SAAB. Future.

A few months ago I published one here Articles over my six years with SAAB. In the end, there was the question of whether, in addition to the past he had with me and the present in which I was satisfied with him, he also had a future with me and, if so, what form this should take, possibly also in one Love triangle with a company car. In the meantime I moved to the Stuttgart area because of my job. The company car option was no longer in the room, but I wanted to look for a new vehicle this year - possibly now again for a new SAAB.

To take up the questions of the last article: I and my SAAB have no future. On a misty morning over the Fildern I lost the orientation at zero visibility, and when I tried to regain it by means of orientation on the median strip, I overlooked (I) a gyroscope lying in front of me. Out of nowhere it crashes under my SAAB, and only after landing in the center of Selby Circle between Plattenhardt and Bernhausen I realize what happened.

In short: The SAAB has given his life. Radiator, air conditioning, air filter, power steering, wishbone stops, drive shafts - the ground damage is enormous. The lock carrier has moved one level backwards. The front apron is smashed, the body at the first look still in good shape, at second glance, the gap dimensions no longer fit together. From the interior with biting nitrate stench and burst dashboard thanks to airbag not to mention. But he did not leave his life in vain. Nothing happened to me, from the towing service I can go by taxi to work.

So it has to be a new SAAB. Why another one? Since a ride a little over a year ago, I'm already itching to change - from the 9-5 (I) to the 9-5 (II). Additional reasons? More on this in the end. The requirements are clear at least: at least part leather, equipment Vector or higher. Subtle appearance. Everything else is a nice extra.

A call to the SAAB dealer of my trust, Muckelbauer in Bamberg, is worthwhile. After naming the requirements comes a suitable offer: a 9-5 (II) TiD Vector in black, deer upgrade, navigation system, black part leather trim. On Holy Saturday I get as an Easter egg pictures of the car, and from then on, the matter is actually a self-run. At the more than fair price, the budget even allows retrofitting the instrument panel to the color display variant.
For the transition next to the miserable bus - nice greeting at this point to the transport association Stuttgart - especially for the weekend ran rental car. A Prussian-rigorous, but sovereign A4, a Ford Focus estate car as a bread-and-butter car (after all, hearty brown bread and plenty of butter), two Volvo - V60 and S60 - as epitomes of careless carelessness. An E-Class leads me to the conclusion that at most a Mercedes drives as comfortable as a SAAB.

Appointments that please SAAB drivers. Monday to Wednesday work, Thursday: pick up "new" SAAB, Friday: Admissions office, then: weekend.
Appointments that please SAAB drivers. Monday to Wednesday work, Thursday: pick up "new" SAAB, Friday: Admissions office, then: weekend.

March and April go into the country like this. In the last week of April the payment finally arrives, which allows me to initiate the new SAAB purchase. In front of me and Ralf Muckelbauer is another feat of strength - due to my tight schedule. After my call on Monday, there is still work to be done on the car: service, TÜV demonstration, preparation. In addition, the retrofitting of the instrument holder, which requires the device to be shipped due to programming work to be carried out at GM. Since April 28th and 29th are the last two days for which I can still take time off, the workload is ... sporty.

And yet everything works - at this point again my express thanks to Mr. Muckelbauer for the fact that he has set some levers in motion and has made many things possible. For what then expects me, shining in the light of the afternoon sun, is no new car after. Because even though I arrive one hour before the agreed date, the new 9-5 is freshly polished and thoroughly cleaned inside and out, shining in the sun. Despite the ambitious timetable, which I have even overtaken even in the last few meters. I pick up the key and do a short seat test. New car smell is in the air. A pressure on the starter button brings the diesel to life, the SAAB logo lights up on the central display.

What impresses me is next to the car, which corresponds to the first rendezvous completely what I was promised in several phone calls and from the pictures, is the matter of course, with which this parforce ride is commented: "That must work. "At this point, therefore, again express my heartfelt thanks to Ralf Muckelbauer and all employees of the SAAB center Bamberg. Also and especially for not having left me on my way home without coffee and snacks.

With the title I pick up the question from the title of the previous article. Future? If I doubted it in the meantime: For me, SAAB is also the future. And the other reasons why I chose a SAAB again? Well ...

Film program at the Odeon Cinema Bamberg. Since you drive to Bamberg to pick up a SAAB, and which movie is running? Right ... "A man named Ove". Unfortunately only in the evening program.
Film program at the Odeon cinema in Bamberg. So you go to Bamberg to pick up a SAAB, and which film is on? Right ... "A man named Ove". Unfortunately only in the evening program.

These reasons can be briefly summarized. In order to kill some time between the arrival of my train and the pick-up, I passed through Bamberg in the afternoon. Not far from the train station is the Odeon cinema. The third film on the scoreboard, which unfortunately only features in the evening performance, is "A Man Called Ove". This film, this day and this place - if it needed confirmation, it would be there. To beat the bridge:

To drive something other than a SAAB? Why?

Ready to board: The new one has landed.
Ready to board: The new one has landed.

By Philipp Bohr, Völklingen / Filderstadt

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  • Congratulations to the 9-5. Nice that there is another in the Stuttgart area

  • That was a right decision; have fun with the 9-5 II.

    • I have that ... I have that ... 🙂

  • blank

    Too bad a pity. One of the rare Brabus Edition will leave us forever and move into the troll heaven.

    • Yes, unfortunately ... on the other hand, opinions differ widely about the value of the Brabus Edition, because mainly optical retouching was carried out, and not always in the quality that one had hoped for. For a car at the age of 17, however, everything on mine was really still in very good condition.

      By the way, I originally had the title “No. 97 logs off ”played ...

  • blank

    I would also like to drive the new 9-5. Congratulations to this purchase. For me one of the most beautiful sedans ever. But the old 9-5 does not look too bad, depending on the color / version.

  • blank

    Have a good trip and all the best! PS: The film Ove is really worth seeing ..., not only for SAABians! 😉

  • Why actually wandered into the press ????? There are still so many spare parts that are often sought for little money….

    • That's what I thought, today no SAAB should be so easy in the press. Everything is getting scarcer.
      Still, Philipp, have a good trip with the “NEW” one!

    • Well, there were just so many usable parts on the old one, somehow plastic was broken everywhere, metal bent - something like that never lasts long as a spare part. And rear lights are also available from the spare parts trade.

      • blank

        In your further comment you write that the condition is comparatively very good. And small parts such as plastic clips, cover caps, special add-on parts are no longer available at the spare parts trade around the corner, and sometimes even difficult at the Saab dealers who specialize in them.
        In other words: is your 9-5 already in the press, or is there still the possibility of appropriate recycling?

  • A really nice ending and beginning. I always wish you a good trip and always the SAAB fun

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