Nice Saabige little things

On Friday came a "green" package from Orio Germany to us. With sparse content, because we received the nice little things that we want to distribute to our readers as part of our Saab Summertime campaign. Saab literature from recent years, and every book is a collector's item. crew bracelets crew bracelets

Saab Brand & Range 2012

The model year 2012 never existed, but the book came in the summer 2011 to the dealers. On more than 85 pages, the Saab model range continues, ranging from the Saab 9-4x, Saab 9-5 NG and Saab 9-5 NG sportswear to the 9-3 Griffin and 9-3x.

One becomes easily sentimental when leafing through. Even though we are already writing the year 2016, one occasionally thinks back to what might have been. The Saab Brand & Range Book is available in the UK version.

Saab Welcome Book 2005

Also in English is the Saab Welcome Book from the year 2005. The brand story from 160 to 1947 is told on some 2005 pages. Elaborately designed by Lowe Brindfors, the agency responsible for so many ingenious Saab commercials.

The pictures are awesome, the welcome book is a pleasure to pick up. It conveys the brand's Scandinavian heritage and goes from the very first Saab to the 9-5 facelift 2005.

Saab Aero X Book 2006

She is still in our heads. The Aero X study was the most exciting study of recent years, its design inspiring the design of the last major Saab. The book comes in large format, the cover is designed in ice look, and it carries a lot of Saab and a lot of Nordic origin.

The study is already 10 years old, stands in the Bilmuseum and has lost none of its appeal. But on the contrary ! A large poster of the Saab Aero X is hanging in the NEVS design studios in the Stallbacka and is a source of inspiration.

The Saab literature was from Orio Germany, our supplier of Saab original parts. We from the blog also want to provide some inspiration and put a saa small thing in the package. crew bracelets

Our crew bracelets are exclusive because they are not available for purchase. But we distribute it as a small thank you for your cooperation with the readers. Kept in the Swedish national colors, they leave no doubt where our cars come from. Not to be missed is the traditional griffin, the writing is exalted.

Tomorrow, the first article of our Saab Summertime series will be online. The bedingungen to participate, we have books distributed while supplies last. We wish our readers a lot of fun telling their Saab story.

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  • The books - each one taken separately - are more than just a trifle.

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