Saab 9-3 door sills - last chance

Articles on the blog can have consequences. From time to time for the Orio AB, who then has to part with things that have become dear. The door sills for the Saab 9-3 I are an example. By accident I became aware of the accessories and quite logically ordered immediately.

Sill protection - door sills Saab 9-3 Aero 2001
Sill protection - door sills Saab 9-3 Aero 2001

Shortly after the Article went online, emptied also this stock. Meanwhile, the sill protection for the classic 9-3 sold out in Nyköping, a post-production will most likely not exist. The last available parts has been secured for the fans blog supporters Stephan Individual and offers them in the Online Shop at. The last is not just an optical win, this is the last chance for anyone who owns a Saab 9-3 I Convertible, Coupe or an 5-door sedan.

News from Orio Deutschland GmbH

There is an invitation from Orio Germany on my table. There are reasons for this, because Orio has moved to new, larger premises in the previous building. In the coming days I will therefore be in Eschborn, presumably I will bring some news and surprise from the visit. More in the next few days on the blog.

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  • 12. May 2016 at 10: 58 AM

    Thanks for the information. and (I have to say it) shame on Orio, which in my opinion does not really do customer care and loyalty, quite the opposite of other well-known car manufacturers with their classic departments.

    This can really complicate the attitude of "classic" Saab's when you have to search for spare parts for weeks at a time.

  • 12. May 2016 at 11: 44 AM

    Customer care is a very sensitive topic at Orio ... Has Saab been written off? There are no more mailings, the customer magazine has disappeared, you are not part of the project subscription. All in recent months, without any explanation. At least one seems to keep in touch with the blog, that's what I think is a positive hint.

    • 12. May 2016 at 12: 06 PM

      The good news: The Saab Inside has not "disappeared", according to our information, the new number of the customer magazine has only been delayed and comes to the readers a little later! In addition, you have good Saab things in preparation

  • 12. May 2016 at 12: 24 PM

    Unfortunately, the Stephan-Individual team raised the price from the former 45 € to a hefty 120 €. That's how it goes ...

    • 12. May 2016 at 1: 07 PM

      No idea where you got the 45, - Euro price, I paid more anyway.

    • 12. May 2016 at 1: 59 PM

      No matter what ... sold out at Stephan, that's it. Too late blog read. Argggg

    • 12. May 2016 at 5: 42 PM

      Unfortunately you are not right here. The webshop delivers only for Scandinavia, not for D. The prices, and here I try to express myself very diplomatically, are unfortunately not transferable to the Saab partners. I do not want to write more about that.

      • 12. May 2016 at 6: 09 PM

        Not for nothing the FSH are also called Saabotheken ...

        • 12. May 2016 at 7: 37 PM

          Point 1: The dealer has to earn money. Point 2: The prices from the webshop for Scandinavia can not be realized by the partner in D. So much for the "Saabotheke ..."

  • 12. May 2016 at 9: 26 PM

    I am a regular customer of Stephan. Can not understand the discussion. Here you can get a fair price. Even drive about 150 kilometers (easy) for embellishments or inspections.
    We drive special vehicles that are worth beautifying or preserving What special has its price. Nobody can deny the laws of the market (supply and demand regulate the price).

  • 13. May 2016 at 7: 44 AM

    That's the way things are with a car manufacturer that does not exist anymore. Parts are scarce and expensive. The future is looking for parts and paying the price or changing the brand. Sadly, driving Saab is becoming more and more of a hobby and disappearing from everyday mobility.

    • 13. May 2016 at 10: 14 AM

      So I can not leave your comment. Special accessories are unfortunately scarce or no longer available. Especially for classics and youngtimers. But these are similar for the other brand from Sweden. The suitability for everyday use is given, wearing parts are partly cheaper than before 4 to 5 years.

      • 13. May 2016 at 11: 56 AM

        Of course that's the case with other brands as well. But what I meant is that you have to live with Saab, with what was produced until 2011. You just have to decide, I want my Saab, because nothing new available anymore, still the daily routine, or I want to use it up, or I make my Saab my hobby and for everyday life, I use something else. And as a hobby, that can quickly become expensive. For example, a VW driver can use a new Golf for everyday use and buy for fair weather rides, for example, a Golf I Convertible, in which the resulting attitude in special parts may not be so easy. What I meant is just that you sooner or later can not help but get a different vehicle for everyday life. Anyone who can afford it then due to existing space and financial resources, with his Saab always and certainly has a long hobby

  • 13. May 2016 at 9: 42 AM

    The procedure of the ORIO webshop is quite questionable. With the sale of many high-quality genuine parts in turbo speed exclusively in the Scandinavian market, the brand is certainly not served.
    A reasonable price would have kept many parts safely available longer - I'll just say tailpipe 9000CS ... :-(.
    That a German dealer, if he has access at all, can not sell the parts as on the ORIO "Grabbeltisch" is surely clear.

    • 13. May 2016 at 10: 20 AM

      Unfortunately that is correct. A classic webshop would have served the brand and the fans more. The rear panels are a very delicate example. Today, there are virtually no new parts, good used parts cost much more than Orio has called for the last new parts including Saab / Scania logo.

  • 13. May 2016 at 2: 46 PM

    Rear panels are virtually "mass parts" which were installed on each 9k. Bad is it for parts that were rarely installed (eg controllers for memory seats in the 9k) or if you drive a model which was even at Saab a "niche product", eg 901 8V Turbo APC with LLK and Kat (was built only briefly). Since you have to search part of the world for used parts. You can forget something new anyway. I have already sent parts from Canada, Cyprus and Hungary because they were not available elsewhere.

  • 13. May 2016 at 6: 08 PM

    where can I get the afford now and what do they cost ..

    • 13. May 2016 at 7: 59 PM

      No bars anymore. Sold out & too late.

  • 13. May 2016 at 6: 57 PM

    What I do not understand:

    If German Saab partners can not shop for the WebShop Scandinavia prices, why does it work for rims? The prices for currently eg the 18 "rim are exactly the same in German shops (Schwedenteile, Stephan), English shops, Dutch shops and just the SaabParts Scandinavia shop. So yes, certain parts (rims) but passed on by Orio for the same price, but so a few rubber strips then not?

    I do not understand this business policy. As GP362 already said, in Scandinavia everything is being sold off (and with luck we can get it via Maptun or Speedparts), but in Germany is ripped off?

    • 13. May 2016 at 7: 58 PM

      I had the topic with my friend weeks ago. He is annoyed by Orio's webshop and politics, but says Orio in D can not do anything about it. Apparently they do what they want in Sweden and do not take any consideration. That's how I understood it.

      Write a mail to Orio D and express your dissatisfaction. That's the only way to change things!

      • 13. May 2016 at 10: 39 PM

        Hopefully they will read along

      • 14. May 2016 at 8: 51 PM

        Rising prices for the parts, thinning know-how and technology that was already obsolete when buying the new car - that's what I've experienced and were some of the reasons to draw a line with SAAB. I have to live with nothing - the pitcher goes to the well until it breaks and a vehicle is replaceable. Another youngtimer-Gebastel with a vehicle that is no longer operational in everyday life, I did not want. So for me SAAB has become 23 years of history and you have unnecessarily lost a loyal longtime customer.

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