Saab Summertime!

It is now a good Saab tradition on the blog - we ask the readers about your Saab story. We are open to everything as long as it has to do with the brand. My first Saab, a Saab restoration that never wants to end, or the Saab that was sold and is now sorely missed.

Saab Summertime

Everything is possible and allowed, because summer time and the holiday months are just around the corner. Maybe there is some free time on vacation to write a Saab story. Or the journey goes towards Scandinavia, you take a quick look at the Saab Bilmuseum, then enjoy a cool drink at Göta Älv and then continue towards Stallbacka ...

Saab Summertime - Time for Saab stories

We want to motivate readers to write down their Saab story. Last year we had many submissions, great stories were among them. For each sender there was an exclusive Saab reader cup as a small thank you from the blog. And this year?

We briefly toyed with the idea of ​​launching an anniversary mug for 5 years on But then we weren't really satisfied with the idea and didn't want a 1: 1 repetition of the 2015 campaign.

A new idea had to come with a saaby background, which goes without saying. Support and ideas came from Eschborn. The Orio Germany GmbH, our original spare parts supplier, is sponsoring the Saab Summertime campaign. An important gesture, also with regard to the events of the last days. A proof that one stands unchanged for the brand, the vehicles and their owners.

A box was packed for us in Eschborn. With Saab literature! What is inside? The “Saab Welcome Book”, the “Saab Brand & Range Book” and the “Aero Concept Book”. Great books that bear witness to a unique brand. Every sender whose story is published will receive a great book from us as a thank you.

And it gets even better! Orio Germany has offered to print the best Saab story in the new edition of Saab Inside. A great idea that we are happy to accept. The readers themselves decide which story will find its way into the magazine!

The conditions of participation:

Everybody can participate on the blog, except for the members of the blog team.

We wish us:

  • An article that is a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 1.000 words.
  • Submission in the usual formats such as Word or Open Office.
  • 3 pictures per article, format 1280 x… .. or larger. Large files please by wetransfer.
  • The sender declares to be the owner of the pictures and consents to the publication.
  • Submit to: saabstory (ä t)

The deadline for entries is 30.09.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX. The number of books is limited; we ship while stocks last.

The blog team wishes you a lot of fun writing the Saab!


6 thoughts on "Saab Summertime!"

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    That fits well. The Toppola-Mania broke out here in the Saab-Club and in the near future I will get a story about the purchase and the first tour to the Truck-GP at the Nürburgring.
    See you

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    Saab will drive as long as possible, and that will be very, very long. While reading the blog, hopefully it will be a long time. Great idea, I'm looking forward to the stories that show how alive our brand is!

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    We were with our Saab 9-3 Cabrio in June in Italy on Lake Garda and enjoyed every trip including the arrival / departure. Too bad that it is definitely over.

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    Great idea, SAAB'S must be preserved and remain on everyone's lips. SAAB for ever

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    Nice idea, I had already missed the reader stories on the blog. It's always nice to read the stories of Saab virus infected people!

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