NEVS subsidiary AIPS. New start in Tidaholm

Good news has been scarce on the blog lately. Here the blog tells of a story that has taken a good turn. In Tidaholm, IAC has been producing dashboards and interior parts for Saab and Volvo for many years. Then came the sale of both manufacturers, IAC closed the site and concentrated on the plants in Skara, Gothenburg and Färgelanda.

Dashboard NEVS 9-3 from Tidaholm
Dashboard NEVS 9-3 from Tidaholm

Swedfoam ventured a fresh start on the old site. 28 jobs were created, interior fittings and the dashboard for the 2014 Saab Aero came from the former IAC halls. With the problems in Trollhättan, the young company also drove inexorably into crisis. A reconstruction process was initiated and canceled due to a lack of prospects of success. In the end, all that remained was bankruptcy and the associated loss of all jobs. The lights went out in Tidaholm.

New start: Automotive Interior Parts Sweden AB

Even if the situation seemed bleak, it was not over yet. In 2015, NEVS took over the machines and began planning for the comeback. Automotive Interior Parts Sweden AB (AIPS) restarted in the former IAC halls. The company is a 100% subsidiary of NEVS, the production of the dashboard and parts of the interior of the NEVS electric car for China will begin in the next few weeks. More than 40 jobs, more than before Swedfoam's bankruptcy, will be created in Tidaholm this year. 8 employees are already on site, 33 more will go on board after the summer vacation. Not only do components for the first electric car come from Tidaholm, interior parts for the future generation of electric vehicles are also produced at AIPS.

Development Center Tidaholm

Good prospects for Tidaholm and for a location that actually had no future. Like the other large car company in Gothenburg, NEVS also seems to focus on small and medium-sized companies from Sweden. In Gothenburg, the proportion of Swedish components has risen continuously since Ford withdrew. Something similar could be planned in Trollhättan, which will be positive for Sweden and for the image of the vehicles.

The new brand NEVS has ambitious plans with AIPS. A development center for vehicle safety and airbag systems will be built in Tidaholm. The development of the first new components for a new generation of vehicles is under way, after the summer holidays trials and tests will start. By autumn 2017 will provide AIPS with full production capacity.

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    it's good ! (sorry i, m american and mein deustlander is not good) now can i PLEASE have part # 5124458! which company made that part? - it is the little jack access door left front side on the bottom trim of a 2002 9-3 viggen cv! no one has this part! can we get the company to make a batch of them? or who knows a clever chap w / a 3D printer that can print up a few? - it's hardly a structural part and we have no officious annoying TUV here! ah freedom of america! thanks, neil dale 2660 s husband ave. tucson arizona 85730-1666 usa

  • Hmmm …. they can't just do that ...
    … Not that I will somehow start to find NEVS “likeable” after all… 😉

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    Actually, NEVS could have bought the machines and shipped to China. Which would be what many here expect from NEVS. Instead, it is based on longevity and produces in the over-regulated high-wage country Sweden. Prejudices are just not what they used to be. Also a thumbs up for NEVS!

  • Pleasing that one relies on domestic suppliers, although a production in China would probably have been much cheaper. Thumbs up for NEVS.

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    NEVS is settling in Sweden and doing the opposite of what I expect. “Made in Tidaholm” instead of “Made in China”. Can't believe it, thanks for the report!

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