My Saab story

This already started 1980 when my boss arrived after selling his boxy Volvo with a sleek new Saab 900 Turbo Sedan in dark green patent dress and also green velor seats and side panels. A great vehicle that I had not seen before and that I liked immediately.

Saab 900 Sedan. Picture: Dietmar Erhard
Saab 900 Sedan. Picture: Dietmar Erhard

For me, however, it was financially unattainable, since I was after my architectural studies only 3 years of professional activity. After a 2CV (which I still consider a special vehicle today, but no longer) the Golf 1 (which was already rusted after 3 years), I drove a Kadett D several years.

In 1985 I had to buy another car and I still couldn't afford a new Saab. Then I found out by chance that my boss's Saab was for sale at the dealership because he was getting a new Saab. I didn't hesitate and bought it. From now on I was a proud Saab driver and Saab owner. The super-comfortable seats, the windshield curved like an aircraft cockpit and the velvety engine sound of the 160 hp turbo still inspire me today. Because when I sold the green Saab to my father in 1989, I was finally able to afford a new Saab.

It had to be a Saab 900 turbo sedan again. To this day, I have this in my possession and I am happy every day when I get into the vehicle. In the meantime, so after 27 years, he drove over 500.000 km, with the original engine (without overhaul) original gearbox, original shock absorber and only one clutch change.

A great balance. Only the steering gear several replacement gears were required because no new more available and obsolete steering gear before installation can not be tested. Although the rust gnaws, since he has never seen a garage and was exposed to all weather mercilessly, but sprayed with Fluidoil on all rust spots in the engine compartment and within the Türhohlräum, the rust can be reasonably contained.

Over the years, I have equipped my entire family with Saab vehicles and infected them with the Saab gene. According to the motto: What is good for my safety must be good for a wife and children (novice drivers). My wife drives a Saab convertible since 1997, my daughter since 2006 a Saab 900 i Bj. 89 Sedan, my son drove a Saab 900 softturbo, which he heaved after a short time forward with a somersault over the guardrail of a motorway exit. Luckily he was unhurt. Now he drives Volvo, but mourns the old Saab afterwards.

A year ago, a new Saab model was added to our family: A Saab 9-3 Sportcombi TTid Bj.2008. A completely different car, with automatic and biturbo. What remains are the comfortable seats and the good feeling of sitting in a Saab. There are few other cars that inspire me: Saab is definitely one of them.

Thanks to Dietmar for his Saab Summertime Story! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday, a restoration, the first contact with the brand from Trollhättan or simply why Saab belongs to the automotive life ...

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    well an architect with SAAB!

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    A nice story from better days. Oh, how much you would like to read a story like that in 20 or 25 years from a similar position. Namely a younger SAAB yourself - for example, a 2031 standing in the yard and hearing from another SAAB driver's daughter that she had bought a nice 2015 SAAB ...

    Anyway, continue to enjoy the beautiful cars and many thanks for reading this.

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    Very nice this combination. The dark gray color on 900 Sedan with the plain wheel covers, a pleasure to see.

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    that it is good (sorry mine german is not good i am an amerikanski neil i have a wonderful 2002 saab 9-3 viggen cv is fast!

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    The good old 900 is almost immortal! I'm always happy when I see one!

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