Tübitak visiting the Saab plant

The flags of Turkey and Sweden are waving in the wind in front of the main portal. If you hoist national flags at NEVS, then important visitors are expected. Yesterday, Fikri Işık, Turkish Minister for Science, Innovation and Development visited the plant.

Yesterday: Saab factory main entrance
Yesterday: Saab factory main entrance

The delegation was informed about the progress of the national car project, currently the most important and most ambitious investment for the development of environmentally friendly mobility in Turkey. NEVS is playing a leading role in this project; the upcoming vehicle is based on the floor pan of the 2014 Saab 9-3 and has been modified accordingly for electric mobility.

A detailed presentation of the project was posted on the blog last autumn. During yesterday's visit to Trollhättan, it was very pleasing to discover that the development of the electric car for the Turkish customer is on schedule. NEVS provides engineering services as agreed; the new Saab-based EV is on the way.

The future development in Saabvägen is sustainable on several legs. The business in China, with production in two plants. The development work for Tübitak and Dongfeng. And in a little more future, the production in Trollhättan, from where Europe, North America and other parts of the world outside of Asia are to be supplied with new products.

More by chance, another name came into the conversation yesterday. He will not be unknown to Saab drivers. Frank M. Rinderknecht, founder of the Rinspeed AG, has always made a name for itself in the past with daring concepts. He created studies and special series for Saab, some of which enjoy cult status today. I still remember the golden 9-5 BioPower study, the pictures of which can be seen here.

Rinderknecht was again seen in Trollhättan, which has a simple explanation. He does not work for NEVS, he is involved in the national car project via Tübitak. What will roll over the streets of Turkey in the future, has the Swedish Saab Gene, but receives a new design and a brand name not yet known. If Rinderknecht is on board, then the result can be very exciting.

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  • blank

    THAT are real news!
    Let's see how it continues until autumn 2016.
    The "Mr. Rinnspeed ”is on board the Turkish client, makes you sit up and take notice! An appealing design should then come out…. ;-)! And POWER anyway!
    Please stay tuned, Tom!
    (the yellow 9-5 Bio-Power looks incredibly chic and noble! Is there still that ???)

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    I can only be personally satisfied that NEVS has success and provides for new jobs.
    But I'm afraid that a new Saab is no longer available for purchase. I do not want to say that I will not seriously pursue news about NEVS. No it still interests me but as long as no car comes out with the us known Saab genes I will continue to drive with my Saab today as long as it is possible.

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    How many employees does NEVS have in the meantime and when production resumes, how many should it be? Are there any numbers?

    • blank

      Currently 600 plus 200 external consultants. Now 200 will be added to the production, until the summer it will be 1000 employees. More about this tomorrow.

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    Nice to see that it goes steadily forward.
    Is there actually information about planned contract manufacturing?
    There were rumors that Geely or Volvo would want to produce in Th. Furthermore, it was also rumored that Tübitak would want to have the first models made in Sweden….

    • blank

      First, NEVS must bring the work to life again. At the moment we started to recruiting production staff, in autumn we will see more.

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    NEVS is getting more and more dynamic, or am I mistaken? I like it!

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