Spring Departure Saab Friends Saxony - Picture Gallery

Last weekend, the Saxon Saab friends met for their spring outing. The tour started in Rosswein and led over intermediate stations for lunch to Podelwitz. Along the Mulde then went via Colditz and Rochlitz to Seelitz.

Impressions exit Saab friends Saxony 2016
Impressions exit Saab friends Saxony 2016

A long convoy was on the road that day, Saabs to the horizon, balsam for the automotive soul. In Seelitz there was plenty of time for Saab talks, the famous hood diving, coffee, very rich cake, and much more.

45 Saabs were at the start, the popularity of the exit of the Saab friends in Saxony is increasing from year to year. The mixture after construction was perfect. Classics from Trollhättan to the last Saab, the big 9-5 sedan, it could not have been better.

Karina and Mark were responsible for the great organization of the 2016 spring break, with lots of Saab heart and soul. The great photos of the gallery come from Sebastian Willnow. Thanks a lot for this!

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  • Oh, how beautiful are you. The shapes, the expression of the design. Character. Especially nice on its own. There is nothing that characterizes a car brand so distinctive. I got a Saab 9-3 2,3Lt. 1998 bought, in silver, with the wonderful velor seats, with only 80'000 km run. 2 times a month I drive from Zurich to Bremerhaven, 920 Km, to my girlfriend. Everytime a treat. Cozy with 120 km / h and cruise control. Yes, overtake me, you Audi's and BeÄmWehs and Merc's. After all, when they overtake me, the A and B and M's briefly look at my 9-3er as if it's from another planet. On average, I see every time maximum 1 Saab with German license plate (during the 920 Km trip). I proudly enjoy my exotics. Due to the low mileage, I will drive him for many years. The last I drove legendary 524'400 kilometers, first engine, first transmission, 2. Coupling. Any questions?

  • Was a very nice trip, thanks again to the organizers, was a lot of fun ...

  • Thank you for the great impressions! Take pleasure in seeing so many beautiful cars. And the beautiful scenery with the beautiful weather makes it perfect. SAAB should be dead? I do not think so ... as long as there are people who organize such meetings certainly not!

    Greetings from Switzerland

  • Great pictures,
    There sadness comes up, not to have been there, but at the same time a great joy to see how the Saab tradition lives. Unfortunately, we were this time not possible to be at the meeting.
    But we like to think back to the drive around Meissen and the Tharanter Wald.
    On a new Saaberlebnis!

  • It was a great trip from A to Z! Thanks for the perfect organization and execution ... the bar has risen again!

    PS: There were only too few muffins!

  • It was great. Up to the weather and little "foreign brands" on the streets. Once again to the organizers our THANKS !!!!!

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