Saab tradition preserve. New dare.

The last week had it all! Not just from the Saab point of view, and not alone, because the Saab logos disappeared at the factory. European friends announced their departure from the common house, Europe is shrinking (probably), a major nation wants to seek its own way in the future.

Saab pre-series on the way
Saab pre-series on the way.

No fear ! The blog will not be political, although it would be me. But I notice: the events hurt. It is above all the European pain that hurts. As for Saab, the events of last week were to be expected. Since then, we - Mark and I - ask the question, how could it continue with our blog. Actually, the project would be over when you see the original goal in mind. The work is history, Saab as a car manufacturer, that was once.

The opportunity to exit would be here and now, but again we let it pass unused. The new mission - to cultivate the heritage of the big brand. Should we become a pure classic and youngtimer blog? At some point I realized that we were not good at just writing about the past. That still applies. Life is too short, the future too exciting, and we just too curious to talk only about history.

Saab in the heart, that's clear. The cars in the carport, in everyday life, after work short in the hangar for screwing. The pleasure of traveling with a Saab, the great turbos, meeting friends, talking to Saab. Driving Saab is fun. All this still remains.

In recent years, we've been thinking over and over again of establishing a second brand on the blog, in case it should eventually happen that there would be no Saab comeback. Meanwhile we are at exactly this point. In the past, I had some brands on the radar, which on closer inspection did not turn out to be particularly exciting.

A new brand on the blog

Fresh on the list is the brand NEVS. She is not yet a whole week old, and I could now write that she, like so much in Trollhättan, builds on Saab foundations. Or that among the 820 employees who flock to the old Saab factory every day are important Saab personalities. Including people who launched the 9-4x and 9-5 NG.

All this would be constructed and would not affect the core. Mark and I decided to continue to support NEVS with the blog. For quite logical, unsentimental reasons. A new born brand, an almost white piece of paper. The incredible opportunity to follow the emergence of a car brand to be very close. Long before products are ready and entering the European markets. Normally, this opportunity does not exist.

The communication with NEVS has reached in the last weeks a quality, as we have always wished us. If it proves to be sustainable, then that would suggest a good development of the corporate culture. It could be the prelude to a journey shared by readers and bloggers whose destination is unknown. Just as the blog started more than 5 years ago, with no idea where the path should go. Anyone interested in cars, mobility and the future can experience with us, as in Trollhättan a new chapter is opened. Where does that bring us? No idea, and that's where the tension lies.

Saab tradition remains in focus

Everything has to change so that it can stay as it is. In future, NEVS will no longer be published under the tag "Saab", but under "Nevs". Otherwise nothing changes. Our blog remains Saab, our project cars like Paul and the 2015er Anna project provide reading material, and with the support of Orio Germany, the new reader campaign will start in a few days. Saab Tradition will continue to play the lead role, with a regular look into the future of mobility. With NEVS we dare to do something new. I would be glad if the readers accompany us.

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  • Hello.

    Even though I have not been a big "NEVZ" fan so far, I think that's a very good decision from you!

    ... curious about the development, I'm already a bit ....
    ... and on my "luscious" morning reading I would like to continue with the espresso, of course, continue! 😉

  • I am glad that it continues. And I'm also curious how things go in Trollhättan. I also hope for the region that something will develop again in the medium to long term with the new brand.
    I had to give up my Saab (company car) earlier this year and now drive Hyundai. Although quite nice, but then you suddenly realize what - often trifles - had the Saab, which one used, and there are not even considered.
    I hope that with NEVS it will go up and in a few years you will get decent cars - even if they are not called Saab anymore - for Europe, but they reflect the spirit of the area. Then I would certainly be involved with a new vehicle this product.

    I hope you continue the blog and I hope you get more information from the NEVS area in the future.

  • The decision for Hello NEVS is a good decision for the bloggers and the readers, because in the next few years there will be a lot of e-cars. Thousands of people work and billions are invested there. I hope that our bloggers look beyond Saab and NEVS. Then the usual blog can become something very big.

  • Who is NEVS fan? But the decision is right, maybe we will still be friends, NEVS and me. Great that you continue!

  • I think it's a more than logical decision. Thanks for moving on!

  • The world keeps turning, the only right decision!

  • A good decision. NEVS builds cars in the place where Saabs originated. While the white sheet paper situation is best described, NEVS does not have any real fans yet, but the desire to produce vehicles in Europe and revive a traditional factory is very valuable in today's fast paced world. I'm curious what else will happen in Trollhättan ...

