NEVS new start on good foundation

Last Wednesday we were given the chance to take a look behind the scenes as part of a small group of so-called "Saab ambassadors." After Tuesday's announcement that National Electric Vehicle Sweden decided not to wear the name "Saab" proudly on their vehicles in the future, their feelings were mixed on their way from Gothenburg to Trollhättan.

The press shop in the NEVS factory.
The press shop in the NEVS factory.

One still passes street signs with the imprint "Saab" in the knowledge that on arrival at the factory gate a new lettering hangs on the greeting. The day could not be more beautiful, in this Midsommarwoche. There are 22 degrees already in the morning, the sun is shining from the sky and throws a great light over the stallbacka. The former Saab factory shines back. Under the leadership of NEVS many innovations and repairs have been made on and around the factory that would have been long overdue at GM times.

A small group of “Saab Ambassadors” at NEVS

The parking lot in front of the main gate is quite well filled. A picture that you do not know from the past four years. As a small surprise and relic from the old days, three Saab 9-5 SportCombi of the 2012 pre-series on Maingate will be available for a photo shoot. Two of the vehicles belong to Combitech / Saab AB. Both vehicles have just received approval in Germany to be able to travel legally on Swedish roads later this summer.

We are greeted at the entrance very friendly by Jonas Hernqvist, Mikael Östlund, Hans Martin, and Michèl Annink. Then there is a little Rundumintro of the other participants of the day. They are representatives of the two big Swedish Saab clubs (Saab Turbo Club of Sweden and Svenska Saabklubblen), the Saab Veterans and the Saab Museum. We for on site. The round is very small, this suggests that the day is very interesting!

Michèl gave us a short agenda of the day, then it was already in the guest restaurant on the factory premises. Anyone who knows this from Saab times, to say that nothing looks more stale than back then. It was very nicely renovated and is very Swedish, simple and functional.

NEVS new start on good foundation

Before dinner, Jonas Hernqvist gave a presentation on how to imagine NEVS in the future, what values ​​you want to convey in the future. Again, you can clearly feel the influence of Saab is still marked. An interesting point that has been raised is the question of why one is no longer called "Saab" but in the future "NEVS". The explanation is very plausible, even if one might not even have overlooked a few reasons themselves so quickly.

Delicious little things. Welcome to NEVS. Welcome in the future.
Delicious little things. Welcome to NEVS. Welcome in the future.

On the one hand, Saab AB as a negotiating partner has been very difficult. It has made demands that were not acceptable to NEVS. On the other hand, there are reasons to no longer want to carry the name on the product, which has more to do with more than just money. The Saab AB is a pure armaments company that has not been spared lately by small and big political scandals in some parts of the world. And since some new markets would like to supply the NEVS just know Saab more than an armaments company as the vehicle manufacturers, this was yet another reason for the departure from the traditional brand name "Saab".

A movement in motion

The motto of the new company is "A movement in motion". So a movement in motion. From this it can be seen very well that the new brand will not only be about the mere production of vehicles. The services around the vehicle will also play a major role. On the new website there is a nice new image film about the company which seems very well known, if you have come into contact with Saab press films in the last 10 years.

Strong partners secure the future

Again, you realize that it's about implementing and adopting the traditional values ​​that Saab embodied in the new company. At NEVS, efforts are being made to promote an environmentally friendly future for automotive engineering. NEVS is a company that consists of many partnerships. People are very proud that they have found partners in China who can not be stronger.

On the financial side, we work with the Bank of China, which is the fourth largest financial institution in the People's Republic of China. Another strategic partner is the port city of Tianjin, which may be called the port city of Beijing. And then there was a strong partnership with TeamSun, an IT company that will take care of the software for the new “rolling computers”.

The future of automotive engineering is based on the fact that the vehicles we sit in will be rolling computers. Those stuffed with lots of software should make life easier for the customer and network it in a way that we only know from smartphones today.

Tour of the factory halls

After the really tasty lunch (there was typically Swedish fish) we start our tour through the halls. We actually expected that we would be alone in the halls and have to turn on the lights ourselves. But the opposite is the case. Lights are actually on everywhere in the plant and you can meet employees at almost every corner. Spare parts for Saab models are still produced in the press shop for ORIO AB. On the other hand, they are already busy pressing metal sheets for the prototypes of the new vehicles.

The press shop with its 5 huge presses for the different size pressed parts is still as impressive as it used to be. We have been assured that the quality of the finished goods will not change under NEVS. The former Saab factory has once been one of the most efficient press shops in the automotive industry and had one of the lowest reject rates ever. Our tour was a bit faster than planned, so we still had time to see the robots in the actual Bodyshop.

Here you could already guess quite well that not everything stands still. When passing through the bodyshop, bodies were already being worked on at various points on the belt. Partly with known forms and partly with unknown forms ...

