NEVS launches its new trademark and sets to shape the future of mobility

NEVS 'vision is to shape mobility for a more sustainable future by focusing on electric vehicles with mobility solutions built around them. To support this vision a new brand identity has been developed - NEVS.

NEVS logo

NEVS does not want to use the Saab Trademark anymore


NEVS wants to be the first company of the 9-3 2017 platform with startup in XNUMX. That means that NEVS will no longer use the Saab trademark.

Struggling with pollution and congestion problems. NEVS intends to be in the forefront of this change.

Mattias Bergman, President NEVS, said: "With a sense of being focused on our heritage and heritage, we are committed to the environment with a focused growth plan ,

NEVS long-term business goal is set globally, with China as its first priority and most demanding market for the coming years. NEVS intends to build a strong footprint in China as a base for a global expansion, and continue to establish partnerships with forefront runners to shape the future of mobility solutions.

150,000 electric cars and other 100,000 electric commercial vehicle, as well as the collaboration with Chinese State Grid, the largest electric utility company in the world.

NEVS has a unique opportunity to build a high quality car at the same time.

"I believe the tipping point for electric vehicles is very near in many key markets. We aim to contribute to a more sustainable city planning, and together with our partners such as State Grid and Panda New Energy jointly introduce a new business model for mobility, ”said Jonas Hernqvist, VP Sales & Marketing NEVS.

A transparent approach - with traits such as being inclusive, honest and genuine - essential for NEVS, both in terms of behavior and visualization. From colors to imagery, our new brand design should always reflect our goal of shaping mobility for a more sustainable future.

24 thoughts on "NEVS launches its new trademark and sets to shape the future of mobility"

  • Regardless if it was a decision from the scratch on - it was the reality that current SAAB drivers weren't wanted nor part of the business model. Unbelievable - they decided to throw an Installed Base of 1 million users away. NEVS didn't help me to secure my investment into SAAB. So the story is finally over. There are already enough alternatives on the market, nobody is waiting for NEVS any more.

  • Values ​​SAAB community. Let me look at the polemics. But who really believed in a happy ending? We are a small, contaminated bunch of enthusiasts clinging to the good old days. That's fine too, it's quirky and honors this little manufactory that was ahead of your time with their rock-solid products, and then was run over by time itself, but friends, it's not rational.
    After the big friend from Detroit pulled out all advantages or blocked (SVC Engine comes to mind spontaneously) came the Chinese. And he who does not care for nostalgia or tradition, not even his own. In China, that could come from Forrest Gump, there is only progress for the Chinese. And SAAB is no longer part of progress.

    Honestly. I'm glad it's over. Better burn out then to fade away.

  • Saab logo at the beginning of the day Saab logo, "Saab logo, i would have rather not acquire Saab Automobile ",
    Saab AB is not willing to license the brand name NEVS may ruin the brand reputation.
    NEVS used SAAB logo in 2013 when starting 9-3 ICE launch under support from Qingdao. Jiang said that "because he did not want to see the disappointment of Saab fans and take a temporary bridging solution. Using a completely new brand is a decision that i made before acquisition. "
    i am full of doubt on that.

  • People, the pain goes through the whole body ... .. that's it!
    In my garage are 10 Saabs, drive since 1984 Saab.
    Good night from northern Germany!

  • Yes, Tom, but I will continue my old Saabs until the last minute. As long as there's Saabs, I drive the.

  • SAAB AB goodbye. A real shame. Painful.
    Time will tell how much Scandinavian DNA is wanted / approved by NEVZ ...
    NEVZ has not been deployed, a kind of blank sheet in the automotive system. That has opportunities and (!) Pitfalls ...
    I'm really curious how this Chinese management will hold its own against Tesla and Co. I'm looking forward to the first models. Then it will show whether we Europeans can be "convinced" by the Chinese product ... "Only" the old platform of the 9-3 will not be enough !!! The change has also arrived on the blog.
    Let's enjoy our SAAB's!

  • That is how I see it too! It is a pity that SAAB is finally history. But why should not something new and good emerge from the ashes. Whether Icarus or Phoenix (quote from Tom) will show. I am curious what NEVS brings to the market for new models. The people in Trollhättan at least know how to build good cars.
    As long as I can I will receive my great SAAB and enjoy it. You will see what the future holds. I face the whole open.

  • “Which is not exactly a small task” you have to admit, the task is “easier” with a new name, as many media are reporting on the change ... that would be a first announcement, right? This morning I was still very annoyed and sad at the same time (had already written a comment, but it was stupid), after several hours I feel better and the website is already quite good (in contrast to before), I wait and always hope nor the four models that are to come, who knows, maybe the products don't even need to be called Saab, it would be great if you could see that. In addition ... the legacy that the name carries with it is gone ... let's see, maybe I'll see everything through pink glasses ... we'll see.

