Min riktiga bil sa en Saab

If Mark and I take a vacation from the blog, that doesn't mean that our Saab passion is going on the back burner. On the contrary, on vacation we tackle things that have been waiting for months to come true. And the 2016 summer break was particularly creative in that regard.

Min riktiga bil sa en Saab
Min riktiga bil sa en Saab

Of course, as a blog, we can't bring Saab back. But we can alleviate the pain for the people who would like to drive Saab or who have always liked Saab and have never really dared to realize their passion.

The idea for a Saab sticker for all company car drivers and the people who are only allowed to enjoy Saab as a second car on sunny weekends did not originally come from us, we're honest. The initial spark came from a Jaguar that parked at the 2015 Saab Festival with a similar sticker in the garage across from the Swania Hotel. The owner of the XKR would have preferred to drive a Saab, but most likely only had the English big cat on hand. We can understand that this happens in the best of circles. It's good that you can show your flag with a suitable sticker in such a mishap.

The Saab sticker for company cars and other foreign makes

Mark and I thought the idea was so brilliant that we put our own stickers in production. With Swedish text, of course, because a Saab is a Swedish car. “Min riktiga bil är en Saab” means that the actual car is a Saab. Or quite freely and clearly translated, one would rather drive Saab than the make on which the sticker is currently stuck.

This sticker is intended for everyone who has to drive on our highways every day with a premium company car, where the fleet manager does not consider a pre-owned Saab acceptable, and for all people who would rather enjoy a Saab. Show your flag, commit to a small, individual brand. The “Min riktiga bil är en Saab” sticker is unfortunately not available on prescription, but it is available in two variations in our fan shop.

More nice Saabige ideas coming soon here on the blog. The production of further ideas is ongoing ...

7 thoughts on "Min riktiga bil sa en Saab"

  • very clever idea i will w / stealth -un nact and nable put one on my wifes honda

  • I want a sticker for the Saab Everyday Car, SAAB what else?
    Is there something like that somewhere? I would take a couple right now!

  • Very good. That needs my VW bus.

  • I can only agree.
    However, I have to say, you also have to be creative yourself - for Saab.
    The brand is committed to doing so.

  • Great idea! I make the sticker to my company car. Incidentally, I could have used that on the A7 last week, when I had to pass a beautiful Aero Cabriolet from Hanover, BJ estimated 2010-11 with difficulty to look at the car from all sides :-)
    ... and welcome back from vacation. I also missed the daily dose of SAAB. It is all the nicer that you get started again. Thanks a lot for this!

  • On the internet (in the Flickr album of a very active North German Saab driver) I had seen something similar on a Porsche Panamera….

    I found that very funny too…. my Porsche driving buddy, however, not at all! 🙂


    PS:… nice that the “blog-free” time is over again - I already had withdrawal symptoms! 🙂

  • could I possibly stick to the horse trailer that I want to buy….

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