Trademark rights. The day I understood NEVS

Monday morning. Working on the MacBook, Twitter running in the background. The week developed splendidly until I noticed a tweet with the well-known brand logo. What's going on in Sweden, I think and start reading…

Saab. Racquets from Sweden damage the image
Saab. Racquets from Sweden damage the image

The bankruptcy trustee of Saab Automobile AB sue suppliers for repayment of allegedly unduly received payments. In the current case, this Monday, they pull against IAC and demand 91 million Swedish Krona. The background is the in the meantime established insolvency, which on the 6. April 2011 and subsequent payments to important suppliers.

IAC is one of them, and the company will be forced that day 49 million crownsto transfer around € 5.2 million to the bankruptcy estate. Saab is - again - with a negative topic in the press, probably also in the Swedish news. IAC, it can be assumed, will not remain the last case. Other former suppliers, including smaller medium-sized companies, could also get caught in the crosshairs of lawyers.

All at once I understand NEVS

The process has no end, the bankruptcy trustees have found a life's work and a good livelihood. The following Tuesday, they demand 15 million crowns for further work; 250 million have so far flowed into the process. A conclusion is not in sight; the proceedings may take many, many years. Against this background, which investor would be willing to invest in the Saab brand name?

Racquets from Sweden continue to damage the brand

Rebuilding the brand would cost millions. Euros, not Swedish krona. There are a million Saab drivers, a nice percentage of them who really stand behind the brand. Many and yet too few to see that as a foundation. Reintroducing Saab to European markets and North America would be a task for years. A long-term mission, repeatedly sabotaged by ricochets from Sweden, from a process that never ends and that repeatedly sends the Saab logo - garnished with bad news - around the world?

Because, let's not kid ourselves, the world is small and round. What is a topic in Sweden today can be a big hit tomorrow on a blog in China. Or anywhere else in the world. The word Saab, repeatedly burdened by the bankruptcy scenario in Sweden - you can not bring a brand back to the world.

We only know the semi-official statement from NEVS on the subject. The license costs for the trademark rights should have been the important point. I imagine the endless process in Sweden was another. I can understand NEVS well this week. Even though I would like to celebrate with the readers the rebirth of the brand. Under these circumstances, it will probably be nothing.

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  • “Due to concerns of the rights holder, who is mainly known as an armaments company, the brand name was allowed to be used for the vehicles built from December 2013, but the well-known logo had to be dispensed with. After the new owner stopped production in May 2014 and subsequently even filed for bankruptcy and applied for bankruptcy protection, Saab AB pulled the plug completely and refused to continue using the name. "
    “In the course of this restructuring, Trollhättan had justified hopes that Saab AB would reconsider its decision to withdraw the naming rights. However, this is not the case, as NEVS has now announced ”

    The NEVS is different it is probably clear.

    • These are ready-made DPA messages. Nobody bothered to ask NEVS or Saab. We have known all of this for years….

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    Is not it rather that NEVS have been denied the rights of SAAB AB?
    Here it sounds different, although the relevant press reports the refusal.

    • There is only one opinion from NEVS AB, none from SAAB AB. This is silent. What NEVS reports seems plausible and coincides with what we learned about it a few weeks earlier. The information is first-hand from a participant in the negotiations between NEVS and SAAB.

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    Brand remains brand - SAAB was and is a brand NEVS is nothing. Tesla was once “NOTHING” but is now a brand - and what a brand. But I think that NEVS will only work in the Far East alone. In Europe I find it difficult to imagine that this could become a new “automobile brand”. My opinion: it would have been better to stay with SAAB - but if you don't build cars anyway, it doesn't matter anyway.

  • But you should be clear that someone else can secure the naming rights and then possibly builds new Saab. Then of course not in Trollhättan. But our convertible is also from Linz.

  • Interesting how you can still sell a crushing defeat as a success ...

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      The SAAB AB as a group with a former automotive division also has huge downsides - you couldn't cope with the aforementioned division and GM as a buyer at the time was an excellent fit. Why should failures still participate in it in the future?

      The outcome of the negotiations is by no means a crushing defeat - on closer inspection it is simply the more sensible variant to leave the sometimes unpleasant past behind with a new name.

      • Sorry, but apparently some of them don't know what they wrote a short time ago, or you hang your flag in the wind ...
        Not so long ago, the canon here was that brand name was important to success. Not only here but also worldwide because the name “SAAB” has a certain sound and an excellent reputation worldwide. Suddenly that doesn't matter, even understandable. I wonder if some drive Saab just because it's “anti-mainstream” (like NEVS then too) or because they really appreciate certain characteristics. It reminds me a lot of “le roi est mort, vive le roi!” The main thing is to continue ...

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          I remember the last survey on the brand name. 85% saw only the SAAB name as the only alternative. Tom was quite alone with his opinion. He either already knew what was coming, or clairvoyant abilities. That everything seems to develop positively for NEVS is a surprise, but understandable.

          Before everything goes ashore in Trollinngen NEVS is the smaller problem, the main thing is to continue on a positive note.

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    Finally, when you look closer, you always come back to the SAAB AB (armaments company).

    This group itself never really got along with its former SAAB car division - as is well known, at the beginning of the 90s they parted ways first in small parts (50%) and then completely in 2000. What then happened under GM was the continuation of the failure regarding SAAB automobiles.

    In retrospect, we should actually be happy that the regaining of the trademark rights failed. In my opinion, the NEVS people are hardworking like bees and will also be quite successful. Due to events in the past, SAAB AB has no right to participate in a future positive development - neither in financial terms (ongoing payments for naming rights) nor in a good image that may develop in the future with NEVS mobility solutions.

    As has already been mentioned several times in the blog, the main thing is that cars will soon roll off the production line in Trollhättan again. The name is of secondary importance - it is important that these vehicles are of excellent quality and really live up to the slogan “made in trollhättan by trolls”.

  • Maybe somebody can enlighten or explain. What's left to handle or manage, that it takes years and a lot of fees to complete the bankruptcy? I just do not understand. The cheese should have been eaten long ago. But I'm just a layman too.

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      Well, the creditors (three-digit number of suppliers, dealers, employees) might like at least part of their money again. Such insolvency proceedings are also drawing
      in Germany for many years. For example, the liquidator GM is suing for repayment of 180 million SEK, which lasts. Source:

      The fact that the administrators earn well can make you jealous, but the potential trouble should be directed at the even better paid “managers” who caused the whole thing. Well-run companies do not need an insolvency administrator.

  • If you read NEVS from behind, that's SVEN, I just noticed. I think the suggestion SVEN has already mentioned somebody here on the blog. I think the name could have been superior to NEVS. That sounds really Swedish and can be pronounced much better. The bankruptcy lawyers should be stopped. Money from suppliers who have been paid their bill on the basis of a service rendered, now to demand back that then the lawyers in the pockets push, that cries to heaven. Although that may be lawful, it is at least morally reprehensible

  • I have to agree with you, Tom, so NEV's move is very logical. Is that possibly also the reason why ORIO ORIO is called?

    Incidentally, I have probably found an alternative for me, starts with S, but is one of the oldest manufacturers in the world.

    Thanks for your contributions, what makes

      • That could be…

    • Orio opens up additional markets, the name Saab Automobile Parts AB would not have made that easy. I think that was the real reason for renaming.

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    And I thought the procedure was through ...

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    A few lawyers have found their life's work, it seems. Logical that under these circumstances, it goes out as it went out. No investor with expertise does that, as well as you could throw the money out the window.

    It's just a pity about the brand, which deserves a big comeback !!

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