Before the big jump. NEVS in China

I have no idea how the readers are doing, but I am an eye person. Reading is good, seeing is better. And seeing helps me to build trust, which can only be surpassed by something that can be haptically experienced. There have been a lot of press releases from NEVS in the last few months. Cooperations, agreements, considerable numbers of electric cars ordered.

NEVS HQ ​​Beijing
NEVS HQ ​​Beijing

Theory, because I would have liked to see something. The new headquarters in Beijing as an example, of which there were only a few detailed pictures in the Swedish press. I suspect our readers would have liked to see that too, and that's why we're showing the new National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB building in Beijing today. Held in a style that, according to the local understanding, should symbolize a connection to nature, sustainability and Swedish origins.

Note the little, in faluröd kept gatekeeper house, without which it does not go in China. NEVS stands out from the crowd with this architecture and wants it too. Sustainable mobility to find solutions for the pollution-prone megacities in China, the Swedish company wants to stand with Chinese shareholders. While the strategies are being drafted in Beijing, the first new plant outside of Sweden is being built in Tianjin. A complete factory with development department, the first sections of which are scheduled to go into operation in May 2017.

In the office in Tianjiin hangs on the wall of the Ren GladjeOr Pure joyNEVS 'well-known slogan in Chinese characters, where European and local employees work on setting up the factory and preparing the production.

NEVS beats BYD ...

China is big, but the NEVS - Saab story is not ignored. Chinese media reports, and this Website Wondering who this unknown, mysterious company is, which already has more orders without production than market leader BYD sells electric cars?

NEVS 'plans are ambitious - even by Chinese standards, because the plant is expected to deliver 200.000 electric cars to the domestic market each year after completion. In China, one wonders whether the vehicles will leave the assembly lines in European quality. The processing is the sore point of the national producers, at NEVS the Swedish trump card, the long experience of the former Saab employees could stand out. The processing of the 2014 Saab 9-3 NEVS vehicles was beyond any doubt.

There is also movement at New Long Ma, the manufacturer of small electric cars and vans. NEVS and SRIT shareholder together hold 65% of the shares. In China you can read that 12 new models, electric cars as MPVs, SUVs, small cars and microcars will come onto the market in the next 4 years. NEVS is no longer a purely Swedish matter. The company is about to take a big leap. With or without a Saab, we'll see.

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    the Chinese have already tried the “big jump” thing. His time with little success. ... well since that was a long time ago and today China is set up completely differently. I am excited!

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    I am curious to see whether it will eventually come to the point where I really want to call a “Scandinavian” car my own, or whether after all this time of hope and fear we will face a major disappointment. Either way, we have a great blog, a great community and beautiful cars that we will have to take care of more and more. Even if my heart will mourn for one or the other diesel at the thought of the "blue sticker", which I fear will soon no longer be driven.

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    That would be the height of impudence !!
    Info about NEVS very promising.
    Have a nice weekend with our "old" Saabs.
    We drive to Holzweissig for Saabtreffen

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    ... architecturally - according to the pictures here - NEVS has somehow managed to mix “Scandinavia” and “Asia” with the headquarters.

    The caretaker's house looks a bit “out of place” or “strange”, but the idea behind it becomes clear (and it's so nice).

    I'm looking forward to the next months / 1-2 years at NEVS.
    I never thought so a while ago.

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      Not only you. Things seem to change, it gets really exciting!

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    We will see (?), Read (!) 🙂 and hear ... (???).
    I'll hold it until May 2017!

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