Upgrades for the Saab 9000 CSE

What is happening with the Saab 9000? For years he was considered inconspicuous and was estimated in the favorable case as a low-priced consumption car. If you went to a meeting with an 9000, then he was just another Daily Driver in the series. Very suddenly, things change. Wherever the 9000 - known as the Anna Project - drives up, thumbs up. Also of people who can actually do little with Saab.

New turbo hoses, engine preheaters for the Saab 9000
New turbo hoses, engine preheaters for the Saab 9000

The mass of 9000 has now more than 20 years on the plate. As cheap utility cars, they are too old and disappear from the streets. The 9000 makes itself scarce, good copies are noticeable. Our Anna project has a long history behind it. 2015 launched the rescue, and the most important things were done. The history of the car, which I should never have bought, you can read, if you enter in the search function "Anna".

What was left to do were little things. A new air conditioning compressor had to, because the previous had exceeded its life. Since an 9000 without air conditioning in the summer with sunroof is not really pleasant to drive, built Saab Service Frankfurt an overhauled compressor for a good price. And since the Saab was already in the workshop, there was more to do.

Samco Sport Turbo Tubing

There was the matter with the turbo hoses. We had that 245 PS Kit tried by Maptun, the boost pressure rose to more than 1 bar, which can hardly be healthy for almost 20 years old hoses. In addition ... how good are turbo hoses of the Saab 9000 CSE after two decades? To minimize the risk of failure, the old parts were replaced by new ones from Samco Sport. Delivery and order was handled by Schlüter Motorsport and was trouble-free. The quality of the Samco hoses, deliberately chosen in subtle black, is high. More substance and strength than in the series, it should be feasible up to 3 bar boost pressure.

The change can theoretically be self-directed, but without a lift, it is not much fun. The team of Gérard Ratzmann completed the exchange, packing the old hoses into the 9000 in exemplary fashion. Their condition confirms the decision. The time has not gone by without a trace, in comparison with the Samcos they seem attacked. The exchange was a good idea. Too bad that Orio has no improved hoses on offer. I would have liked a product with Saab lettering. It would be great if Orio would provide high-quality products for the aftermarket in the future.

Calix engine preheater

In Sweden, the Calix engine preheaters are very common. The advantages are apparent. Easy installation, less emission, less wear, cheaper price. The preheaters are available from the Saab partners. Of the heater for the Saab 9000 CSE was also mounted in Frankfurt, because - you may suspect - our Anna project is not sold. After a lot of work Anna is close to my heart. The 9000 gets a year-round approval and will mitigate the withdrawal of 2001er Aero in the cold season. Note: It is not possible without old Saab.

Saab little things

If you look after an old, neglected car, there are a thousand things to do. First the technique, so that the base is right. As the Saab slowly approaches 2, you become more demanding. It follows cosmetics, like the Door trim, which was exchanged recently. Available at Orio, unlike some other trifles. The holders of the floor mats on the driver's side had it behind, as with so many 9000. You can ignore that and fix the mats in some way. But it annoys you.

Because the two small plastic parts are no longer available. One can also ask a Saab workshop that lives the brand daily ... whose staff then, and that's no joke, has one of those sought-after holders in their pockets, gets the second one out of the warehouse. Saab Service Frankfurt has taken good care of Anna. Inexpensive, fast, competent. With a lot of spirit. Thanks for that!

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  • Hello Tom, I am glad that Anna stays with you. This year, a little late, my 9000 CSE is now back in the country. And I repeat myself to the last year .... it's so much fun!
    Autohaus Kreil in Hof has also worked the list with all the little things with great attention to detail and now finally the CSE has the last thing I've always lacked ... a cruise control. The power deficit (yes .. only ... 150 PS) to my other Saab's, each with at least Aero engines, strangely enough, I'm not annoying in the CSE. So you also have a good trip with the 9000, which you can run for a long time .......

  • The blog is to blame that even with me (again) is an 9000 in the yard. Currently, it is being worked on, a part repainted, many obsolete. 2017 he comes back on the road!

  • Nice to hear from Anna. But what is Paul doing right now? There was nothing to hear from him for a while

    • Paul comes on the street in August. He had to stand back a little, because things beyond Saab were simply priorities.

  • Cool upgrades! The turbo hoses should be exchanged on principle. 20 years in the Hize of the engine room feed on the substance. At some point the things will simply break. Would be nice if Orio Saab Original had to retrofit for more steam.

    @ Tom: Maybe ask me?

  • Yes, the 9000 are really beautiful and still everyday cars. Drive my 9000er Aero from 1996 every day. This week the 370 000km will be full

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