Pilots wanted 2016 - picture gallery

A fabulous Saab event lies behind us. Great organization, nice guests, fascinating cars, perfect weather. Life can be just wonderful! Every meeting has its risks and side effects. I'm currently “selected” with regard to Saab. Only one week of blog vacation, which I have hereby prescribed, helps.

Pilots wanted 2016, tag 2
Pilots wanted 2016, tag 2

After a short recovery, with renewed energy, I will be back. Promised ! Previously, impressions of two fascinating days in Kiel. An unforgettable event with an international audience that could not be more enthusiastic about Saab.

Many thanks to the Lafrentz family for so much commitment and hospitality! Especially to Katrin, huge praise for the great road book and the tour on Saturday, which once again surpassed the great 2014 event. The bar for Pilots wanted 2018 is very high ...


And of course our thanks go to the Taunus Tower in Eschborn. Orio Germany had packed for the meeting a big package with the new Saab T-shirts, which the participants were very happy!

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  • And, ... you can feel the deer upgrade? Greetings from Belgium

  • and among all these great 95ers yours was the most beautiful!
    Greetings from the CH, Hans

  • I hope to be there in 2018 ... there is no way around the 9-5II ... 😉

  • Thanks to all, was really great and impressive! So many great people, good conversation and of course, once beautiful 95er! And that now I can wear the proud deer done by Lafrentz is certainly not wrong!

  • You hit the point!
    It was a great weekend, even for me as a local

  • rrrr… .. I'm almost a bit “jealous” !!! 😉

    Great pictures! Very nice cars!
    Must have been a great weekend!

  • What a weekend, what fine people, what a dealership that has received us all with this hospitality, what a nice cruise in Kiel country along the Baltic Sea.
    Many great impressions that will remain with us for a very long time.
    Long speeches in short; “Saab, more than a car”.
    And this last sentence is proud of our T-shirts Orio Germany has given us.
    Thanks to the organizers.

  • SAAB lives! Must have been a cool event. That Tom has to recover is only too understandable (but please not too long ...).

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