Saab rescue successful

To get in the mood for the new photos of our Saab rescue, a look back at the past could be the perfect start. In the winter came for the first time Photos our Saab 9-5 on the blog; the once so proud station wagon was in a miserable condition. The situation of Saabs named Paul has since improved significantly.

Paul - our Saab project 2016
Paul - our Saab project 2016

We think that a hopeless case has turned into a really cool car. Technically overhauled, partly repainted, with new rims from the Saab accessories program. Of course Paul is not perfect, he is still far from it. There are other, smaller construction sites, which can be fixed gradually.

One thing is for sure: our Saab rescue would be in without the dedication of the Saab Center Kielwithout the unbureaucratic help of Skandix, and without sponsors like the Mobilforum in Dresden, Saab Service Frankfurt, Car Roth in Leinfelden, Saab Service Gaworski in Hamburg, Stephan Individual and mobile Plus and, of course, the donations of our readers were not feasible. Thank you very much to all!

The 9-5 now has good and solid status for many years to come. The really good news is: we have a Saab back on our streets that would definitely not have had a chance without our joint action.

The TÜV is freshly removed, the chassis has been overhauled, Sachs shock absorber built-in, Zimmermann brakes delay. The 18 ″ Inca rims are original Saab, but had to be entered separately. They are a tribute to the classic Incas and make the station wagon stand out on the street.

Our Saab continues to bear the traces of his eventful life. The original paint was preserved as much as possible, they are part of the history of the station wagon.

What's next? At the weekend we start our first trip to the Spessart. Paul is allowed out on the street, and you can read the first impressions here. In the coming week, the presentation at our print shop is due to be glued. The application of the logos of Paul's godparents takes place according to the “Pilots wanted 2016” in Kiel.

In between, we work a bit on the interior, get to know the station wagon better. Paul will be a topic on the blog again and again, he will accompany us for the next few months.

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  • Orio should still have some new B235R engines in stock, which are available for about 3000 Euro without installation.

  • I also have an old "Paul" Troll - first registration May 2001. First owner and can't meet me, regularly a lot of investment worth, now that almost everything has been renewed, the engine is on strike. I need a replacement motor - who can advise? Mine is super well cared for, leather, root wood, still shiny lacquer - you just can't scrap it yet. I would be happy to receive tips on exchange engines!

  • mh, for me the fundamental question arises. Airplanes have maintenance “E”, if I'm not mistaken, with more or less complete disassembly of the innards, ultrasound examination and pipapo. In the end, if I remember correctly, the repainted aircraft got zero flying hours. Or?

    What would you do if you did that on a car of, say, 400000 km? And what would that cost?

    New engine, new transmission, clutch, engine mount, right? Or just lift the cylinders, etc?

    Starter? Wheel bearings? New paint? How do you prevent new rust in an 15 year old vehicle when you have the old way? Galvanizing as ex factory is hardly possible?

    And what does it cost in the end? 20000? 25000?

  • Look good again, Paul!
    Now a way would have to be found to preserve the cooperation of "Paul's godparents" and to save and sell more Saab along the way and thus to keep them on the streets.

    • We learn a lot with the Paul project, the learning curve is quite steep 😉 Whether Paul will get a successor in 2017, whether we can save more Saabs, is open. But possible ...

  • Thank you for the enormous effort! I am happy from the bottom of my heart, because I had exactly this model, until it was shredded through an accident through no fault of my own. It's good to know that another black 9-5 Sportcombi is back on the road!

  • Wow what a car! He looks really great. Congratulations on this great project and the rescue of a Saab that was already in the very last phase of its car life ...

    A rough cost indication would be helpful on occasion, because often as a "non-screwdriver" in the workshops, the costs extrapolated so that it quickly a project as "no longer economical" appears - and this in comparison with Paul because of trifles ...

    I drive my first Saab only a few months. Such Paul projects spur on and show that much is possible in the case of Saab. And in any case, this is best advertisement for the companies involved!

    • The list of costs comes, I had already given a rough estimate in the answer to Olaf. Of course we got off to a very "bad" start with Paul, the car was worth a scrap. But that's how we wanted it to be, and our first trips have confirmed that. Impressions of Paul will come on Monday on the blog. I think every old 9-5 is worth considering whether you want to keep it on the road, the Saabs are really fun and are true long-term cars.

  • That's what I call a successful project and you have fun on the first exit in the Spessart. We had hoped that we could see Paul including the driver at our exit last weekend. Pity!

  • The 9-5 I is simply a timelessly elegant / sporty appearance. If you look at vehicles of the established manufacturers from the same year, they just look old-fashioned. Also I am happy every day with my 9-5 I SC!

  • Since the whole effort has been worthwhile. He looks really great.

  • Good job and good luck with "Paul"!

    If only a few GM Goodwrench stickers are missing, then it is also "ready for the 500", otherwise someone may still think this is a real SAAB ... 😉

  • Well done people! SAAB is a lover's brand and you hold the flag up!

  • The 9-5 (I) is often underestimated, but it's a wonderful car and from the outside it's still up to date - and actually also from the inside.

    So it's even nicer to see what you and Paul's partners did. Also as a sign of how durable SAABs are.

    Congratulations ... and have a good trip!

  • Hello, I am really jealous. My same SAAB 9-5,2.2TiD has been in the workshop for over 1 month because of the damaged power steering line, which I'm trying in vain to get. Otherwise, the car is still in top condition with 290tkm. That's why I do not want to give up this dream car. Does anyone have a tip or help? Possibly. otherwise participation in the raffle? Beg your message.

    • This problem I had with my past 9-5 Aero too. It was due to a valve worth about 15 Euro, which is only in the set with all hoses (about 700 Euro without installation, Orio thanks!) Is to have. Muckelbauer in Bamberg had one in stock.

  • Compliments - a really cool 9-5 has become from the old rust arbor. Wow - I'd like to have one too. But what about the cost? What would you have to spend without the many supporters. A rough estimate would be enough.
    Many thanks to Tom and the many supporters. I am very thrilled…

    • The costs are not without. The current list will come in the next few days. It feels like we're somewhere around 6 - 7k in the meantime. Incidentally, Paul is available after 12 months. We're giving away for a good cause 😉

      • Uhh - I'll take part in the raffle!
        Thanks for quick info regarding the costs.

  • Good work from the bloggers. One more on our streets!

  • Total cool. Especially the before-after comparison. Simply sensational!

  • The rims are a cool decision.

    The vehicle and the Inca design are coherent and appear to be from one time and one feather ...

    And yet, at 18 ″, Paul is "contemporary" (that is, on a par with current vehicles) on the road. He stands there well!

    • I'm glad, the assessment of the rims. I had reservations first, but they are so good for Paul!

      • A great choice of rims. Last autumn I was faced with the task of finding winter wheels for my Turbo X. It's not that easy for the racer. In the end I ended up with the 18 "Incas. At first I was a bit skeptical, but after the wheels were mounted, the doubt vanished immediately. Very Saab rims that fit perfectly.

  • Excellent! So I still think the 9.5SC is beautiful, especially the first series ... and perfect in black.
    Thanks for the nice project!

  • Nice Paul, on which he lives long, many have taken care of that! Thank you

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