After the press shop and bodyshop, we had a surprise in store. Our path leads to where we would normally never have access ...

Sequel follows…

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    For me NEVS is a company that bought a production hall where damn great cars were once built. What SAAB was was silvered and distributed. For me that means it's a completely new company with a completely new direction. I don't see any SAAbgenes and I'm a little on my mind what is being interpreted into it. SAAB is over in Trolltown! And as long as I don't have a range of 800 to 1000 KM with an EV and can “refuel” in the longest 10 minutes, a pure EV is completely uninteresting for me, no matter how good it looks. And until then it will be a long time. Tesla is a good example, range 447 km when it is practically carried, 220 km range when driving briskly! At least in the Autobild test. How does it look like in winter when the temperature is below zero? Winter vacation with a caravan and a fully packed car? The vacation trip is probably over behind the exit sign !! In my opinion, Gothenburg is on the right track. Maybe via hybrid to EV, but I can already buy something. I can look at it, touch it and smell it in the dealership. And that's exactly what I want. Tom, Mark, thank you so much for all of the great Saab articles and coverage, I'll miss it. I wish you lots of fun with the creation of a new automobile brand! Do it well !!

  • blank

    SAAB as a so-called second brand under VOLVO would somehow not fit well - then rather top products from the well-known factory in Trollhättan with some SAAB genes and above all with SAAB flair. I and probably many other consumers don't care about the brand name.

  • Everything is fine, but I'll just ask a few questions in the room:
    - why now NEVS as a brand name and not NEVC
    - who should pay for these rolling computers? Progress, globalization and the like are all well and good - but wages are stagnating even in an economically strong country like D
    - The target markets only associate Saab with weapons? The target group are also younger people who are more tech-savvy? Is a bad excuse for me ...
    - who is constantly putting rumors a la Volvo Has secured the naming rights to Saab? Are there any even hair-breadth evidence?

  • blank

    The Tom report is already interesting and we are waiting for the sequel.
    NEVS is just not Saab anymore, but I think not less interesting. In any case, continue! Trollhaettan is already interested. Sometimes I already smile, as one or the other stands for NEVS. Whether we want it to be true or not, the cars of the future are now differently knitted. It's great that NEVS meets these requirements. I hope that all of us will be pleasantly surprised when we all already thought with NEVS the light goes out in the factory.

  • Thanks for the great summary! The most exciting question remains unanswered: What are those mysterious bodies with unknown shapes in the bodyshop? Models for Tübitak, NEVS China, an unknown contract manufacturing or even the new unknown types?
    I am very much looking forward to the sequel.

  • Ha, Daniel got it! Interesting how the readers' reactions to a positively written article about NEVS are ... Suddenly everything is possible again.

  • Well, what would have happened if NEVS had done less wrong and more right from the start. I think we probably already have new Saabs on the road, even if initially only on Chinese roads. That they no longer wanted the name Saab itself, I just don't take it from them, they simply had no chance to get the naming rights after they had inflicted even more bad press and even more damage on the name Saab after GM and Muller. That was an escape forward. Nevertheless, I would have liked to see NEVS identify and present itself as a new, independent company. What amazes me is why now this sudden interest in the former Saab drivers. If you want to get them to their side quickly, there should be something to the rumor and Volvo / Geely would have succeeded in securing the brand rights and presented a new Saab fleet on the CMA platform in autumn, which would also have to be granted to Saabgene , because it was also developed by people who were previously significantly involved in the Phoenix platform at Saab. I find it pointless to attribute Saab genes in everything and everywhere just because someone or another was at Saab and maybe even had a brilliant idea during his time at Saab. People who used to work at Saab now work for Volvo, GM / Opel, Quoros, startups that have arisen around the Saab remnants or other other car companies and also for NEVS. In the announced products from NEVS, I see electric moving computers that have nothing to do with Saab. That's why it's right that these things are not called Saab. Everyone has to know for themselves whether what will leave the plant in Trollhättan at some point will fit into their life and meet their ideas and needs. For my part, I want to drive a car myself and not get my will from a computer, even if it costs one or two parking tickets, and I sometimes want to be able to drive more than 300 or 400 kilometers without a long compulsory break. That means in the medium and short term there will be no suitable vehicle for me from NEVS. Nevertheless, please continue to report what is going on in the former Saab factory. It's always exciting and a little Saab in the form of spare parts for Orio is still being built there. Now, please, now that it is really clear that NEVS is not Saab, please do not always search for the Saab in NEVS.

  • Well, the Chinese can do it quite well: to fool one, a brilliant stalling tactic to keep the people at the bar. Works quite well as you read here. First, NEVS was the great savior, who then did not deliver, then the low point was reached and the mood was rather that we cry this company no tears and Saab is probably finally dead. Now invite a few people to coffee and cake including factory tour and Bauchpinselung and already dream of the first again of great cars with Saab genes.

