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The summer break on the blog is over, we start with news from the Saab world. This week there is a balancing act between the proud past, Saab DNA in the present and future, which is “Made by Trollhättan”. Much interesting, entertaining reading material. In addition, Paul, our project saab, gets going.

Saab 32 Lansen. Copyright Saab AB
Saab 32 Lansen from F6 Wing. Copyright Saab AB

60 years Saab 32 Lansen

A Saab Jet on the blog is unusual. It has, I openly admit, something to do with psychology. The fact is that Saab no longer builds cars; the group and the roots of the automotive industry still exist. We shouldn't forget that. A historic Saab jet, the 32 “Lansen”, is celebrating its anniversary. Although the first aircraft were handed over to the Royal Swedish Air Force in December 1953, the year 1956 is considered the starting point for the 60th birthday.

The “Lansen” was an important milestone for the group. The Saab 32 was the first Swedish jet aircraft to break the sound barrier, and Sweden was the 5th nation in the world to deliver an aircraft with this performance.

The Lansen stayed in use until 1978, much longer than the Saab 93 that the automotive department presented in the summer of 1955. The successor to the 92 was the evolution from the 2- to the 3-cylinder and the leap to the USA. As a debutant in 1956, the 93 took the sensational overall victory of the Great Mountain Rally, laying the foundation for success in the US market. Another anniversary - 1956 must have been an interesting year.

From history and the old times, the abrupt swivel into the present. Electric cars are all the rage, and an EV with Saab DNA also appears in Chinese statistics.

BAIC EU260 EV. Photo Credit: BAIC
BAIC EU260 EV. Photo Credit: BAIC
Saab electric car in China Part 1

The market for “New Energy Vehicles” in China is booming. In July, statisticians reported an impressive increase of 188%, and 34.000 vehicles hit the streets. Exciting, because it's an EV with Saab DNA underneath. We find the EU12 EV in 1.135th place with 260 approvals. It is based on the 9-3 platform, which was modified by BAIC, has a battery pack with 41.4 kWh from CATL and a range of 260 kilometers.

The race, which offers the first electric car with Saab DNA in China, has thus run. BAIC was faster than Trollhättan, NEVS only starts 2017. But then with better performance. Probably.

Saab electric car in China Part 2

The deal with Saab is a hit for BAIC. The old Saab 9-5 and its turbocharged engines are extremely successful, and the Swedish veteran is now also electrified. BAIC announces the production start for the EH400. A large sedan based on the 9-5, unveiled in April at the Beijing Motor Show. The EH 400 should have a range of 400 kilometers, pictures shows CarNewsChina.

During the blog break, an inflationary number of reports on the subject of electric cars came into my mailbox. It's hard to keep track of things. New companies are constantly being added, old and established providers are joining in. Daimler will present a Swabian antidote to the Tesla S with a range of 600 kilometers this year. Allegedly they want to establish a new car brand. And VW announced that they want to become the world's largest supplier of electric cars by 2025. It couldn't be any smaller or more modest. Stuttgart, Wolfsburg, Trollhättan. There, too, things develop that are interesting, they will also appear on the blog this week.

Now look back again ... There is a very special 9-5 in the magazine of the Saab Museum. A black sedan from 1999, a little over 30.000 kilometers are on the counter, under the hood a 1.5 liter 5-cylinder with 225 hp and variable compression.

Infiniti brings the variable compression

The Saab SVC engine was the result of ingenious engineering that started at Saab in the 80s. Saab APC Control in the 900 and the Trionic in the 9000 were two milestones; revolutionary variable compression would have been the next. GM pulled the plug on the project with the final takeover of Saab in 2000, although only “comfort problems” had to be solved.

What Saab was not allowed to finish what Porsche is concerned with, that Infiniti has developed to series maturity. The compression in the 2 liter Turbo 4 cylinder varies between 8: 1 and 14: 1, 272 PS Performance is due. Premiere will celebrate the VC-T engine 2018 in the Infiniti QX50. Were Saab engineers so visionary that the ideas of almost 20 years ago are still so relevant today? It looks like.

News from Paul

What are we going on with? Interesting news in the Stallbacka are waiting for release, ours project Saab is today with the professional conditioner. Then it goes on to pasting, the approval is pending, and then Paul has unfortunately once again back to the workshop. Because he has a little problem.

Updates follow.

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