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Trollhättan and Saab - a connection that will always exist. The most famous product of the city are the cars from the Stallbacka, which have been produced there since 1947. Maybe in a few years we will also talk about a new, innovative brand. But the roots of passenger car construction are with Saab forever.

Saab bollards in Trollhattan
Saab bollards in Trollhattan

What could be more natural than for the city to celebrate its most famous product? During the Saab Festival 2015, the city presented a "new car brand". That was not meant very seriously, because it was above all a tribute to the Swedish engineers who brought the first Saab onto the streets in 1947. Based on the design of the Ursaab, the municipality showed a street bollard with a typical Saab silhouette.

Street bollard in Saab design

Cast in concrete and an individual alternative to the uninhibited barriers that we see in European cities. The design of the first version not only met with approval. The shape was not well taken and must be revised, it was heard.

Those in charge of the municipality faced the criticism and showed the Saab street bollard in version 2.0 a few weeks ago. Closer to Ursaab and already connected with big plans. If the “Made by Trollhättan” bollard meets with approval, then one could imagine a larger production. Maybe even sell Ursaabs made of concrete to Saab friends and interested parties. Why not?

And while you're at it, you could think about different sizes. A large version for public spaces, smaller versions for fans. For terraces, front gardens and any place in the world that could be “saabized” in this way. A topic for the next Saab Festival, and some foreign visitors would then certainly have a huge load or space problem.

Saab prototypes on the beach gatan

Yet it is not so far. The concrete prototypes of version 2.0 can be seen on Strandgatan below the Swania Hotel ... in different colors. With their special flair, they could put a smile on the face of visitors in the future. Trollhättan, this is the future. Finally, after years of uncertainty. But it is also the story of an incredible brand. It's nice when you celebrate that too.

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  • I find it touching to see how much this town still identifies with Saab. All the more one has to hope that this spirit leads to a resumption of a vehicle production suffered these people there enough.

  • Obviously, black Saab are favored by Swedish dogs or the other colors are not

  • Congratulations to the marketing department in Trollhättan! Great idea, and so personable! 🙂 Automatically puts a smile on your face - and the day will be good!
    I would prefer the “park bench” model….
    A SAAB in blue and a SAAB in yellow, of course.

  • 2 Betonsaabs combined with a stone slab could make a pretty and stable garden bench. That would be something for my garden. After start of serial production then the Betonsaabs are imported from Orio Germany and we can finally buy a new Saab from Trollhättan at the friendly dealer

    • For the garden bench, however, it would still be necessary to buy an accessory for the Saab. A roof rack

  • Congratulations to Stad THT for realizing such a great project.

  • Is what I want to have. Festival 2017, order, pay, shipping with forwarding agency

  • Successful idea and I really hope that there will be no imitators in Ingolstadt, Zuffenhausen or Wolfsburg etc. Saab is UNIQUE

    • ... and if there are imitators, so what ??? SAAB was again (!) A pioneer / thought leader! 🙂 Free riders are never to be shaken off.

  • Great idea!! So Saab always stays alive for every tourist, especially when he comes in contact with his all-star car. Fun aside, very nicely done. Would be in different sizes also a nice souvenir from the Saabstadt.

  • Great idea ... would probably be. also something for German cities ... just not a SAAB but a Golf, Beetle or Trabi ...

  • I was in Trollhättan a few days ago and these cute little specimens are really a feast for the eyes. Production wellcome….

  • My garden requires a blue!

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