Countdown to the future

The Stallbacka has seen a lot of visitors over the past few weeks. The press and representatives of the Saab fan base were given the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at the former Saab plant. Public relations work at NEVS is in full swing.

NEVS E-bil
NEVS E-bil


The local newspaper visited the development center. There were some pictures from the secured rooms, which can also be seen online. A countdown is running on the wall. A few days ago it was 334 days, what is it showing? Probably the remaining time until the start of series production in China, but that is not certain.

The NEVS electric car project is also in full swing, and although the body is reminiscent of the old 9-3, there is a completely different car under the tin. The body of the first electric car comes from the press shop in Trollhättan, for a transitional period. NEVS is currently testing the shipment on the Trans-Siberian railway, the freight wagons are already on the factory premises. The rail route to China is faster and cheaper than by sea freight, the project is exciting.

Better electric motors and better batteries should be in development. It would be exciting to find out more about this.

NEVS in the GP

The auto industry is in big upheavals, whose outcome and customer acceptance can not be predicted. In addition to electromobility and autonomous driving, property will in the future be considered an option, sharing as standard. Michèl Annink designs the future solutions at NEVS, perhaps he has taken on the most exciting task ever.

Im Gothenburg Post a few weeks ago you could get a first, brief insight into what the future will look like. Of the first NEVS electric car, purely optically just a Saab 9-3, 250.000 units were ordered from Panda New Energy (PNE). The vehicles are delivered with optional digital services. So far, PNE has worked with Uber and the Chinese Uber competitor Didi, but NEVS wants to offer its own services in the future.

From 2017, PNE will rent NEVS electric cars, to private individuals, as vehicles with chauffeur, or as a pool solution for companies. Which services are developed at NEVS in Sweden is still a secret, Michèl Annink only revealed small details to GP. The car as a service will adapt to the passengers. It will suggest a route with sights to tourists and the shortest route to the destination for business travelers.

Ready for new alliances

The future is open in every direction, just as NEVS is ready for further alliances. Universities and technology companies - Talks are underway in Sweden, Europe and especially in China. A new selection of materials in the car is also a topic of the future. The focus is on the wellbeing of the customers, the materials should be adapted to the environment and purpose.

How will the car position itself in the future? As a cheap, environmentally friendly and fully networked means of transport, as a study by Leasetrend suggests for the year 2030? Where sustainability should be the trump card, but design and brand should lose their appreciation for it? How will the new provider from Trollhättan position itself in this environment? How will he deal with the Swedish origin, what about the history of the old Saab factory and the brand values? Which sales channels are selected, how do you communicate with customers in the future? The answers to the questions might be interesting.

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  • many thanks for your response. Then I just have to wait. Sounds very good what you are describing ...
    Let's hope that the two, three or four models will become MY 19 at the latest.

  • Hello Tom, I have a quick question. Are there more than just these sketches (which we have known since a very old NEVS presentation)? Did the guests in the “secret” room see anything more than that? So physical… digital models? I'm very excited to see what will come of it. I hope we (all) can see what is planned soon ... at least a kind of prototype for the design language of the MY 18 (if still realistic 18).

    LG from Berlin

    • There are more than these sketches, but no pictures for the blog. The visitors have seen fascinating interiors and great exterior design, everyone was very excited. I have such a hunch that you will see a lot more in the coming year, but I do not currently see MY 2018.

  • blank

    NEVS E-bil ...
    Almost unbelievable when this vehicle should be REALITY!
    If then quality and environmentally friendly factors of production are taken into account, then there can be something NEW!
    And from this mode of operation then fits the name: NEVS = in the best (!) Sense!
    Once again it has become exciting on the blog! Perhaps this time with a happier outcome ...
    I remain cautious ... (but would be happy!) 🙂

    From my point of view, SAAB may still be called in connection with NEVS.
    The SAAB roots have been taken over. These genes will (hopefully) be continued / further developed. Even if in a "different" way ...
    Main thing: Made by Trolls!

  • blank

    Keep it up Tom,
    is super interesting and from “our” Saab factory. It will be exciting. It's just funny that no German auto magazines have made the slightest hint about NEVS and what's going on in Sweden so far.

  • blank

    I see it similarly. If you have children, they may not have your last name either, but they will still carry part of your DNA and a lot of your influence. You would not deny the relationship because of the other name. And when you are dead, your children stay and part of you lives on in them ...
    Incidentally, I find the name change only logical and more than understandable. Saab as a car manufacturer is history, just as turbines will be in a few years and conventional drives in general. Let's see if at NEVS worthy successors arise!

  • blank

    Why? NEVS now has its headquarters in the former SAAB plant. That's fact, no matter what you think about it. And in the NEVS development center, the SAAB 901 hangs on the wall (see pictures). That's the way it is, I can live with it very well.

  • blank

    Hello, it would be nice if the name SAAB is no longer mentioned in connection with NEVS products. NEVS has taken the step with the new brand name, then the blog should follow suit like this.

    • blank

      Not to mention SAAB would be to deny the past and the roots. Trollhättan and the factory are Saab automobiles since 1947 and previously as aircraft shipyard. It will always be, and NEVS is now the future for the city, the former car and aircraft factory, and the jobs.

      That at NEVS still hang old Saab pictures on the walls I think is very sympathetic!

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