Paul has landed

We will no longer be able to meet the original schedule. We actually wanted to get Paul out on the street for the first time when Saab Freunde Erftkreis left. We won't pack it ... too bad, but at least Paul has now ended up on the HQ blog.

Paul is here! Our projectaab in the car wash.
Paul is here! Our projectaab in the car wash.

After a few days on the way from Kiel on the car transporter to the south, in rainy weather, his condition when unloading was not exactly such that I would have cheered. It was much more of a mean crisis that gnawed at me as I looked at Paul covered in dirt and splattered mud. Man, man, what have we been doing!

After all, the Saab station wagon started without any problems and seemed to have survived the transport unscathed. What helps in this situation? Sure, you can only do one thing! Screw on the red numbers, start Saab and head towards the gas station and car wash. On the way there, extreme tension, which will roll out of the car wash in a few minutes ... and with the intense layer of dirt on the sheet metal, I had no prognosis either.

Was the work worth it, or was it sheer madness to bring an old, put away 9-5 station wagon back to life? Do readers want to see pictures? And would you like to know which rims Paul will roll on the streets in the future? Tomorrow morning we will upload the gallery from our Saab project. Exciting !

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  • Good 9000 gets you meanwhile extremely difficult. That was quite different a few years ago, at that time there was a lot of SAAB for small sums. I would look for the transition 9-5 and then look out. At some point a beautiful copy will be on sale and the search is definitely worth it.

  • I'm also very excited! Was also my access to Saab, a 2000 2.0T in black. Is still our Saabbine when we talk about it at home ... Very nice car! I'm glad that we (mobilplus) were able to participate in the project!

  • I am very sorry that the 9000 did not work. I asked again in the Saab acquaintance where some delicious 9k stand. Unfortunately nobody is willing to sell.

  • Please, please post pictures. I can not stand it anymore

  • We see that too. Since it did not work with an 9000, my son and I are watching a 9.5 on Saturday. He may want to buy it.
    Incidentally, was my first Saab I drove and from then on became Saabfan.
    I'm looking forward to the pictures and good time.

  • After the comprehensive and thorough measures, it can only go on optimally.

    The SAAB 9-5 I station wagon is known to be timelessly elegant when treated well. I would say that this is even about a design icon - on the other hand, some “new creations” from other brands look downright ugly.

  • How was that about the arc of suspense ... 🙂.

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