  • That sounds exciting, hopefully not just the model name

  • Your decision for the 9-4x was right in any case. As with all those who have secured a 9-5 NG and who will have many more Saab years ahead of them.

  • The story is not over yet, NEVS actually seems to want to take Saab Gene into the future. In detail in the upcoming article.

  • The end of a long brand history. Let's see what will happen and whether NEVS will launch its own products. Establishing a new brand is not without and requires a long breath. Hopefully you will have an 10 annual plan and hopefully you will show something soon. Please stay tuned, the story is exciting!

  • NEVS as a brand name does not work. Does not sound good, stands for nothing. Well that is clarity, even for NEVS, who can get started now and make their brand known, which is not exactly a small task.

  • Let's let the results speak for themselves. SAAB would have been nicer without a doubt, but a new beginning also has something. Ultimately, the cars have to speak for themselves. And if these are produced in Sweden by former, or at least Saab infected, chances are not bad that the end result can be seen. Borgward shows that a historical name is of little use as a guarantee for a good product.

    PS: Fortunately, I was able to take a photo in front of the factory. Hopefully the two signs (factory roof and the one on the street) will come to the museum.

  • Finally news and no speculation.
    Good news for me because NEVS was not really SAAB for me.
    My hopes now rest on SAAB AB….

  • ... I had the Geanken from the last paragraph right away.

    But anyway, first see what they put up for technology, if I like the product, then stop a NEVZ, why not?

  • To put it bluntly, I don't believe it.

    First of all, I think it's less dramatic than others here. Cars are not designed and built by letter combinations and logos, but by humans, and it looks like a lot of the people of Saab are now at NEVS. So, what?

    Not being able to build on the famous brand is a problem for NEVS, no question. But there has already been a name change, which was very successful, you should not forget that. Rolls Royce is now Bentley! The current Rolls Royce is a BMW refoundation and it seems Bentley have managed to take all the customers except for a few verpeilte oil sheiks.

    Why do not I believe it? Because NEVS just is not a smart brand name. It is unclear how he is to be uttered, he does not sound good, he is too short a short cut (we go, but it is nothing), and anyway. NEVS is no longer a no-brainer, and I'm sure they've brought in specialists who told them the same thing.

    so why then? “We kkk can also be different” to Saab AB? Smoke candles? Show that they are staying relaxed? I still believe that something else is coming. One problem is that all other brands from Saab (analogous to Bentley from Rolls Royce) are not suitable either. Griffin and Aero are too flat, and Vector, well.

  • Hi,

    there it is, the decision. Of course, I secretly hoped that you can reach an agreement per SAAB. But I think there are many reasonable reasons to operate and sell future electric-powered vehicles with a new brand name. NEVS as a vehicle brand is getting used to, but let's face it, the name SAAB was and is not really very inspiring, but learned and used. I see that positively and will be open to the products. If design and quality are right and the new brand embodies what I understand to be Scandinavian simplicity, elegance and robustness, then I would rather resort to such a product than to a VW or similar. It's easy to see in Volvo that China understands more about branding and branding with European values ​​than our American friends. It is a day of departure for a new age and the final conclusion of the past. The latter was done long ago but that we just wanted to believe that the name SAAB in the automotive sector somehow remains. This does not change the future product. And who knows, maybe the Spirit of Trollhättan is included in a good way in the new products from NEVS. Lastly, my respect for NEVS management; it looks like you're going to write more history in Sweden. I have not had that expectation for a long time.

    Greetings from Erik

  • They still exist, the good news: firstly, I do not have to drive around in the future with a Chinese logo on the hood and secondly, there is, after the current owner has disappeared again, maybe a group of Swedish gentlemen investors after Aston Martin role model, who receive the name for a worthy continuation.

  • I think it's a habit of getting used to the 4 letters NEVS are not that common yet. If they did not exist yet and somebody would start today a company with the abbreviation BMW, VW, SKF or MAN one knew at the first moment also nothing to do with it. I think the step was long overdue. NEVS is a new company and not Saab and never will be. Tesla also started and had to make a name first.

  • Well said. Wonderfully lapidary!

    Despite the above message, I had to smile.

    But maybe that's a good thing. You do not have to worry about it anymore,
    whether one or the other NEVZ is a worthy ZAAB, uh, SAAB.

    Even the S had to give way to a strange creative gimmick in corporate design,
    to distance yourself from SAAB and SVERIGE. Cars for China and work for a few
    Sweden. What the hell?

  • Well, to foresee or to suspect that was somehow for a long time….
    ... but I personally like it, of course not at all.
    It's a shame. 🙁

    It's good that I switched to one of the “last really newly developed” Saabs about 2 years ago as a precaution.
    So I can at least (hopefully) drive a “real” Saab for as long as possible (ok, GM is “unfortunately” a lot in there). 😉

  • It's a shame ... it was actually a nice day until now 🙁
    And how stupid it sounds to say you would drive a NEVS ...
    Griffin, Scandic or Aero would have been acceptable….

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