1st Hamburg Saab Meeting ... we are coming!

Sunny, mild spring weather. A long weekend, no appointments! Ideal cornerstones for a short flight north ... and what could be more natural than to give my 2001 Saab Aero some exercise. “At home on long journeys” is an old Saab advertising slogan from the old 9000s - I take it literally, around 1.100 kilometers of driving pleasure lie ahead of me.

Saab 9 3 Aero 2001

Destination of the excursion is Hamburg, the harbor birthday, and above all that Saab meeting at the Brandshof. Mark and I will be there, many friends from Hamburg come, and the Kiel Saab Center team is on the way to the Elbe with interesting classics.

The Hamburg Saab meeting is organized at the historic gas station by the Saab regulars' table Schleswig Holstein / Hamburg. The parking spaces on the premises are unfortunately limited and are therefore reserved for the classics including the Saab 9000. All other Saabs including the driver and other passengers are just as welcome and very welcome, but are asked, like our blog 9-3 Aero, to park in the area. Start is on Saturday from 11.00 a.m.; Mark and I will make Hamburg unsafe with our "team" from Friday 😉

The blog has a break until Monday, Tuesday. Then it goes on with Saabigen topics and readers reviews. Impressions from the Saab meeting bring Mark and me, of course, on the blog. We look forward to many fans, great cars, gasoline talks. And maybe not only the bloggers feel like a Saab tour to the Hanseatic city.

2 thoughts on "1st Hamburg Saab Meeting ... we are coming!"

  • ... I was on the road with the racing bike on Rügen at "Rügen Rund". 🙂
    Rügen was more of an appointment ...
    I hope you had as much fun in HH as we did on Rügen in the best weather !!!

  • The old gas station is a wonderful meeting place. Unfortunately, I'm at the motorcycle meeting in the Harz on WE

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