Production staff for the Saab factory

Trollhättan has a long tradition in automotive engineering. Cars have been built on the Göta Älv for almost 70 years - with smaller and sometimes longer breaks. In the 80s, the plant paused again and again, sometimes for months, because the demand for the 900 was too low.

Saab pressing plant in the morning sun
Saab pressing plant in the morning sun

The plant then went into sleep mode in 2011 and was restarted for a few months under NEVS in December 2013; since the end of production of the 2014 models there has been silence. This long phase should be over by summer. NEVS is now recruiting employees for production. IF Metall reports the hiring of "some 100 employees", the local newspaper speaks of around 200 people for the plant. However, NEVS will exceed 1000 employees in the summer, the Saab factory will be revived.

The new members of the production groups will first undergo training, then they will produce the bodies for the NEVS EV on 9-3 in the area of ​​the coating line and the press shop. The painted bodies go by sea to China in the final assembly in the new Tianjin plant.

For the production of the NEVS EV - the brand name for China is still unclear - the body from Sweden is only a temporary solution. A press shop and painting plant are also being built in China; the plant in Trollhättan is to supply the European and North American market in the future.

There is an interesting detail on the edge. IF Metall reports on a possible final assembly of the electric car in Trollhättan. Depending on the demand, on a smaller scale, the EV on Saab 9-3 2017 base could also run in Sweden from the tape. The decision and the quantity are determined by the demand on the European markets. At the moment, however, the desire for electric cars in Sweden is not particularly great.

That's really true. 2016 electric vehicles were sold in Sweden in April 309. The year before, it was 367. Demand remains at a low level. The best-selling EV was the Nissan Leaf with 138 specs, followed by the Renault Zoe with 60 units. Shortly behind, in 3 rank, is the Tesla S. An electric car, made by Trollhättan, could arouse enthusiasm and set off an upward trend.

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  • Care! The Tesla is again full by a fast-load method within 20min to 80%. Then you can drive more 300km. Certainly not an optimal long-distance vehicle, for metropolitan areas (the necessary liquidity provided) but certainly an interesting car.
    A little less arrogance would do quite well, since there is no way around e-mobility in the long term - and driving a diesel scandal VW as a second car, right?

  • So, there seems to be 14, of which 4 are just broken, delivering the 700 Bar (the only sensible one). More 14 are planned.

    I just had to find out now

  • Thanks for the info!

  • That's pretty significant! 1000 people at NEVS! Times have changed by the bankruptcy. Many ex-savers have been accommodated in smaller companies that offer development work there.

    So it may well be that the 1000 will add a few hundred more to develop. That then corresponds to the pre-crisis condition !!!

    As far as electric cars are concerned, Tesla's 3 model seems to be on the right track. As long as the batteries do not get better, the only way to offer halfway range at a cost below 100000 Euros is to dramatically improve air resistance. Concerning. Tesla is rumored yes by a cw value of 0.2-0.21. You have to melt that first on the tongue. Saab had reached the 0.28 so far, Daimler with a lot of effort achieved in some models 0.25; more than 20 years after the 100 with 0.3. So this is so intense, which Tesla is planning, that I'll post it somewhere else, hihi.

  • Fast: How many hydrogen filling stations are there in Germany?


  • Hybrids were sold in Sweden 943 - considerably more than pure EVs. The Passat GTE is the market leader with 295 units. Hybrid and electric cars together had a market share of 2.95% in April, which is sensationally good.

  • I also think that only one - however hybrid - has to be brought by NEVS for Europe / America. This is currently the only practicable and affordable solution with a corresponding range.
    I would be interested in the sales of hybrid cars in comparison, because the numbers do not appear in the numbers. I guess if you add the numbers look significantly better.

  • I am very happy that the new employee will be accepted. What is finally coming out for the European market is still questionable .. But interesting, it sure.

  • At Volvo, there are just burners, hybrid and electric vehicles. What bothers me about NEVS or therefore vehicles from NEVS certainly will not be for me: Alternative electric drive with batteries and nothing else. There are alternatives. Keyword fuel cell or range extender. At PSA, where NEVS partner Dongfeng is involved, we are dealing with a compressed air hybrid.

  • However, the Swedes want it. Why buy a car that has a shorter range, takes hours to load and even more cost? Have already seen some Tesla at e-gas stations. I laughed and went to 5 min gasoline refueling away.

  • And now let's compare how many new models sold Volvo brand in Sweden and was surprised that electric cars “do not need” the consumer.

  • No news from this corner. I'm not sure if there will be a MY 2018 with new vehicles. Maybe also in 2019/20 ... If there is concrete news, we'll be there!

  • Electric cars would be a good option for the metropolitan areas Gothenburg and Stockholm. The other Swedish brand also wants to bring electric cars on the market, both companies invest heavily in Sweden. If the Göta Älv works and NEVS continues to invest, as can be expected, Swedish politics will not be able to escape the expansion of charging infrastructure throughout the country.

  • First of all, it is nice when in Trollhättan in the former Saab factory more and more lights are coming on and more and more people are back in work and bread. But the restraint of Sweden in pure electric cars is more than understandable to me. Sweden is big and 100 Km way is nothing. Then it's just time to quickly read the battery. There are plenty of opportunities to be at home, at least partially, on long journeys.

  • Now, the only question is whether the work clothing of the production staff still emblazoned the SAAB lettering or just the NEVS logo? 😉

  • Hello Tom. Is there anything new about the MY 2018 models? Is it a compact one that will then come in different types? Hatchback, crossover ... station wagon etc?
    Hopefully we'll somehow get to see something soon ...
    Greetings from Berlin.

  • Good news! Good for the region in Trollcity. May the momentum of the new beginning be accompanied by success ... The ex-SAABians deserved it! 🙂
    Quote: An electric car, made by Trollhättan, could arouse enthusiasm and spark an upward trend. May the “wake-up call” be heard ... because the structure around it with charging stations must also be right!

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