Cosmetics for the Saab 9-3 Aero

From November to the beginning of April he hibernates in a dry hall. During this time, the withdrawal symptoms are on the rise, and the closer April comes, the more often I visit him. There was not much to do last winter; Since we upgraded our 2001 Saab 9-3 Aero with a Steering Rack Clamp and Subframe, it's going the way we would expect it to be from a Saab Turbo.

Saab 9 3 Aero 2001
Saab 9 3 Aero 2001

So there was time for cosmetic little things that are not absolutely necessary, but which are fun and make the handling of the 9-3 more pleasant.

The Saab door handle problem ...

Already noticed that pulls the door handle thing through the Saab model history? The pull handle in the interior was often a problem and did not match the price range and quality of the vehicles. It started with the Saab 900, which was originally a Saab 99. The door handle was designed in the 60 years and then survived 25 years in the high-priced and high-performance car to the 90er - although he would have fit better in the end better in a Lada. Saab took the 900 II and 9-3 I as a role model. Poor fit, insufficiently deburred, not matching the rest of the vehicle, which in the Aero versions carries real leather as a door trim - but a cheap door handle.

The Saab 9-3 II did not get better. It remained cheap and careless. It was different. In the Saab 9000, in the 9-5, with the exception of the chrome frame. Once again, Saab reactivated a supplier in the former CIS states and was able to call on proven Soviet quality.

Why was that? Not comprehensible, because normally one had a knack for good design. The handles are a constant nuisance that can be solved. In winter, the upper shells of the door handles of the Saab 9-3 Aero were re-purchased from the saddler. The result is perfect, the grips are now well in the hand. Apart from the still existing tolerances, the 9-3 finally has the handles it deserves. It only took 15 years ...

And because the result is so convincing, we wonder if it would not be possible to have a small run of leather door handles produced for 900 II and 9-3 I. In cooperation with a partner who would take over distribution, because the blog is just a blog. No parts dealer. Updates on this topic follow.

Saab door sills for the 9-3 I

The Orio AB has parts in stock that we suspect nothing; the sill protection for the Saab 900 II and 9-3 I is included. The sill of our Eros had an ugly flaw on the driver's side, which was professionally eliminated in the winter. In order to protect the sheet in the future, we have resorted to protective strips from the range of accessories.

The plastic strips are still available, and although they are in stock for many years in Nyköping, they are still adhesive. Amazing ! The result pleases, the bars look good, the sill has its protection for years to come.

With the article number 400 105 532 always comes a set that consists of 4 parts. It is suitable for coupe, sedan and convertible, an adhesive instruction is enclosed. The pricing in the market is very different, the Saab partner called the current price.

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  • Interesting, thanks Tom.
    Really good that you are talking about the possibilities to use "unexpected" accessories & spare parts, in part for little money, effectively and value & Freudesteig.
    Did you describe the measures for your 9-3 somewhere? I have also on the youngtimer side only a short article and model description, but no real details (what you can do, such as in your article here, found.
    Thank you

    • There have been several articles about 9-3 Aero, he has been 4 years with us. The stories are on our Youngtimer blog, which we still keep online, but currently do not feed with new articles.

      Here is an article about Hirsch LLK.
      The "Steering - Rack - Clamp"
      New glasses for the headlights.
      Again cosmetics for the 9-3.
      The subframe.
      Work on the body and rust protection.
      The engine overhaul.

  • For the door handles please do not forget the "chrome glasses"! Would be glad if I did not have to annoy me over the lousy feel and look of my door handle ...

  • A dream of a Saab 9-3 I Aero. He is in good hands with you !!! All the better, if such parts are still available at Orio AB and hopefully for quite a long time.

  • Cool. Did you happen to come across it (protective strip)? I also often wonder what else is left for the 9-5 on original accessories in Sweden. Would be great if there were again such an accessory action ...

    • Pure coincidence. I suppose in Nyköping there are many more delicious things. You have to go through the corridors ...

      • Yes…. unless they have stored the articles after the Amazon system

  • I think I ask the suspension measures in Bamberg. I want to try for years ... In any case, a nice car, the silver!

  • A beautiful SAAB, timeless and elegant. Nice that he is in such good hands!

  • Great idea with the leather door handle! I'm looking for quite some time the leather door panels of the Aero (believe in 93 SE from 2002 they were also series) to retrofit my 93 SE 2001 convertible. I could not find these with the usual offerers. Does anyone have a tip?

  • So on leather door handles, I would be very interested. If possible, they should also be available in beige. The original wooden insert on my 9-3 I Limited Edition Convertible has suffered a bit over the years. I think the dark wood does not really fit well with the light leather interior. Has anyone ever tried to swap the wood for a light leather from the saddler?

  • Of course I meant: A dream of a Saab 9-3 Aero !!!

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