How the Saab fever caught me ...

When the 9-3 estate car came onto the market, I always said to my colleague: “This is just a nice car”. Looked at, tested, but never really decided to buy one. I was even invited to a Saab driving training session with my colleague.

2 x Saab Turbo X
2 x Saab Turbo X

Simply great ... The dear representative of the Saab workshop really tried to sell. However, the spark didn't really jump. The dealer said that such a vehicle with this performance should be had.

Small note in between, I only drove Audi until this moment. I had all Audis over the first Rs4 (V6) up to the V8, over the S6, and RS 6 ... So the argument performance didn't work. The definitive rejection came with the reason: No vehicle without all-wheel drive, because I don't live in the quietest of snow conditions.

So the years passed without Saab ...

The Saab 9-3 II was presented. Wow, what a car, I thought to myself…. All-wheel drive? The Saab dealer's no came. Okay, then just continue without Saab. I lost the thread to the Saab's a little because I had actually locked it. With the thought that there would never be a four-wheel drive.

In the middle of 2011, my colleague, who drove a Saab 4-5 since 9-5 years, came to me and said he had seen a Saab 9-3 II. 2.8 with full deer execution. Whether we go to look at him. Well logo and go. No long thing, dream car, top condition, service minded. Small negotiation, bought.

Every day I saw him with this car ... .. man I want too. But the four-wheel drive is missing, I thought ...

My wife and I went to Singapore, New Zealand for three months three or four months later. So I sold my Audi to look a new one after the vacation…. In New Zealand with the camper, those places, sights. Dreamlike! There was a Turbo X on a parking lot in Aukland! I looked at him and thought he was just awesome with the rhombic tubes….

The owner of the Turbo X just got back to the vehicle. We talked about the TX and came across the topic of four-wheel drive. I stood there paralyzed! What, is that a four-wheel drive?

Look under the car! Fact…. it is one!

Now it was clear. Holiday finished, arrived in Switzerland, I MUST have a TX.

During the holidays I googled a lot about the TX and XWD. No matter whether the rear axles cause problems, my decision is made ...

Landing in Switzerland and the next day on car search. Of course, I have previously informed me, where a TX is offered.

Unfortunately only two of them in all of Switzerland. Next morning and off ... 2 hours drive to my first TX. The dealer very friendly, the car washed clean, and shiny ready for sale. Price negotiation excellent and almost sealed, just a test drive ... ..

For heaven's sake!!! What's up with this TX! Turn, gas and the clacking, crackling not to be missed! No, must not be true, the rear axle is broken. I close to tears. I offered the dealer that I would take it as it stands and that he would just have to pay 3000 SFR from the purchase price. No way, so I left the place without a TX.

Well, where is the other one? Drive for 1 1/2 hours and drive to Platz des Freundlichen without registration. Saturday approx. 12.00 noon. Not the best time to view a vehicle without registering.
My friend and I stomped around the grounds, not watching TX. He shouts, hey, I believe back there between a couple of vehicles in the backyard, that could be him.

Exactly, there he is. Dirty, like after a mud fight, little air in the front of one tire and really repulsive between the other vehicles. Just terrible…. no sign in the vehicle, nothing ... I thought what's going on with this TX. Back around the whole building, through the courtyard into the sales office.

There was a sullen salesman sitting there who had been through too long about last night, I thought ... Hi hi ... We stood there in breath. Hello can you see us ....? I made myself a little noticeable. The seller asked in a terse and rather grumpy voice: Wotsch (what) do you want? I would be interested in the Turbo X over there in the courtyard. Answer: Oh, this shit car doesn't work, everything just flashes and sparkles, he doesn't have the time to worry about that now. Okay, may I take the key to look at it? If it has to be…

He gets up, ruffles around in a box. Bang, a key hits the table. I grabbed it and said thank you. We at the vehicle, no reaction from the car to the key. So manual opening? Fits, so the right vehicle. I think there is definitely no electricity. Hmmmm ...

If I have to go to this old man and ask whether he has a battery booster, then I will certainly not get any further. But the courtyard and the office are not in sight. But the entrance door to the workshop is close. Enter once without any questions and say a loud hello… Nothing… Okay, I thought to myself.

Search until found. Not long and a booster in hand. Battery connected and colleague TX roars like new born. All errors light up, like cornering light disturbances etc ... Of course, battery voltage. Fortunately, I had my own dealer label with me. Made it and test drive. Stop, still air control and then go. I thought this was my car!

Back to the “friendly” gentleman. Put the TX in the yard and into the office. The grumpy gentleman on the phone. Then, Peng, hung up. I thought the telephone receiver was certainly in two. Well, take a deep breath and ...

I would like the TX. I tested it and everything else is my problem. From this minute on ... .. Another person. Kind and the mood like an angel. The trial was quick. I put the cash on his table and said I would take him with me. The jaw hung low ... He is speechless.

