Troll Rallye 2016 - picture gallery

One of the things I have to add is the Troll Rally 2016 of the Saab Friends Erftkreis. This year, Schloss Geisa in Thuringia was the starting point of the rally. Mark was there as a representative of As usual, the Saab friends delivered an event with a lot of spirit and high professionalism.

Impressions Troll Rally 2016
Impressions Troll Rally 2016

The 39. Edition of the Troll Rally

The tour was, as always, completely booked. The harmonious juxtaposition of very different Saab models from all epochs of the brand was also great this year. The mix is ​​exciting, which is also the fascination of the Troll Rallye. The many pictures speak for themselves, a detailed report of the 39. Edition of the tour is here accessible.

The Saab T-shirts from Orio Deutschland GmbH, a gift from Eschborn for the participants, were well received. And anyone who comes across the Erftkreisler club jackets in the picture gallery, who finds them well and wants to order them, can do so through the club.


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  • Really nice photos of great SAAB querbeet from the model range

  • There is an 9-5 NG Taxi?

      • The article is already 4 years old. Is that still in daily operation and how many kilometers does he have in the meantime on the hump. The taxi would be really worth a story on the blog.

        • Details will follow soon.

    • That fascinated me too. A brand ambassador par excellence!

      The "camping bus" is also fascinating. They are all beautiful to look at.

      • PS

        Camper and taxi are so special that they almost commit their owners to a reading, or not?

        In any case, both are worth an article. Anyone who makes a trip always has something to tell and in such a special taxi, there are guaranteed to be interesting conversations with surprised passengers.

        Please, more about it.

  • THANK YOU for the emotional report and the phnatastic photo gallery !!!

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