Why 3 times 95 plus deer results in 9000 that is still far from being felt…

Dear Readers,

For a long time I thought about sharing my experience with my Saabs with you. It was a long way. And sometimes very strange. There are several vehicles. Or gave ... mistakes on my part ...

And some never let you go ...

Saab 9-5 TiD deer. Image: Daniel Schmutzler
Saab 9-5 TiD deer. Image: Daniel Schmutzler

Like the old green buddy.

Can you drive 23km in one go on vacation in a 1000 year old car? Yes - you can !!!! But I will tell you later what triggered it ... But I would like to start one after the other. Many have written here when their first contact with Saab was. I can't look back on a long history. Sometime after the turn of the millennium. And that's curious now as it stands today!

Through advertisements! In National Geographic!

Advertising has always fascinated me. So clear and sober. Always recognizable. Nordic fresh. Cool. But unattainable for my then budget. It came as it had to come - I followed the crowd. VW Passat, however, a Classic Line in green with leather and great stitched doors. Unbreakable engine. Until somebody draufuhr me unopposed from the back at the traffic lights. And now?

I thought about Saab back then. By this time I was living in southern Germany. And the brand from Sweden was much more present here than in my home country. The first contact was very special - Saab 900 Turbo S. I drove day by day to the model in a settlement in the suburb of Munich over.

The shape burned me. And the sound!

What did I do now? The Passat scrap and now? I was the cool calculator. "Well, I thought so. Turbo must be. Then I look for a cheaper manufacturer ". Ha, ha Daniel very smart, I think in hindsight. Without words.

It became a Skoda Octavia 1.8t 20V turbo.

An acquaintance recommended it to me. The engine was really good. Sparkling and economical. But emotion? Wrong! The wrong manufacturer. Simly clever.

Even guilt I thought! I talked about arguments for my decision. The desire for Saab continued to germinate. And that was not easy. Because living in the Bavarian capital and defending the desire for a Swedish car is not easy at all. The native prophet is very powerful. In the meantime, the turbo was rumbling around. Again and again small mistakes that missed the everyday life. Nerve. More and more workshop batches.

In addition, the family grew. The desire for a station wagon came up. Why I did not buy a 93 station wagon then, I do not know. I must have been blinded. I still vividly remember the following scene: petrol station in Munich. Next to me at the gas pump 93 sports with frosted tail lights.

Pure design. The only commonality - the turbo lettering at the rear.

Everything else is worlds! Immediate conversation with the owner of the bystander raved about the turbo! His had over 200.000 km down. My question about problems? "No". He grinned and got in and drove away.

Dismay on my part. Alright.

I forgot the encounter and then bought an Octavia Combined Mainstream. I must have been mentally deranged. Nen diesel. Certainly he was practical. And economical. Very economical. Also when dealing with warm air to heat the interior. When it was autumn and winter, I thought the heating is broken. Sowas to give customers is a disgrace.

Dissatisfaction grew. Little things annoyed again and again. He was not reliable. My search became very specific ... Sometime in the summer of 2011 I was looking for a car again. I needed a station wagon where you can bring three full child seats. Without the door opening when closing.

I did not want to hear the shouting "buy a van". Meanwhile moved again, there was in my ex-home and a dealer of Swedish serenity - Saab Service Zwickau- my recommendation! Many pushed panic-Saab bankruptcy! Are you crazy???

I thought, "Right now. Of course I am crazy "!

Two 95 stood in the yard. Sport Combi. I did the test. And the staff joined in. Three child seats on the back seat (one of them Maxi-Cosi!). Close the door!!! Watch out! Without the seats look like a Mikado.

Only which ones take? The 2.2 Tid Vector or the 2.3t in pepper green? I took the cheaper diesel because of my driving performance. 2.2Tid Vector checkbook maintained and well preserved - few km. Before I read myself - so it was a deliberate decision! That he did not have a green badge did not bother me. The cockpit inspired me from the beginning. Everything explained itself. The workmanship was top. The leather also smelled of leather. The great Vector equipment with the sound system was great.

The doors slammed shut. Everything was very massive. I knew the difference. The heating was phenomenal. As Diesel! For the first time I was satisfied. The long way to Saab!

I thought. Everything was different.

Everything went smoothly. Until I came across the blog here. There was raving about the turbo gasoline engines. The passage. The performance.



In light moments it worked in me. A friend of mine has been driving a 95Aero grinning for years. I should never have been allowed to ride !!! The desire for more power spread. Immediately! There followed a deer tuning! Luckily!

And what should I say? He suddenly had another soul. Was changed. Much more power from the basement and evenly distributed. That should be only 25 PS more? Feels like 50 more!

And the best thing was less consumption. From an average of 6,7 liters of diesel to 5,9 liters of diesel. I was satisfied. But my friend's aero did not get out of my head. Umahl my diesel began rumzuzicken. Always something different. Again!!

The diesel robbed me of the nerve. Finally, I was convinced of the concept. The car itself. But a turbo petrol engine. That's it. As long as there are still some. I started to search. What happened then, I had no idea. I was tested to the extreme.

I would like to tell that later in part 2.

Maybe 3 or 4 ??

Not everything in life is logical - especially not buying a car ...

Thanks to Daniel for his Saab Summertime Story! Do you also have something to tell about Saab?

The story of an unforgettable holiday, a restoration, the first contact with the brand from Trollhättan or simply why Saab belongs to the automotive life ...

Whatever it is, write us. We thank you Saab literature and saabigen little things for each published article!

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  • Hello Daniel, great story. And now with Saab, there you are right! I bought my ninth today, I still have 4! And no one too much! Greetings from the CH

  • Nice.
    What I experienced there I will describe soon ... It will be exciting

  • Man (s) can ... woman, if she wants to ... drive 1000 and more KM at a time in an old car. I am 40 min ago. came back from a 1300 km trip. Got out of my 23 year old Saab ... cool ... that was nice, unfortunately already over. I'm hungry now…..

  • Have seen him once in Zwickau, but has been a while.

  • I am very satisfied in Zwickau.
    For many years - great, friendly team. My recommendation!!

    PS Where does the silver 95 go?
    I do not have it anymore - but I'll tell you that in part 2 of my story.

  • Hello Daniel, nice report. I have already seen your 9-5 in the street. Are not so many with us. How are you happy with the Saab Center in Zwickau? I have always been in Chemnitz but since the Saab workshop master is no longer there is the quality after.

  • three child seats on the back seat ... I also have the “problem”. But not so much because of the space that is available, but 9-5 station wagon is already well packed. But rather because of the dwarfs in their seats, they keep getting into each other's hair! 😉

  • Thanks for the text - I drive the same 2.2er and can only confirm that this diesel is underestimated.
    It is truly not a rocket, but it runs and runs ... 🙂

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