  • So I'm not looking forward to the alignment as a half China blog. Then prefer a blog of historic cars focusing on Saab.
    If so, please do not write about NEVS but about all Chinese descendants with Saab genes.

    Saab is history. The 30 yearlings hardly know the name and Saab will be like Glas, Rover etc.

    We should stop chasing after Chinese investors who were only interested in the - now outdated - Saab technologies. Keyword sell-out. Those were Saab's gravedigger and not great joys. They were never interested in our spare parts supply either!

    Saab Classic and no China Gravedigger Blog please!

    • blank

      Did I miss the Schwexit? Is Sweden now in China? Or why half a Cina blog?

    • blank

      Which and how many 30 year olds did you interview (where)?

      • Exactly! Ask my 10-year-old what a Saab model is, which is approaching from behind. Who has the safe results? Dad, or the 10-year-old son? 😉

    • I do not understand the problem. NEVS will employ more than 1000 employees in Sweden after the summer holidays, plus assignments that will be outsourced. Wages and high national social security contributions are paid in Sweden, financed by one of the largest Swedish industrial projects by banks from China. We live in a global world, the retreat to the lonely island does not work.
      The future of the blog is a mixture of Saab tradition (and nostalgia) and cutting-edge mobility solutions. Daring to be sure, but Saab was once the supplier of the “greenest” high-performance sedan in the world with the 9000 and the Trionic. Seen in this way, we come full circle.

    • Just one example: At Volvo, “the Chinese” is a major investor and is very successful in brand management. Only with the money from China is it possible to develop great new models, see for example the XC90 and V90. Not only in my opinion, top cars in terms of concept, technology and styling, which you can no longer find among the too fat German car brands. Copy and paste was yesterday. Today strong partnerships are forged.

    • blank

      They speak to me from the soul.

  • NEVS has left SAAB fans behind for a long time, annoyed us with a minimalist information policy, but it's getting a bit slow.

    There were completely different big construction sites that had to be worked through first and which also suffered setbacks. Without political networking, a car company is lost today. (If he is well connected, he can take everything out - see VW ...).

    The armaments company SAAB has really made unpopular here and there, even in Kiel. The reason for the new beginning under NEVS I can understand well.

    In the end, it doesn't matter which logo is stuck on, as long as the products continue to show the SAAB idea, design, progress, quality, safety ...

  • blank

    it seems that a new movement is manifesting that promises to be sustainable. That's what I want: powerful movement, innovative, resource-saving, in a slim design. With this in mind, I would like to thank the SAABblog team for showing us the new time.
    PS: pronounce the letter NEVS as a word, I still find it difficult, because something bothers me.
    My idea, my copyright: a new mix of letters in “SVEN”, that sounds Swedish and in my interpretation it reads more fluid, lighter, more Swedish, closer to nature.
    and it's called “SVEN: swedish vehicle electric nature” copyright Streussnig Raimund.
    Please stay in the blog open for news from mobility. I like being there.
    Greetings from Salzburg,

    • blank

      You will get used to the brand name. BMW does not sound that great either. More important is the design.

      @ Tom: Are there any already knowledges?

      • Design will be the big topic tomorrow. NEVS has, absolutely unbelievably, led the visitors into the secret studios. What was to be seen there is surprising ...

        • blank

          Now it's getting hot ...

          Who would have thought that suddenly it could happen so fast! ! !

          If NEVS goes in the same direction as some designers - studies were here to see - as a potentially new 9 3 has come up with, then I'm positive baff.

          A comeback of the 900 in a modern form, with a modern drive and old virtues (to be a coupe-like cargo wonder, for example) would take me in one fell swoop - and it would truly be a bang - for the new Swedish national cars.

          How can a blog about a vanished brand be so exciting?
          That does not really make any sense, does it?

    • Yes. See here:

  • Maybe I should reconsider my attitudes towards NEVS ...

    • I guess so. I like the openness with which NEVS is currently communicating with us. That's a good start anyway!

  • blank

    Very nice to read! Does NEVS have a lot of SAAB Spirit? I'm curious!!

  • Show again that your decision to report on NEVS was a pretty good decision.
    Binn glad that we can find news on this blog Saab and NEVS. I wish you success; and we keep reading !!!

  • blank

    …I'm curious! As already written, if the quality and framework data match why not a NEVZ, the SAABe stay and a new one gets a grip sticker! 😉

    Nice that continues to be reported, a white sheet of paper is not with the NEVZ begins! I'm curious how it looks in 10 years. GM SAAB's plan seems to be reversing. 2 Chinese and Turkish company build on the SAAB genes! Very exciting but a shame about the brand name, which stood in the end for automotive Understandment.

    So please continue to report!

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