange ... something is missing! So please don't do another campaign like last year! 🙂
    Looking forward to the next reports and everything else with the brand and you!
    Ciao Alex

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    Without the saabblog, Saab would only be half as nice! Thanks and keep it up.

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    ... can also be due to the fact that I have the address of every (!) Parked SAAB https://www.saabblog.net behind the windshield wiper ... 😉 😉
    Yesterday the exception: addressed a driver (🙂) of an Aero Cabrio at a red light ...
    Quote from the lady: oh how beautiful! My husband is the SAAB freak !!!
    There may still be "potential" ...

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      This is true Saab spirit! Thank you!

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    Congratulations from my side too! I've been there for some time as No. 200 ... but the tension on the mailbox has remained over time! This is your merit !!! A day without SAAB ... because SAAB is missing! Great,
    how you search and occupy topics,
    Pushes projects (PAUL
    and keep us users up to date. I have never been better informed about SAAB !!!
    Many thanks!
    THANKS also to the (tolerating) families in the background ..., not a matter of course !!!
    I look forward to continuing the success story SAAB blog. net!
    Sunny greetings!

    PS: and subscribers 1000 get PAUL for 1 week to use ... 😉

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      A nice idea! Let's wait for the 1000!

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    It is your own fault. You write entertaining, fluid and conclusive. So much editorial work wishes some free newspaper. Keep it up!
    And I'm sure that I'm not the only 'non-German' here 🙂

    Congratulations and best regards from Switzerland

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    Just good work!

    It's fun to read the articles and comments.



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    the addition does not surprise me, here is still sprayed SAAB-Esprit, which you can not say in contrast to relevant forums unfortunately.
    Here is something for every Saabist, whether 2 or 4 clock, old or new. Keep it up.

    Sunny greetings


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    I fully agree with the previous speakers and say thank you and congratulations. The blog was for me the trigger after a year of Saab abstinence to turn back to the brand and the community. Without you, that would definitely not have happened.

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    I join the ranks and say congratulations! The blog breathes Scandinavian freshness and also some lovable peculiarities and although I subscribe more to 900 steep schnauzers, I am always happy in Real Life, when I see a Saab, for example, the chrome glasses. Paul did it to me, that would be another model that I could approve of when the Xbox 944 becomes a classic car in 5 years
    And although with some GM genes missed, but still breathing much more Saab than Opel.

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    This is definitely your merit! Congratulations!

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    Congratulations and thank you !!

    I enjoy reading your posts and I am sure that your blogg contributes a lot to the fascination of our brand and to the unusual sense of community of all Saab drivers.

    Whether other brands have something like that?

    There is a lot of work and effort in such a blog, but my greatest respect.

    Please keep it up !!


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        Unfortunately, my wording is not entirely correct. It should be "German-speaking" in the text. Please excuse, nobody should feel excluded! Saab passion knows no limits!

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    A phenomenon for which there is no clear explanation? I have not been there too long, but when I see how much you are passionate about it, finding new topics around old Saabs and new NEVS, pervading entire projects with vehicles, then all I can say is mine greatest RESPECT!

    The blog is very entertaining, very up to date and I am always happy about news. Of course, some contributions are more important to me, others I note (which are certainly interesting for others). It needs people like you who write regularly and with pleasure. And since every contribution also needs research and images, that's a lot of work!

    Thank you very much for all your work! You make a significant contribution to my fascination for Saab ...

    Best regards, Patrick

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