Audi virus and Saab facelift

Around 2 weeks unplanned Saab blog break are behind me. Maybe some readers have missed the daily Saab literature. The time-out was necessary, because at the latest when your own texts no longer please, it is advisable to pause. Half a dozen articles wandered into the virtual wastebasket, instead of writing, Saab screws filled their spare time. A good therapy and non-stop topic for the smooth start of a new week, before we dedicate ourselves to future topics in the coming days. Before we clean up the matter with the Audi virus and screw on the 98er Saab 9000.

My Saab is an Audi. Or?
My Saab is an Audi. Or?

Audi virus and how to get rid of it.


Readers may remember ... That Blackberry and the Turbo X had caught an Audi. The 4 rings appeared on the display as soon as both were connected via Bluetooth. Nothing against Audi! The brand from Ingolstadt has been a great success story in recent years. But as a member of a small but proud automotive minority, you feel uncomfortably touched when a foreign trademark appears and settles in the Saab.

The weeks passed - there was no time to deal with the problem. Even more unpleasant - friends joked about the Audi that I couldn't get rid of. How do you get rid of an Audi virus? There is only one way that is quite easy. Disconnect the Saab from the power, disconnect the battery for half an hour. In the meantime let the Blackberry reboot. The result? The Audi has disappeared, no more 4 rings, my Saab is clean!

How to catch an Audi virus


So far so good. But how did we catch the Audi virus? Anyone who communicates via Bluetooth, almost everyone does, opens their system to attacks. But the Audi logo as an attack via Bluetooth? The solution is simpler. A test of navigation software for the 9-3 was planned on the blog. Neither from the Orio nor from the previous owner GM there are updates, Saab drivers are quite alone. On the certain portal with 4 letters, current software is always offered, at low prices, and for this reason not legal.

After the Audi disaster, I checked the DVD`s and quickly found it. A DVD from this source works on the basis of Audi data and plays the brand logo of the Ingolstadt in the cache. It stays there, even if you switch back to the original Saab software. Only a complete reset of the system clears the cache memory. Problem detected and solved, but the test will not currently be an issue on the blog. The DVD drive in the Turbo X is weakening, only the Saab software reads reliably. The exchange will come sometime when time is up. And that can take time.

Saab facelift


Still a topic is the Anna project from the last year. The 9000 stands in a small hall, separated from the rest of the 9000 pack. The advantage: The hall is located on the site, the 9000 is suitable for spontaneous Feierabend-Schraubereien.

The paneling of the driver's door was no longer nice, because the previous owner had covered the plastic with countless small craters. However it came to be, it may or may not be tolerated. But since you as a driver are visually attacked by the craters every time you get in, an exchange is needed. Orio still has the original fairing of the 97 and 98 models at a fair price, the last chance to update, replenishment is not likely. (Item number: 4818910, Trim Code: K16, K33, K37)

The exchange is quick and easy as with the 9000 CC described, the panels are basically identical except for the changing trim codes, only behind the panel waits the difference. The CC is laughing at bare metal and a thin pseudo noise insulation. In the 98er CS, the complete door is covered with additional insulation, as, incidentally, the rest of the passenger compartment was additionally provided with mats.

Where there is only Swedish steel in the CC, the CS is well insulated. No wonder that the CS models feel so much more like a luxury class than the CC does. Model maintenance, including the 9000 and 900 II / 9-3 I, was felt and felt at Saab year after year, even though everything optically seemed unchanged. CC and CS are a good example of this. Only with the 9-5 I did the times change, which the Paul project will prove to us in the next few days. But before that, the following article will deal with the future “Made by Trollhättan”.

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    NEVS wants a new brand name in China!

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    "Maybe some readers have missed the daily Saab literature."

    No question mark at the end of the sentence? But would be a stupid question.
    Of course! But certainly all readers treat the blogger as well
    always a break ...

    Super, that were 4 different stop signs at a time. A pleasure
    solid semiotic semantics.

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    Hello Tom,
    half a year ago i bought a new, up-to-date navi DVD from eb uk…. for my saab 93 II cabrio 2008. works perfectly and the map material is definitely up to date.
    lg alexander

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      So I need a more up-to-date navigation DVD for my 9-5 Mj 2007 (chrome glasses). Everything I could "google" up to now has not been particularly effective. Allegedly the DVD from Land Rover (probably also Denso Navi) should go. Does anyone know a bit? I would be happy to receive information.

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    It was the biggest and strongest laugh in the film “A man named Ove”: Ove about Audi drivers. 4 zeros on the hood, and one zero behind the steering wheel.

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      Yep! The movie was wonderful!

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        .. but I did not read in the book, because the sync talk must have built something

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          .. should be a voice actor: -O

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          I can't remember the joke that appeared in the book either. Nevertheless, I find it very funny and, especially when you see the behavior of said drivers on highways, very appropriate. I guess I was in a show where there weren't many of those “zeros” in the audience. In any case, they were heavily drowned out.

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