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Saab makes himself scarce in the media, so I'm glad, if I can find somewhere saabige reading. Most of the time I buy the magazine because I think journalistic work should be paid for. However, it is stupid for the publisher, if I get the magazine only then in the fingers, if the successor number should actually already be delivered.

Saab Inside, The 96, Youngtimer by Motor Klassik
Saab Inside, The 96, Youngtimer by Motor Klassik

Saab 900 in classic engine classic cars

Actually, 5 / 2016 should already be in the display. But still there was the previous kiosk number, and because a Saab 900 restoration report on 4 pages was part of the content, I reached out. A typical Saab 900 story, and nice to read that a Saab stays more on our streets. The booklet is unfortunately only directly at the Motor press Stuttgart to purchase as a print version or digital. Or you look past the fuelbrothers. The owner of the 900 writes with friends a gasoline-heavy blog, parts of the Saab 900 restoration can be read there.

Saab friends in Toppola fever

Regularly comes "The 96" the Saab friends Erftkreis on my desk. The information sheet of the Erftkreisler never has many pages, but powerfully saabigen contents. Currently the Toppola fever has broken out in the club. Toppola on the front page, two pages report on dreams that will come true. And because a Saab rarely stays alone, you will find on the following page the message that Toppola number 2 has landed in the club. For Germany, almost a sensation, and number 3 should be on the way.

Clubs are becoming more important to the brand. Saab is what we make of it. In clubs, responsibility is shared across many shoulders. Saabsunited would be without the Swedish Saab Clubwho has taken the responsibility, maybe no longer exist. Membership is therefore always a good idea.

Saab Inside

It is already a tradition that the Orio Germany GmbH, our original Saab spare parts supplier and blog project supporter, is a limited edition of the Saab Inside print. The booklets have collectors value and are distributed to friends of the house. We always get a small number, the notebooks go to the members of the crew and we also distribute copies to the readers. How the current issue comes to readers is on the blog over the course of the week.

We also have the following topics in the new week:

  • Search for clues. Saab model year 2017
  • Flag up, How to show Saab enthusiasm.
  • and many saabige reader stories.

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  • Hallo,
    Short update at the Toppola at the Saabfreunde Erftkreis.
    No. 2 got another car underneath and easily survived the maiden voyage to the Nürburgring.
    # 3 a rare third generation Toppola on a 9 3 I has the registration marathon behind and rolls with German license plates.
    No 4 is in planning.
    The first 3 Toppola will be on the 21. August in Schloss Löhrsfeld near Kerpen.

    • Number 4 in planning? Absolutely amazing, that's good news!

    • Thanks for the Toppola reference to the Saab friends Erftkreis, we are on 21. August back from Vadstena and not far away in the volcanic Eifel, and we will take a look at the number 3.
      I know from the net only the omnipresent red Swedish 9-3 I AERO, but to see the station wagon live by chance is unlikely in Germany.

      ..and the report on the (mammoth) project Saab 900 in the Youngtimer was the reason for me to buy them, nice written ...

  • Saab model year 2017 ... that sounds very interesting ... is it about the Castriota 9-3?

  • Hallo,
    No 4 has landed ......
    The 4. Toppola arrived at the club and probably also at the meeting in Löhrsfeld.
    It's from the inventor ......

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