Pilots wanted 2016 - off to the sunny north!

The south of the republic is sinking in the rain. To make the Saab beautiful for “Pilots wanted 2016” in Kiel - we can save that! Mark and I are already starting towards Kiel today, the meeting will start tomorrow at 12:00 on the grounds of the Saab center.

Pilots wanted 2016. Entrance racks for the participants
Pilots wanted 2016. Entrance racks for the participants

Saab Rallye Plates, the bracelets with “Pilots wanted 2016 - Kiel Germany” imprint and the Saab shirts were already sent by parcel service at the beginning of the week. The program is also ready. We received the license to park Saab together in front of the Stena building on Friday evening, and the coffee stopover for the rally on Saturday agreed. Which is not so natural with such a large group.

Anyone who is not there can follow the event in Kiel on Facebook. Mark and I "feed" them Saabblog.net Group regularly with pictures ... at least that's what we plan to do 😉 The picture gallery, not only of “Pilots wanted”, but also of other Saab meetings, will follow next week. We look forward to Kiel, to the Saab Center team, and to a lot of Saab Talk with the participants!

4 thoughts on "Pilots wanted 2016 - off to the sunny north!"

  • Hello Tom, have fun in the north.
    Please email info to who produced the rally plates, thanks!

  • I wish you a lot of fun and an accident-free event, not that something of the rare pieces breaks. Would like to be there again but a family event prevents us from doing so. But have Kiel in the best memories of the last meeting and the other visits to the AH Lafrenz!

  • 1 + for the inlet bracelets with SAAB's (old) corporate typeface "Gill". Unfortunately NEVS does not use these anymore.

  • Oops ... that's already on weekends.
    Have fun for all participants!

    And even as a “non-participant” I am looking forward to seeing many great pictures from the event here!

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