Analog is great and Godparents for Paul (reload)

The good news right at the beginning: Paul, our project subscription for 2016, is ready for the road. In Kiel, the last little work was done and the man from the TÜV finds Paul also good. The bad news: Project Paul and my diary are extremely incompatible, the 9-5 continues to park in the north.

Logbook for Paul. We work on it.
Logbook for Paul. We work on it.

But the Saab Center Kiel would not be what it is if it wasn't already working on a solution to bring Paul to Frankfurt. In the coming days it will be time, the Swedish station wagon will land at the blog headquarters.

Likewise, the outstanding invoice for clutch, rims, inspection and about a million small things. Since Paul is a project for the community and a good cause, it should remain affordable, we were promised. Let's see what comes, it is already clear that our Saab would never have been reborn without the Lafrentz family and other supporters.

Paul is analog

Of course we are not without ideas and use the time until Paul arrives. In the coming months you will be able to experience the Saab 9-5 station wagon on the web and also at events. In addition, we use analog tools. The Saab gets a very specific logbook with VIN, and all events are recorded very analogously with an instant camera. 30 pages want to be filled. After the end of the project, the future owner will receive a vehicle with Paul and his logbook with a special history.

The analog Saab 9-5 log book is currently being produced by our print shop, especially for our project. We show the first pictures of the “Making of…” here.

Godparents for Paul (reload)

The first appointment for Paul is already set. He will drive shortly after his arrival and after a first photo session. Remarkably discreet, as it corresponds to the brand. godfatherwho support the project have a first-class advertising medium for months. With mobile Plus we can welcome another godparent. The company is not unknown to Saab drivers, it offers aftermarket and retrofit solutions in the field Navigate for the Saab 9-3. Welcome on board!

All sponsors and supporters will get a visit from Paul and the bloggers in the summer; Companies wishing to join the sponsor club at the last minute now have the last chance. In the next Paul report we will then present our refurbished and newly brought to life station wagon. Hopefully ! And the before and after comparison will be very exciting!

6 thoughts on "Analog is great and Godparents for Paul (reload)"

  • It is nice that there are godparents for Paul, who support the project as much as possible. Actually, there should be more possible, especially in the classic area which will be the business of the future for all SAABians. I miss the commitment of Orio, who apparently does not join Paul?

  • Congratulation! PAUL “lives” and that is good news! Great idea from the blog. Also good the idea for what PAUL was “reanimated”. Now it's time to show PAUL and enjoy! 🙂
    But: Quote: Let's see what's coming, it is already clear that without the family Lafrentz and other supporters would never come to the rebirth of our Saabs.
    I hope there is a “final invoice” so that it becomes clear how much € can / must / may flow into such an idea ... I'm curious!
    A good weekend can begin!

    • The cost of the installation comes in any case. Just as it costs to prove good taste and to move an individual combination in everyday life. Mark and I are just as excited about the numbers, and how it evolves. A good start to the week!

  • I'm really looking forward to PAUL

  • Dear Tom I am very excited! Great project!

  • Great that the blog has always such brilliant ideas. That keeps SAAB alive. I am looking forward to Paul!

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