Paul is coming!

Actually, Mark and I wanted to pick up our Projektaab in Kiel. Family, work and schedules spoke against it, so Paul is on the South route by car carrier. In the coming days, the 9-5 station wagon lands at the blog headquarters. We are curious!

Paul, our project supporter, is approaching. The papers are already here ...
Paul, our project room, is on the way. The papers are already there ...

The last status via photo report from Kiel was some time ago, and even the bloggers don't know how much Paul has changed. Tension? Tension!

The documents for Paul have already arrived. The vehicle registration document, the TÜV report, an appraisal and of course the final invoice from Kiel. As expected, it is several pages long. In principle, the Saab has undergone a complete cure. New turbo, new clutch, revised chassis, rust removed, partially repainted, new rims, new tires - which is just an excerpt of what has been done. All fluids are new, a major inspection, several cosmetic repairs.

My feeling says that the car dealership Lafrentz has not billed for everything. We can only understand it when Paul is standing in front of us. Then there is also an interim report on what money has gone into the project so far. And the exciting comparison "before and after" is up. The first pictures In the meantime you can review the topic of February in the meantime.

The next Paul article will show the Saab as it looks after its rescue by our readers, because they made the project possible with their support. Was the money well spent or have we got lost in a completely pointless enterprise? We also take a short, first test drive, then Paul will continue to apply stickers.

Sequel follows…

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  • We will ask who wants to drive, we had already announced that in advance. But only when Paul is registered and insured. Of course, there are a number of things that could be made a little better, more charming, more lively, we are very aware of that. Paul is a “learning process” that we have initiated.
    Despite all the passion for the brand, we are also limited in terms of possibilities. Family, job, blog. That's the order. There is no manufacturer in the background who could give us the desired freedom.

  • I also think it's a shame that you didn't ask who from blog circles wanted to drive the car right away - I'm sure there would have been some interested people. So it somehow takes the finishing touches and looks like “just has to work well” - I know that such detailed ideas are less common in everyday life, but they are what make it attractive and lively because they bring the community closer together. And in the end, they are usually even financially cheaper because private contacts come together and complement each other - with mutual, common interest. Ultimately, there is also less need for work and income, which makes “everyday life” freer, i.e. less full, in which there is more space for such personal ideas.

  • I thought you were in stress with family, children, house, job and the other projects. Thanks for the offer, maybe there is a similar madness project 2017. We can use any help!

  • I'm afraid it will be Monday. So far no notification from the shipping company. By the way, we are just as excited ... 🙂

  • The mystery of the rims is revealed. I'm looking forward to Paul's shoes!

  • I'm really hot for the “fresh” pictures! 🙂 Please at the end of the week…. 😉 A great project has experienced / got its completion.
    Here we go !

  • You could have said something. I would like to have been convicted.

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