As a thank you, he offered me a pass in the car wash and a coffee. He ordered his subject to let the car through the facility. Coffee long over. Where is my car Come on let's go see! He stands in the forecourt with the door open. I see a man who keeps ducking into the vehicle. What's the matter? I asked? Oh no, as a thank you, he left the passenger window open for me during the washing process. How loving….

Don't get excited, swallow, take a deep breath, dry the passenger footwell with newspapers, rub the seats, now I'm going home with my car. Let's go and on the highway ... The Saab fever grabbed me and is unstoppable.

A new battery installed at home, apart from the normal service work, nothing could be faulted. It runs and runs. Has already 170 km on the counter. The TX fever eats and eats on.

Already in my possession are 3 Turbo X and a 9-3 XWD 2,8 deer performance. The colleague is also affected by the Saab fever. Together we own 9 Saabs. He: One 9-5 Troll R, one 9-3 2,8 Deer Performance and two TX. Me: three times TX and once 9-3 2,8 XWD deer performance.

All with full deer equipment, such as leather fittings etc.

And for the extremely hot times there is still a 9-3 Aero Jg 2004 Cabriolet that belongs to both of us. My problem, the fever couldn't stop. Are more TX in prospect….

Thanks to Ivo for his Saab story! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday, a restoration, the first contact with the brand from Trollhättan or simply why Saab is part of the automotive life. Whatever it is, write us. We are looking forward to it!

13 thoughts on "How the Saab fever caught me ..."

  • Good evening Jonny Peacer
    Oh ... who do you say that ... the little tank ...
    I'm not always happy with it, but there is also one good thing about it ...
    While refueling you can examine the rear of the Saab in peace ...

  • blank

    Very good report and well written !! For buying my TX, the blog (whose reports on the TX) was the conviction
    But if you are looking for an economical car, you are at the wrong address at TX .... At the moment the breakdown is just under 16 liters (city / country road) and the small tank is only enough for 250km ... Was a lot more pleasant with my old 1.9 TiD ... 🙂

  • A great article that has my eyes lit up (jaja envy was there too.: D).

    I only have one question about the TX's performance - isn't that a little “poor” compared to an S6 / RS6? I mean these are completely different calibers compared to the Saab.

    • Hello mistersch ue
      To your question…. : the Saab or rather the TX cannot be compared with the Audi, s. The performance of the V6 RS4 (2001) is hard to believe. Also that of the RS6. Clear…
      But one thing I have to leave to the TX. He is seen in the population as a standard cart. He is not particularly noticeable and the connoisseurs know what is the matter.
      I like not being noticed and yet you stand out.
      Simply a very own fan base….
      .... The service does not always have to be in 1 place….
      Greetings Ivo

  • blank

    Thanks to Ivo for this SAAB report.
    Yes, with SAAB fever help only (!) Hot TX for therapy! 😉
    Many saabige joy with the rare copies!

    • Ciao mountain goat
      Not only, but it helps….
      Even you still have Saabige joy ...
      Bye Ivo

  • blank

    Great report! When the SAAB fever plays a couple of TX dream cars in front of the door ... Man, man, that's so cool!

    • Hello Franks Troll.
      I love the TX. Are not flawless, but we are, or at least I am not ...

  • Thanks for the personal report. Yes, the SAAB fever ... On the subject of four-wheel drive in Switzerland, I've been driving SAAB since 1999, despite the various models I have never had an all-wheel drive and NEVER had to install snow chains. Yes, I am also traveling alpine and not only on the autobahn in the Swiss Plateau ... I think the chains are rusting in their original packaging ... 🙂

    Greetings from the Thur valley and have fun with the vehicles! Hans

    • Hello Hans.
      Of course it is also without four-wheel drive. You're right.
      I always told my wife that I wouldn't buy an everyday car without a four-wheel drive. Well, what a shame…. There is only the TX to choose from. Thus, every pretext my wife deleted….
      Greetings back from the Appenzellerland….
      Bye Ivo

  • Hello Ivo,
    I felt the same way with the appearance of the 9³ SC back then. I really wanted to have it.
    Unfortunately, I don't have as much space as you, so I “only” have one copy. After my first 9³ (a Vector), I was about to buy a TX, but (unfortunately) my reason for cost-benefit analysis won out. Now I have an aero that gives me A LOT over and over again! Made happy. But who knows, the upgrade from Vector is Aero and now there is only the TX 😉 at the top

    Many greetings - Marco

    • Hello Marco….
      For a TX it can be a little without reason ...
      Dear Gruesli

  • Hello Ivo

    great story, congratulations to your vehicles. I would like to meet with you and
    lead a SAVE conversation
    Just get in touch with me. Tel. 079 / 636 61 05

    PS: we can not be far apart am in the heart of Canton Thurgau at home.

    Greeting Fredy

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