  • Also, I am pleased that the blog is fed with new information about NEVS.
    Sure, it's exciting to be "up close" when the phoenix emerges from the ashes ...
    I'm open to e-mobility, but I'm wondering
    if and how it should be possible to equip millions (!!!) of cars with batteries ...
    whether the massive individual traffic actually takes us further ...
    as the "oil / diesel use" in trucks u. Small trucks should be changed ...
    whether the public. Nahverkehr no better than (!!!) should be expanded ...
    or whether other traffic concepts / drives would be beneficial.

    With you boss bloggers on board / accompanying NEVS has a great lead in public perception. May the new owners be smart to use this blog too!
    If then the timing from Trollhättan also works, the timely info is almost certain ...
    Thanks, a good decision! 🙂

  • Even if I say it more out of my mind and less with my heart: yes, to pass NEVS is a good thing ... if it means NEVS honest with us. If it turns out that these are all (again) soap bubbles, then Trollhither or not, this great blog should turn away.

    But, listen, er, read my words, if Brexit was just another scary event in the past and banks are paying interest back to customers, then Saab will be resurrected and behind it will be a Fimra, very unlike NEVS, Saab for Saab sake I need ... I hope for Volvo, Jaguar, Toyota or Mahindra.

  • Otherwise it would be inadequate - after all, one would like to know in the future what the trolls are doing! So it's a good decision.

    I myself would be particularly pleased if NEVS then at some point hybrid vehicle would come. Similar to the PRIUS - of course with a nicer design and also with more power. Just as I'm used to from a vehicle from Trollhättan.

  • NEVS is the legal successor to Saab. So they stand in continuity. Now do not stop with such a name, ts. All good.

  • Hallo,
    It's nice to welcome a second brand on the blog!
    In addition, NEVS also fits wonderfully, as it is also virtually untouched in terms of blog technology and NEVs bears the legacy of SAAB.
    Have fun writing

  • Great decision, Tom and Mark. I am looking forward to reading your blog and reading about Saab as well as about NEVS what you find difficult elsewhere.

  • Let's do that Tom and Mark. I love my Saabs, but I'm also open to new things.

  • You have made a good decision. Looking forward to your insights. (I apologize for using English-dumb American)

  • A good and wise decision pointing towards the future. Classic SAABs are what we drive today and what we can still enjoy today. Whether our children will take over our old boxes in 20 or 30 years, or whether we want to leave our classical sweethearts to them at all or inherit - we do not know. Even if we do not want it, the number of SAABs and SAABists today will inevitably decrease. Therefore, as a legitimate successor to SAAB genes, NEVS is the logical and bold step into the future. Bold - because nobody knows what will happen. The news in recent times let hope and expect big.
    During the transition from the 2 to the 4 cycle, the old brand DKW was buried, reviving the traditional brand AUDI. Maybe you can see it like that. Admittedly, today's conditions are different and the comparison is certainly a bit lame. But also from the point of view, it makes perfect sense to deal with NEVS. It's also an extraordinarily exciting story - no matter what.
    @ Tom and Mark: please urgently secures the address "". It is still available.

  • Clever move from NEVS to assure the blogs that way, I would not have expected that. If you carry on wisely, the SAAB legacy will grow into a new, strong brand. The coming years will be exciting, I'm looking forward to it!

  • A "NEVS" does not come into my house. If you think back, what has the Chinese not promised everything. If our Saabs can not "do it", others have to come here.
    There are still good brands today. I will continue to visit the blog.

  • Although I still can not make friends with SAAB's story ... your decision per blog, per NEVS is right and important to be there from the start. I'm curious and happy to continue reading your blog! Thanks for that!

  • I think you have made a good decision. It is (also) about the Saab people in Europe, especially in Trollhättan. The mind can not just be gone, just because no more gas flows. And that's not the only challenge. The much bigger is digitization. Who are the competitors of tomorrow? VW is currently squandering his "war chest" due to the criminal machinations. The topics will be different, but no less exciting.
    Let us participate on the part of the Swedes!

  • ahem,

    Keep going is always a good decision. For the readers anyway.

    In the second decision, I really hope that it is a good one, but I am not as sure as most of the previous speakers ...

    Trailers of the SAAB brand experience a completely new agreement by concluding the brand history. Gone are the days when many a turbo-X driver might have smiled on bread, that his V6 come from the GM shelf.

    No, these discussions are over. Everything from Trollhättan, which bears the name SAAB, is a true SAAB.

    Meet today the Butter Bread Lubricator with his 9-3 2,0T Convertible and the Turbo X driver on a highway parking lot, just smile at each other and enjoy the sight of the other beautiful SAAB and maybe they say so too:

    "Nice car!"
    "Many Thanks. And ditto! "

    What will be a NEVS and if he ever comes to Germany? Nobody knows! It takes only a little bit of bad luck and at the end of a long accompanying phase by bloggers and readers is a bitter disappointment.

    It takes a lot of luck and in the end there is a sensation from Sweden!

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